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Full text of "New York Clipper (April 1856)"

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'ifiS^^ i^i <owaidB the mld^e. 
>^^(^%ht)Mr, tt7A ufleot foeman ab- 
. <n|tijr<n°o'>'>tere<i. Thejeyedcna 
' r tiia^er for a moment, withont mov- 
.iiig';t-/4Uis, when the j[oiingeBt, a 
jwi^i)iltffioaDtalneei,ljiaIong . 
'j^niti'iBTloe hU shirt opened 
i;:cb^:Mi^,i<i''ttx, :i\tth7iag, on 
-^^(itlM ie^ moTement, a brawny cheat, 
Iff^iWt'Thuhalij enoDgh fora tronk, 
^ giowliif iafiier Inpatient,- said In a : 
^^^^pl(\j|Dider-tone,'that~a listener 
] \; .ji(Snia-las4: Jat Ldcwn for the- ex-^ 
ttinie' of pollteneBB., ^ ; 
^' You'll lave the wan, Johnny Evinat'' _^ 
'■ To whIoh olVil request oame reply. In a tone einally 

: V,' " Not at your blddln', If you stand where you are till 
i^^/iext fair day, Mat-Dolan." i 
?f;j,-, ,.','Tou,knpw well I aoaI4 fling J9U,n«)K.andheeb7Jn' 
;) l','to'^tt.gptta^ jn onVmlnute, Jphn^^ 
isi Is'l.TpJinpigilil^^ call^djj(,U«<tity.^-i|i« 

V!f{^'^wiie, b^ntli t^e ivfo empty hands (onld do all that, 
:^,«aV|per Bz help, 'atAr," retorted Dolan, thra|tlii| 
two huge paws from under blflooat. ■• ■•v.' 

In the name o'heayen, tbln, thij It," said ,1 
I't^Dg the alpeent he had np to this time, been" 
l.dtQg onrlooily, roof of the oottage ij^^A'tiitj 
):.|/>qt96d; adding,," here's ayalr of fiata, with Wilittlfl In 
j^'ijlthpn^aa your, own r' ■ . 
M e">i?^'.''..'Mi' *i'^**r»8 ''y own ban, jlj^pny Etani 

Lrnob, wt.lj*IU. 




wd,Do|^, pointing with a sneer 
ionie,' on the opposite side of thr 


[UDdied yd 
' look 
^ i^^ijinlUed, lot 
«ai Dolani li:al 

;^^' l6weT down i " the peelers wbalj_ 
itr.M/^ s^a black orangeman/^llkf .^ii 
.i^^owQ town, nn^er their noi^s, by ohi 
^t..j^^^piltho,.wayl" .. 

" tms^sralBonln that, any way, Hatty," replied 
V glan(^'in the direction Indicated. " It's noji :ll|Mii; 
p I ihba VaVs paid by «iii^i{iif«it to keep tlb^eace^onli' 
Miv'ltand by and see lt)nfa(^f:,by papist .oti'd|| 
■ " ^>»tt»\n ■^jm 5 U your 'iiiiwWer hot for 
bj^whloh I think, to scf troth, 11' has long been 
ionst to Hell-kettle wld me, and In tbi llgit 
^ lltidom3'llflghtUont'wIdyon,toetotoe; 
J Wntwth'be the *l«let «ifter, which over's ])ate." 
ii;^?,-.:jy.Tl(p'B my,^^ that, at a.yojdf Johnny,"i crUJ 
>{,jj,i^Iu,,enlt^ action to th^ wQiSr^and the hands of 
; j.,^tp]lof 8 ciasp»yreely ud fra^ 

''Bui are we ft be only ourselves, do ye mane f" in- 
; -.^iniM^yatlhew... 

;ii'?Vu,(^AJiA.tnnir,ytDO," answered Evans ;." we conldi^tplok 
)ik * frlsnl.catof.any tint above, withont raisin a^olaba- 
V \loo the.dli>j|l wouldn't quiet wlthont blows, Serj, apw, 
u*! ■ J"™' <be.hed(^e^^^to 

:;-5^^^r/lao«ti?eimcBdo.w, and-.cnt ietOHthel|lU|.^ 

>aitlj«ai'W ttllUutt*. 

Hoiy-well, Into the road, when'yp^'lltf eet ne ; dIvIU 
Sonl:eIs^iflU yon meet lh|t [o-nlgbt'; an^ I want 
to oall at homVfor the tool' ' ' " ' ' 

" Keep the wall," cried i)oliB, as Enn; stepped aside, 
springing himself at thejteme^fM^i|d|t^e road, ankle 
deep In mu* .| f ' I'll waK^r y>tt' at !tteT»rldge, on the 
ffoly-wo^.'gUn wad/ ^ 

• L auUiwjl^jtiftVr, leading 

^ ^^'ibf^g&utletttrodj^M^^ 
jvuwiM of the^falr, amidst cnwd^ 
ed the ill-u(ooidIng sonndi of tfi^ bagpipe and fl Ai^Kld 
the lond %hoo I of the jij;^d«ncen> as they b^a|i,Wl( 
tlve feel) the tempfrary floor, that rattled with tMli 
tread. 6obnny made short greeting with then oft^ls' 
she enconntered, and on entering bis hoa|e) plnck-' 
oonple.of black, bnilness-litte' looking illoka from 
the chimney, hefted them csTcftilly,' and i^ediRired them 
together with on eye as plrlct as ever.galltnt ^ibillM- 
pier with, tut, satisfied of their equally, he putW^wp- 
ooat over his shoulders, and departing bj th^bapnlflbr, 
rapidly cleared tWo or thresltiiull gatidiidfl, ni^^t 
onoe for thsields. .As bolanl'^ppe^-lrcmthe hlj^ 
talt Into the lane near the bridgaon^ B'<l<t^eil| 
((jKp'^d.the ga(e oppoalb^,^* ', 

Tou've loit no tlme.jftgs,'' obnmS Uatthew, as 
thiAr di«w together, shdttjln to sbonMer, stalking tap 
J on. ^-v."'] - 

•■rd bin vexed to keep yon wsltln' this tlnie/si^y 
Hif," replied Johnny— and few dtber woidi passfed. 
Jnlfbeyondthebridgcthey left the ttfad togeiihei'^ 
i4 moontlng the oonree of the ttttle^stream, In a f«w 
lutei were shut' but tbbm the poesIUUtj of observance 
a%ltd nanow glen, at whia^ head ifua water-iiill of 
' e eighteen feel. Tbe pool.whlob received this little 
ie wuMBftedlng deep, and hBvliigbiit'one narroif 
et, betw^Bxwo huge stones, the peat waterp were 
dronnd and'ronnd, boiling and chaflng for nletsej 
-.ei^ce tl)p not nnitoelld name of ffeli-kbttlS,' given 
is spot. The ground Immediately aboiit'ltw^. wild, 
of and stony, end In no wsiy derogated 'from tblffMl^ 
Al«Vle..' ■ - J 

uSimt the fall If > little plafond ctlevelef some twenty 
dare, th.e place deslgnel by Eratia for the battler 
Arrlr^ here, the ptitlei halted ; and u Dolan 

a little of the pnre stream In bis bsnd to 
bis llp(, Bvans east bis oMi ud visst on the gro^stonei 
close hf, and pulllpg,£lB^shlrt o ver bis h^ad, stood arm' 
ed ;rpr the flght,^Ayy or to tall.a man ois hta an- 
tagonist Dolan, bat wUy^.as a terrier, and bavlDg, In' 
aglllty and training, advantages that more than.talanced 
the dl{rers«t$t;(if weight and age. •' ' - i ; 

'I've beeiftifnkln* Jobnoy Evans," cried D.olsn, as 
he leisurely stripped in'tum, " ^e mukt have tv^o! th'rys 
after aU,to.shbw who's the bs^t man ; 'yba*|re' gpi your 
alpeene, wld you, I see, and I'm not the boy lb say no to' 
thli^1>nt I expect you'll ba' the best.ind o' the stick, for 
Its w«^ known, there^'s pot y^ur match In WicUow if 
there Is In Weilord ItielCt' ' 

That day's past, l|atty Dolan," replied Evade 'I It's 
five years since yon and me flrsthad words, at the Fat-' 
tem o' the Seven-obiDcheS, and that was the last strokel 

I strnck with a stick. Thert's eight years betbne btliv 'Irltb the bwoier, on« wlObw Ddfloirisa, or • "iiUn-^ 

age^nd you're the heavier man by two stone or n'Sir 
it, what more 'ad yez bave, man a1Iv|| P' 

bb, never fear nej Johnny, we'll heVer s|)11t, about 
trlOes," quietly replied Dolan ; ".but, see' he'te, let's dress 
one. anotI)er, OS ijiey . do potatbe's) both ways..' Btand 
fiaIrljr i)p to,me, for bal/a dozen rounds, fist to flst, and 
I'll honldlhe^alpeen till you're tired, afterld." ' 

" Why, look ye here, Hatty, yon worked over long on 
George's Qoay, and were over friendly with the great 
boxer, lOste^ Donolaa, for me to be able (oif jtt wld the 
flsi^" cried E^w.. '|!,Bnt We'tl sptlt.'the illfrerence ; I'U 
j^ye you a qn^r of.on hou. oqt o^. pie w|d the fists, and 
ybn'U give ms the saDB^tlme, If I'm able, with the at- 
pean after; and we'|11^^0|s head or. harp, wUoh comes 

Evans tnrned'd copiler flat on the back of bis hand, u 
he ended hii prppcssl^aild in' the Bam««momint polan 
cried, ■- 
"Harp7or ever." 

' " Harp It le," eehbed Evans; holding (lie ^o^ln^ np in 
the fflopn's.,i:ay, l^b.toh shone .cut but' fl'tfaliyiisdark 
clo9dlp.|(ifpt slowly passing over her opld litoe. . ^ 

In the next moment they wefe toe to totflo the cen- 
teriftttlib^llttVe plalnj both looking 'dstemined andcon' 
Mttt i thougb ad ioitlear wonll hivt kt bnoe detdded 
ik-.fcvotoftiolan'*^. . '" f ' m 
To deiwilbe the AififlibatllUdly wbald be 'iioo jaif 
on olEiIi, infBoo it, that §1 iStagh Jehnny 's aglllty gird 

falle, yi 
hitting am 
the thing .hollo 

wine liistei 
Doloa cai 
the pool and 
by tho batfuL 

'' Look at my watch,!' wal Joho- 
ny's first word, on gttolog breath. 

" I can't (ell. the.Ui^ byJ|Fat«h," 
cried Dftltn, a UfUe sh^pldi 

" Give it her«i oaii," cHe^ Joha> 
ny, adding, ai he^ robbtd his left 
eye, the other being 'Alt ]C|h«4; 
" by the Boyne».thIi if thi.loB|Mk 
qaorterpf on houft^ ever kn«tr-^k 
wan|B three minniss y« V'^lid u hft 
Bpoke, again be:rbM.o^:bBfcrehIa 
man, • -iST 

"Sit still, Johhny,'^ exelalati 

three minutes, any.hoi^ 

"Well, tbask yKfo^tfu|lt" layi 
Johnny i V I- wJd» I"^"""^' 
retotn tbe.'oonpl 
.tie oonoalt>l(ft In. 

Wllhlta five' nidai 
the well-seasoned; 
brought with bUif, tHoM lioiiest til 
lowijigala atoAir.front tofibst, anA 
Blthodgb'Eviuis had- lost ttx^ «( tli« 
elasticity cfcarriagej wUeVkad sTtt' 
been hli'ch'araoteriitl9 Wh«itked> 
pe»n was lii bU hand uS-tte sh^d* 
rock under b)f«)*« tlblTpul j 
jUhe^ih-'lii^ lelt-'eye'vu'ieloMdi 
and the wBble of thM ild^ of Vi 
^hyil«gtto1ny wu!<|lifll«a1ii^ dli- 
figured tUttngh MflMllng^ htd 
I " ' — — received it the hands tfTlVlAnfi^ ': 
opposed him, to all appeatanoe,lteBh'u at flnt/^et ww 
blscoafldei^oeli^blmselfui;yit|ik>n,. aa In the twlnkll 
of his Hght eye; a close bWnet'ihigbthave read ain^ 
anticipation 'of the victory a ooatekt of Ore mliiuteB gave 
to him; for It was ftitl thsif time before Jobnnj^Jlrook ft 
geitl-WIll bW, and when 11 took 'eff()ot,ascoondw«iim* 
called-fbr. The point of the 'itlok M 'esiiiOiDolia 
fairly on the right temple, uid liil^it opiitt thriAols.of 
the fitee down to the chlb, as \tim by a^1>re"«trak«t 
fblleia him senseless. ' ' ' " ' '• " 

After some Btiempts at recalling hIi %ntii|talst to 
perception by tbd b^ook'Slde witlfctet ta<Mess,'Etans b«r 
gan to feel a Uttle°^allumed for ble^Ufe, and hoiitlaglilji ' 
onbli back,' reltfued Us steps to ike .'vlUig^^^Mtt^ ; 
evier halting t^ the way, an'dbore his InsedtfbMdwa ■ 
)nto the first house he came tb, where, ii^iM4 ArvU.woaU 
btVeit, a risltr of Dolui's was d:tlni;;^til;'i^^ goiUc 

Vtay.'' ■ ■ ' 1;'^ ' ■ ' V'.' " ' 

'' God save sU here,'' kald Johnby, orosslttg the floor 
wlthbnt cerembnjri and depbilitng Hat oil thi Mdpw't 
Md.'" Wid'y, by your Uve.'Iet Hat Dolan lie 4U'«t ktft 
a blti'tlU I run down town for thb doetoi'.'' ■ • " {' , 

"Dolant" screamed the sister and the wldov/la'R 
breath, "Hat, Is'lt HatD'biufthai'i'ly^niiloctpieljii^^ 
and I bis own sister, not to know he'wasin tnabltl" . 

Lcud and long -were the lafflentaUonithatioUowli 
tills nnlnoky dlsooveiy. The sUter nillM IMiatlcly ofk 
to the middle of the toad, bcmmlbk aiid'OBUlBk ontU 
frleildsofDolao,tokeveagehti'matder'on Evans 
the oTongemen'that 'bad decoyed «h'd slalo hlAt' 
words pasted Iran Up to Up, Booti rekoUng dot's < 
heart oftbe fhir, where ffloft'of the pottles w«f^ 
this time coln'd for ony tblogi' < 
"Johnny Evans," cried Ubs widow : 
made In'fltw words the story knowti to bet^ 
this Is no place fbr you now I the wb^K 
wjll be op here Inrilnnte, *ndyoa'ljl*fflUsd : 
dog; on ttie j^anj^^EBnrld yon, bbA d^ra to the 
honle wUlilHhecoMVs blear,'', ■,'-;1:,^^^^^^^ -, ■• . 

' .'ri)lbeit,maybe,''oried5y»BSfra9d PU »en« th|9 
docte; op,fe qBloker-bittalnd, -fMov/- If^ ^t boj , 

■ 'fpa.e«:li*>ii;!ii«» 



uJobnoylaft the door, ua iritb tba letdlnea oi her 
m aolrttd bj ono or two eMnly goBilpii 'who wne bj 
tUitkno Mlledlii, iheUthed the wouid wtth iplrlti, 
p9«ied ereij devloe which mach eiperitnoe In onak- 
'"ioinif, acquired daring the lifetime of Willy Voop' 
,.lK departed loii, loggeiteJ to her. He«J?M 
■ *llitin»Hng Ui w»y down through the jOiMgt 
i met, ud leoogDlted by the hiU tnaf» "l*^' 
\ ud her InfuUted fHende, who brfJfW '<» 
a pnuled et the ebienoe of hlni .^» P'*" 


here'! the murderer of MU*^. hoj"." o^ed the 
, uiome tea otiwM^^ofljbtTtcogeixei 
, who WM ooniploMiJ^nong'", wewiiig hit »hirt 
f sBHMrald'i iaberd.^-Mi bli htate he had drawnlt on 
t. 5^OTeM1f yfiy* J^^ that might hare scared the 
tUiij a^Ir^ fellowa ipnogforwazd at fUl qieed 
-^li^ Sri&ii^^^^^'y i**^" >t*7>d to remonalrate, bnt 
'Male owjr ^^"^ lerre, where the bands of &^a^ 
* .jftjij i^^|y<'*'"Md aa many, would not have availed 
^ed at Hn. SonoTBD'a door before hispnr 
1 1 he ralHa the latch, bnt It gave not way, the bar 
I uawn wiihln, and brui his ittength been equal to It, 
lBtih«r lUght was become Impracticable— irnnlng with 
fiii fiackioth«;di)or, there atocd Johnny like a lion at 

1*7, ottering 
' aot preTallai 

' Mid cries and 
IBe pnnaet^ ani 
liin opon Us goardi 
the door soddenlj^ 
tj, ud Into 

the mob pn 

ainoe he well knew words wonld 
foiy of bis foes. Forward with 
irecatlons mehed the foremost of 
life was not worth one mo- 
n sticks already clattered like 
on the wall over his head, when 
Ing Inwards, back tumbled John- 
)ao6 he thae left vacant jrtepped a 
to the waist, pale and j|un4 with 

blood yet flowing fromi 


ilan's gh08t'i;i JCffhted tj^enty 
blch was heard that of the pre- 
Bgta good Irish, "That's a lie, boys, 
nielf 1 able and willing to make* ghost 

that llflg a hand agin Johnny Evans ; 

whoTate me at Hell-kettle like a man, and bronght me 
lier« ftfter, on bis back, like a brother." 

'^irfs lt a trae 0ght, Uatt" demanded one or two of 
the foteinoet, recoverlag confldenoo enoogb to approach 
Dolap, who,'lalnt from the eiertlon he had made, was 
aow reithig hla head^galnit the doo^poBt. 

A paase, and the aUence of death followed. The brows 
of the men began to darken, as they drew dose to Do- 
lts. Evans saw hla life depended on the reply of his an- 
tagonist, who already aeemed lapsed Into Inaenslblllty. 
• f*7AiiBwer, Mat Solanl^ he cried, Impretslvely, "for 
tk» j|ove of heaven, answer me— was It a trae £ght t" 

Tti voice appeared to rooae the fainting man. He 
jpliedhlnielfln the doorway, and atretohed his right 
lu^towikM xvana, exciaimug, 

f Tme as ths cross, by the blesaed virgin 1" and sahe 
Ipoke^ftll back Into the arms of falsfrlends. ,. 
^^vuit wu now safe. Haifa dozen of the soberett of 
' tt«.jpB]|lgr eioorted him down to the police station, where 
he woald be secore; and Dolan's Meads, 
1 with them on a car, departed, wlthionl an 
t at ilot or retaliation. ' ' 
^nce took place sixteen yean ago ; bat ainbe 
that dayi^'there never was a ihtr at Donla^ that tiie 
■ •^ff"!*"*" ^""« ""t ff""* ; nor Is 

there a &l^nlght at lonard that Hat Dolaa does not 
paiiB under the hnnble roof of Johnny Evans. I give the 
. tale as It ocearred, having always looked upon It aa an 
•vent oredltabls to the parties, both of whom are alive 
«nd well, or were a year agp ; for It Is little more since 
Enai, now nigh siity years old, walked me offmy legs 
. on a dAy^i grooalng over Ohorch-moimtala, aodthrongh 
.'X^ranlMoIe, carrying my kit Into the bargain. Adieu. 
'^Jt will M a long day ere I forget the pool of" Eell-ket- 
i|e/' or the angela In whose oompany I (list stood by Its 
tmbbUng brim. 

. Teb sagaolty^of this Insect has always been the ad- 
: nbiUonoi entomologlits, bnt we are not aware that 
. (b^ notice has been taken by them of the following re- 
. . ; Birkable ihot. The web of the spider, partlonlarly of a 
0 is .'ilafiuner morning, will be seen to glitter aa If covered 
J . '. lilUi dew. Th(e glittering appearance Is produced by 
• lime with which It Is oarefally spread by the Insect to 
: outrap and secure gnata and flies. If yon toach the 
If eb with your^^ger, It adheres and Is broken when yon 
. . liithdraw It. Touch, however, the braces by which the 
IjJjbJP.^ yonr finger glides off aa If f^om 

■ The aagaclty of the spider In leaving 

the faaosii unllmedf.Ia astonishing. This part of his 
■truoture not being Intended as a trap, wonld be broken 
If It were limed, as It woald neceaaarlly bo torn aaonder 
U U were toaohed by any flying objeot ; bnt In the oon- 
: ,4ltIon In which It Is provided, It allows the fly to glide 
' ■,off,and leave the web unharmed. . What prompta the 
.,;fplder to snob nloe dlsorlnlnatlcn, nnleaslt be an Im- 
; mediate Influ of Intelligence t 

TBI London Times gives a remedy which proved sao- 
eeiafal. After all sorts of means bad been tried and 
failed, it was snggested that a simple remedy nsedln 
, Jndla should be tried— that Is, to get a small rope and 
attach It to one of the fore feet of the stabbom animal, 
the person holding the end of the rope to advanoe a 
'ifStv paces, taking with him the horse's foot, when, as a 
' tfattsr of oonrse, the horae mnet follow. The sngges- 
* ilon was at first ridiculed, bat at last a rope was broaght 
' A applied as deaorlbed, when the horse Immediately 
Innoed, and in a few. mlnates was but of sight, much 
toNiM ainBEemeht of the crowd. The experiment is 
■ImpWa norths trial 

ExTBMitonABT NowoB.— the following advertlse- 
VPwrs In a Paris Journal ! " The parents of a 
yoijng lady, «gei »w»nly-one, handsome, well educated, 
m &*>,f*'*^Bg 4iS0O fronoe^er annnm, bat affected with 
Bt. Vl)ae"a «Mioe, ofluto unite hertc a'doctor from 
attentlonV^'^^" ^ he^oeaaant 


Tail Cir«ilt« aiMrifiH 9p«rila| Bmjayn li fabUihiS ftrj 
nanteVBomlodiad auftokadcr (llHm Dtalm tfamgh 
oattheValUdSUbi. ItMBtilunpoitsef 

THi PBiza Buia, raiTiiw, 

OBIOUI, Bowue, 
outaatsom, fluaorBiiL, 


■ IHllTBIOAI«,*e.,*«, 

Bloflt coplu 

Ttulr ratntlbai, hj IftU 

Olnb of lou 

" Blflil.,. .' 

" Twain. ', 

1m all attM, 1b alTiBM. 

Sis eiati tn llaa, fgriMh and rruy liMttlai. 
BpoTtlDC adTWtlitBaiti, at tboM ef latetat to tbo ipoiUsg 
(oamiBltr. calj (oUdM. 

Ptjatat t« >• Bido la adwae*, oicopt la thoaa euu wboi* th* 
piitlM ai* dliMtl; kaaira to ai. 
:HotleM,ofBpoitli(B'*BlatocoB«,or,of UMMtbat majbiT* 
iik« tUM, Umtiti tntvItoBil/. 

All auttw lnt«ad<a.for loMitloa In that wMk'i 1mm, moft be 
Mot la bj ToMlaj asoo. 

. QUIXS^ JOSMB, PBOtiiaToii, 

Ro. 10) Mama^flfiht^Ililid noor, Bso^jy^ IL 



• A ««aU. 


..gU " 



fSAHK atrZZV, Sdltoi. 

Boil & loviiT, lOS KoiiaB ft, N. T, ud 3i Oluk it, Ohlu|o, 
UiKi UisiBk?!] Aim aliMt 
gAMOiL Tatii, 32 Btekaaa ilrMt 
Uamiltok 1e JoBBitoa, 80 Abd itiaat. 
A. WinoH, lie ObeiBOt itnat, PUliltlpliU. 
BOBSBAM, FibaiBBR & Oo., 9 ui IS Ooort Unit, BoitOB. 
Hbrst Tatlob, Bdb BnlldlB(, Biltlnon, HI. 


Taua.PaiBBD, Wait Fhililalpbta.— "li Wlut li tba maanlBg 
efpaolatiaa'apiUadtothaialtoraboiMr X Wliatlithalnfth 
eftbatroloa.BwaOoaiMt X SldABj ra«w(T*i ran a bJI*1b 
bo* mlaat* 1" L Ptdsf b a puUenlu moTtBNit whleh iomt 
hofMB ira taifbt, aad othaii bar* BituiIlT— It la madt tj VlUag 
Iha lap on tba nmt M» t«|*thir. X A Uw Att OTer oaa mU*. 
8. Ibua li BO tMoid at racb a pttlbraaiiot. 

A. 0, "PIiBM fin tb* tiict BBBbtr ot noadi la tba Sibt 
batwaaa Byaraid SalllTaB, aad itato idje wbathai SiUlTaa wai 
anntad prarlouto tka S|bt br tbao/ltaiybad aatbctltlai^ aod 
Buda bis taoapt afUnrtidi," BlzUaa'ioaada-BalUna vai aat 
anaital. bnt Tom CDosaall, bli tnlaar, ma; BbIUtib, kaovlBf 
tbtt tha pollea vtn iftar bin, oatd aitntafaa to affactblsown 
aaaapt, tj throtlif a eloak OTar O^oniall, aod, u tba pollea ap- 
patiad, arrlifoatloblB, "na,BalllTU,na,a O'BoBaaUdUna, 
aad taapoOM, ibklbiba nall7ttai«ealllTaa,Bida ana Bm, 
laATlai tba SlaoB-pm at Ubaitj, 
0TirdlWnM(!>''XS;-7aBi lait, I aoUaa u (oaoBBt of • foot 
^JaiW^Ith ICOrardi van raala 21 Mooad& 
1ntim^MS^I^^^W)^i^ tin* arar ouda ; aad If not, what U 
th* '''TOC^gBjtfil'ttf baUan SI ncgadato bo tha baat Umi 
amnaM&afemam la Baglul, Gaarfo Bawari, \ht 

Anaileaa WoadarJniBgO jatdi la 10 ) aaeoada, vMeb la tba Mat, 

thaatra aiaotad la Boitoo, la 
anr BAvkar'stnat. aadm tnt 
lOilUHaDtand tha aatAbUduosst 
tba pUjMra, which ad caaaod 
Hia. Siiwttt li a aatlTa of 
OB tba Amttleaa ata(« at 

OB dadda a dlipat* b; 
laitoo, la hli boat 
dorlai tba jtit 

priita (a gold 
■tstad that 
it throw 

0. .1L, Oan1 
saldto bara 
•paoad Aifiial 
dailBf tha poifoi 
tba Silt 

EDgliBd, and mada 
tba Park Thaatra, 

ToDio IwamAiT, DsbDii 
atiUDf, IfpoaalUa, tha walfbt 
dajit' Aa old donnaat, pnbll 
1T8S, glToa tha walgbt of Wublii|i 

1. P ABS n, B, Boffilo.-i In tafj 
wttoh asd nulotl boij a fav aTaoInl 
tha two Uibni Umwa aboild ba tntlU 
of tho pul7 thiaw M aa«b, ud ooa ' 
aaoond prlia, eonUndlog that tba two wl 
off to laa which takaatha watch; In oppo4tfi7|flfEIi, tba two 
dt'a claim tha two priiai, aad a.*^ that IS hUie'rlght to tha b«i. 
It waa igiaad to laara tha mittar for jowt dedalon." Tba oaa 
throwing 43 haiao olalm— tba two U'a throw off to aaa which 
takaa tha watch, aad whleh tba muleal box 

BooarAiD.— "What li tha diffeianea batwNn aa ordlnaij tifle, 
and a Ulnia t" Ibat a la no ^Iffaiaaeo-tba Ulnla ball, bowarar, la 
dlOaraat fran tha ordlaarj rlla bill 

SrasLaa Obat, Albaar— Tha Bad Jacbat'a fBaatag tima to 
Ualboama aad bank to LiTarpool, US daja-tha Llghtolag'^' 
ditto, Ml-tha Jamaa Balaai, mi daja. Thli Uttar, wa hallara,- 
li tha baat ran arar mada. ^ , , 

Caslo.— Au. rooaa— "1. Wbara a tie la eonn&i(''for gama 
oeeara, bow li It HtUal t S. la not low ooontad Ij tba holdar of 
It, whathar it la ttkaa or aott" 1. Tba oaa who daaltj .Ieaaa 
8. Taa. ^ 

OaABiaa WAtaina, Ohlcaga— "I taaart that thara an oc^ 
mllaa of lallioad la tha rnltad Blataa^ than In tba nit of tha 
world, togathar— mr friend danlaa tbla, and offtn to aabmlt tho 
qaaatlu to jon. Who la eonaat" Tha. United Jtataa hara It, 
" br ahalka." ^ 

LoTBE OF IBB B»«.— " L Wbtt Ib tha height of Bury Brooma 
aad Tom Paddock f 3. Which Bght will b« for tha aaw Ohanplaai 
Bait, Jonaa and the Bluhu'a, or Brooma aad Paddock'a I" 4/ 
Bfooma la S fact 10 M lachea— Paddook, a trlBa orar S feat'^Dt 

2. Br refarenea to onr fcralga aporting deptctment, yon will par- 
oal*a that f oaaa haa forfeltad to tha Blaabar, and tba mttah la off 
— coBiatantlr Braoma and Paddock will hara tba flrtt ah/ fit tha; 
aawBalt. ~ 

NaWisaoH BoaaoaiaiB.— Tha lajnrj to yoar ajaa hu baan 
eauad, ao donbt, la a great aaamra, bp poor fkelag tba window, 
aa 70a itata la joor latter. It la tary isjariou to writ* la thla 
poaltlon, for tha raja of tha light eoma dlzactly npon tho pipll of 
the ay*, eaadog It to coBtraot,'dto. Bit with yoar Iboa toraad 
from tha light, either in reading or wittlag. 

Vol Porau — 1. Hr. Baary Plaalda la a natlra of Obailaaioa, 
S. 0. 9. Br. /. B. Boott flret appoarod on tba atagf, la thla city, 
Jnly Zd, lias. 

AMAtaaa, BalUmoi*.— Bllllwdi.— Tba playar haa a right to aaa 
tha bridge, at any ataga of tha play, nnlav othaiwla* atlpnlatad la 
aommaaalBf th* gama. 

B. J. ABD S, H., Baltlaor*.— " A oakaa a wager with B that tha 
tkataitlOtlyaidi tlm* on record, aoeoopllahad by a biab, wuS 
Mcoada. B.aaaartitbatlt bu baaa done la tha Unlttd Btat*a la 
■omalhiag onr S aaaoada Plain atat* th* biUli tlm* oa noord. 

3. What la tb* beat itandlag Jonp, from to* to heal, irar aad* oa 
Unl gioBBdl" 1. Wa can and aoneotd of batter tIma thaaS 
aatoBdi. L Oan'taiy— parbapaaomaofoairaadinwllllafnmtu. 

S, HALi, Ohlcago.— T>ooD«y^.(llma, i itH, hw aarar bMn 
ai«aU(d la thl* w aBy.othsr:NBatry.3| 

t. 0. L, Babl».-ThB Bght batwaaa .Hanligtoa aad Halaaa 
took plaea la Jaaa, IIB, aatr Balttmora. Aa mtcat waasadad 
ia a paeral raw, ao Ikat BaHhai>aB woKf 

TODBO XOBBV, Tnp^It la iapeaalUa t« gif* th* weight of th* 
h*avleftbl«w alrack la th* Valtad Blata*. I. Wa kaia aaanfaad 
f*r tha]ra«otd of tha llitBiaa<a ToBfaaBast, el Watadao, bat 
aaaaot ladllt— It la ow oplaiaa, howanr, tbat MlagaialagM Be. 
S,efOhla*ge, tack tha tot palaa oa dlataaca, havlag thfovn a 
atraaaof witar IWfMt BbooMwadlaaaTaatha BdiaiggdaeBMBt' 
wilVglv* tha paiUealaiai tts 

A. H. X.-Wa aoBildaf that Baglaad !ha« pndacad tba bait, aa 
waU^u tha gmiaat aomber of psgUiata.] 

jgai QouiT, OkdaaaU— Tiaaar, wa an lafoiBad, wai lold a 
f«ww(akaago,f«r010a s^O^ 
AV. W.B.,lT*aphlas?lll«, H. T.— W* know of na wttk (■ Iht 
i*ailBg'*>d tralalag ofgiBM cocka Coi tba pit Oaa "Whit* 
Bacbla" tafwrn aa If each a work ha* arar baan pahllabad. 
K HeaoSBB.— Xha ia«a to whleh yoa lafai ioak plaaa oa UaMk 
*r Jaaa, Itilj from th* Battaiy uoaad Bodlow'a Iilasd aad tWl 
aad wu won by Br. Tbomu'a boat, I^y BalbUr, guklag tha 1» 
taaoa, aald to ba IM mllaa, hi 80 mlnataa 
K 0. E.-n*n la ao <■ Blrer PoUee" in New Tark, at thla pruaat 
tiaa. 3. Ur. klataaU'a (tha cblaOl'alary, I* tSM. par aaaiBL 

W AaiB, ThUadalphla.— Banker Bill Uonneat la tb* blgb«it 

HoaasaOBB.—BLDir.-'' What la th* hlghMt baadla Blafft" 
loar aeat, or foar klaga aad oaa ao*. 

Broat, BalllBM*.— 1. Paihapa job 11* right, bat th* oaa pro- 
poaod la f avcrabla to tha dlaaamkatloa of iporta aad paallnaa. 3. 
W* do sot paUlih aalfma— tba oaa yoa aandaa, la eartalaly 
BiaritorlcBi, and arlncu a kindly fHllng In tha aathor, for whieb 
plaaa* aenpt oar tbaak^ bat job will pardoo aa for not darlatlag 
from OBI rale. 

B. I., Bncka' Co.— Ur. T. nnlrad no inch letter— wa baT* 
Bud* laqalrl**, bnt can aacartain nothing In lafarue* to Ibj 

Ton* AaaaioA, Hafkeniank — Abont 700,000. L tea Ilatlani, 
which will giT* JOB men d*talla than w* bar* room for. 8. Han. 

ToLiDO.— Alwaya walecma. 
. OiiTBB, IPhlladoIphla-Oommnalcatton a lltUa oat «f dat*— If 
agncable, let oa bear tram yoa wh*a th* boy* "gat itaitad." 

W. B. , Boiton.— Pliai* glr* oa datalla la yoor nizt, la rapid to 
tboi* BaU Olaba. 

PanL, DiDTara, Blia,— Wa do not know tb* whaiaaboBia of Ur. 
T Darlj, bat ptaioai* b* lBt*ndi " to do what la llghL* IT not, 
lat aa haar from jon again. 

J. H. W; Pblladalpbla.— Rot hnowing tba aald Boolor, can't 
uy. Wa do not ihlah ha haa a gnat rapatatloB bar*, c* wa ahoald 
btra band ofblaL 

LAia.BrMgtport— Kr.B. Voirtat flnt app«ar<d ca thcatagt, 
at th* Walnnt atotat Thaatn, Phlladalphla, on tha 37th of Nona. 
b*r, IBM. , 

J- W., Btmco*.-!. Wa ballara Ur. Tngloan' ia bnm Oomwall, 
Baglaad. Will aik blm whea naxtwa aaa hla. 3. W aaadtha 
oagiaTlBg of GiUdalL 

B. J. W., Port Plain.— par year la adraaea. 
Kbow NoTBiaa — Uoaay r*oaltcd. 

BAOABOvna, PUladalphla.- 1 Xh* Klag of Bona, Bapelaaa 
9d, wu born In IIU. S. Tha paaaant Baparor, Bap«I*aB Sd, waa 
bora April 30, ltC8-ha hu aot >at bota eiewnad. 

Oarr. Jbbbt Babbbbs, Touio.— BniiABsa- Tha ball aluald 
r eaiala In hand antll tha halla atop loUlagi 

iDaiaaiBBB.— Wa ballcTa tba gOTarBBaatboIdi no bobM Ib- 
t*nitlnth* OoUlnaattamara— (bayan allowad atertalaiompar 
aanuD, by QoTonoeniiOTnnTiagun^u. . . _.. 

J. V. Laia, UUwankla— By addiaaalaf J. k J, 0. OoBr«y,e9 
iBlton atra«t, N. T., yoa luy obtain th* aaaaaaaij inftoaatloB, 

Bio Bnioa.— All right-thoi* '<*ya4ai«^ wlUhart poor eight 
ao mora. WawUl taka good oaro, that trfi- may h* *BabIad b 
dlitlsgalih "tothtrlramwblA,' Inoarpoitnlta. IfeoaaaUUa," 
wni ahortlp glra a akateh of ■* Vaala Joba.**. 

J.V. B.— Tha Bowery titanaion ooaaaoaaa tba lat of Hir, lad 
tha aaaanncWbi will h* mada Immedlataly, tt tha 8tr«*t Con- 
aUiaioaaia aBa^ 


Owrao to the constantly Increasing olrcolatlon of our 
jonmal, and the additional labor now required at our 
hands, which we find to be rather more than we can lat- 
lafootorlly attend to, we have aseoclaled with ns, In the 
pnbllcallon of the CiirrEB, Ur. James Jones, (formerly 
of the great newa and peilodlcal firm of Boaa, Jones & 
Tonaey, of this city,) a gentleman wdl known In bnsl- 
ness ciroles, and whose exertions, wd have no donbt, 
will t63C<1«.niake " the sporting joomal of America" 



nees aflSbs 41 
the Editorial lii 

Althouoh oar new I! 
Iteelf," yet, a word or.i 
oat of .place In this' 


^30^ 'the whole 
buiiy. On the Ldt 



even Is at the present time. The 
be .published under the firm of 
latter aaperlntendlng the bnsl- 
;n, and the former, as heretofore, 


strand Head "apeabs for 
^oe to It may not be 
n. The deeign la 
lers, Oomloe, 

Ylew— In the extreme dlBtBn6^Ii^''ra(ftir Jtsw ; In 
the middle distance, a race yiliii CiuV\Boati, six oarii; 
close In to shore, is a race with Working Boati, i^th 
one ouaman In each boat. Dlrectl; In (l^e foregronnd, 
av'game of Cricket it being played, 
healthfil apoit, which Is making saoh rapl 
this bonntry. Beyond, Is a gronp of ladlei 
.4reAcryx.theIr favorite pastime— we know 
•iplay with their eyes as well as with their be 
rows, Bonietlmea mistaking ens Und of i<au for and 
and nslnghlin'fdr.a.forgcf, also. Beyond these 
deoelversj we have one of ^ ti^ Qoontry Spor 

f ioaaes, BO futilonable In 'England, ! In the right k^ftod 
anel,'we sea 'represented Sports of anothq;,^^^Rip(er, 
saoh ast^^se JIaeii>gV JPiigi/fMi and . 
In fronti)(r'the left\|iii,d Fllastol/- 8l«a^||Ef|()^ 
Qtnt, fUUy eqolppe'd fiir the '6jmei tn\ 
ter, we have the ragged and^oby Or ratni 
Fedeatel, Is aieSbel, with' specimens of 
ilace, " looking out lor what they may deroi 
way between the Pilasters, Is perohed that ei 
Courage, the Oatne Cotk—oa either side 
be seen the Cheu Board and Men, and 
of Interest," In ttont of all, and dlrectl; 
elevated on a slight pedestal, JiiBkMBoli 
straight Use of the base, stand cmu ioi 
Thbu Qbaosb," the Cricketer, theJIo^ 
detlriau, all in action. On the base of 
toAid resft (A« i0Ao/e<up«rafnieiijre, and 
gualiitei. of whiob moat <f and or fall the Importing Ib 
teresrs we have here represented. Is caif ve4i. In the 
stone, as the foundation of all, " Ni. 
la honor of the first Joomal that eve^^^HBal^fol 

and popular character to "Sport and Psallmeg 
America." " Look on this picture, and on that " 

Wa have been Inoesssnt in our endatTcrs to prcst 
the flrst namber of ou new volome to ou mders la 
ibaltless a manner as possible; bnt, aotwitbstaadh 
icas slight Inaecarielcs may appcar> which the go 
seass of ths reader viU attrlbote to the proper ear 
we feel oonftdcnt. We have irorked night, and day ; 
OB* moment idvlng our eye to the progrils nakloi 
onr eomposlDg room ; at another, to oiir. eagiave 
some of whom were atrasgers tons, who had never 
fbre worked for ns, snd leho ntier fheJl again, 
old friend, Bandall, our regular engiiavsr, did his wo 
well— wonld we eoull say ths ssme of the e^ers. No 
we are ealled open to see how snob a thing will answ 
—one wants to know this, another that, and so on. A 
thla, too, be It remembered, while we are endeavcrl 
to keep onr oompcsliors saf>pUcd with oopy." In tn 
we have had a trying week of it, and feel quite oonti 
that oar first number looks as well aa it does. Unll 
a new broom, however, the Ouvfbb will improve ai 
grows older. It baa been no alight task to effect t 
ohange we have without mlidng a alngle Issue, a 
whatever defloienclea there may be in this numbtf, 
will endeavor to remisdy In fatnre ones. We adri 
thoee who design peaerving the paper for binding to 
oiire a oopy of each namber at as early an honr aft 
pnbllaatlon u possible, ss, ths edition onee exhanste 
there Is an end of it. There are several numbers 
Vol. S, of whioh we have not a single oopy on hand, ai 
cannot proonre them at any prise. ^Bo, look ont, ai 
secure yonr paper in season. -l:. 


Ire City Begatta Olab, at their meetjn^ 

of Jane 
endeavors are 

resolved that their Grai^d mtloi 
18li6,^oald take plsoe on Uonday, the 2 


ng early In the field, and if thi 
[cd by onr oltlzena in a apL 
e ^^ealgns end actions of the Oh 
cnld.tie, we shall exp*eot to see U 

Begj^ta rally equal to the oae which WM given li 
.Our citizens, and eapeclelly the^vioifof spoi 
&e waves, havs not lorgotten theiMi^tUfal moi 

ing which 
lest, h'ow 
fhce of the 
thoaeonds wenS^ 
to the gronndi^ 
Jacent waters bel 

the day on the 17lh of Octet 
rays spread Apon the placid n 
d^East Blvers, how iflmdreds ai 
wi^ tnm early mora tl^ noo 
to the Bed Eoose, how'thes 
dotted and enlivened with hi 
dreds of boatj.of all descriptions, from the soullbi's lie 
shell, to the fishing amact. ^"ue logger ; biyt the t 
oltement gri||^d|to^^g|^, «• thetIme'appito«oh 
for the starttog of ^{K^ats''''Mileii had entered' for t 
rMCBihow bate. arid. hsndkerchlels wi 
rent the air, when th'e word woS gl; 
with what satlsiUitlbn the mi 
homes after wltneaalag the 
pire Olty Begatta Club. 

These are pleasing reeolleioCfi 
olpated in by ten jthouBaBdUtllienToj 
other opportnnity Is now to be ofTc 
elmllar scenes, and to be gratlflei 
The Club last-year expended tNi 
doUars In getting np that Begftta, 
theb engagements, tbe members ■ittiriStSti 
themselves very heavily. All they aak now la that 01 
oltlzens will take a proper Interest in tbeir nndertaklq 
thla yesSr, to repeat their Regatta, and they will 1 
doubt pledge themaelvea to falflll their engagemeni 
in a manner which will leave no caaee for oomtilali 
and which ahall be hailed aa an honor to the great & 
pIre City. Let no man torn a deaf . ear to their appeal 


Oa our first page we givs tall length portraits of i) 
ONW of the Lady Patman. Tbla Clab Intends to enli 
Into every regatta given, here or elsewhere, daring tl 
coming season, and have jaet contracted for the bnlldli 
of a new Race Boat. 

Bboomb AMD PAnnocx.— The coming contest beV 
these men for the new Champion Belt, of England, pi 
mlses to create as great a sensation here as did tl 
Walhiir and Hayes match,.^whlch daa terminated so t 
glorlonsly. The betting on the Ohemplon Fight 
already quite active, ^d, as tlfe day apptgaches, wi 
neceasarily inoreaee. Ills the opinion, generally, her 
away, that.the battle will be one of the beat ever W 
nessed. We shall keep the reader poeied, as the mati 

TBEATRra.— Items of Interest conoemlbg the idoT 
;nentB of actors and aotresses, Olrcus Performers, Eihli 
"i^Ian Ulnstrels, &o., solicited from our friends abroii 
c^aiio to make theCioTEa a complete 'Amni 
'mat Dbeotbiy:: 

^' * "V . , 

]^obibut'op Forbest.— We expeoted to give' in thl 
nnmber a portrait of Hr, B. Forreat, as Hamlet 
The " cufwaa not opto the mark, and Itwas dlsoardc' 
We will try another hand at It hereafter.'^ 

BAm's Tbial A^iiji-Pt^TroNKD.— Thei^ourt of 
and ijlmlner.was opened pii|Uonday last, bnt a^Jonint 
agalilo the 24thyWhW|ificither attenoptlrtll be msi 
'to empannel a juiy for the trial of Lonia 

Oh a Time.— The PhllB|i)lphla Oreyi 
onrsloa to Niagara Falls, on the 19th of Hsy. 

Son^ forget' that hereafter we go to pNss oi 
Tueaday night. Correspondents who wish their iSavcr 
to apps&r in season will please take notice, and act sc* 

OoB readers will peroelve that our new headlnj 
Is rather darker than It shonld bs, Thla will be reim 
died In the oonrse of one or two nambeia. / 

Thi PAOino.<— The Oolllns line of steamer* adopt the 
old adage, " Qalok saUi and small proflta," 


i<llf iTiC S. 

Om*b StMmm 

tit H»Ti« tU Otwf." if 



pUUiIphU, r«r UMil»»l,:!'alirorByIUmo»,» Htr ». 


'fliABB Nauokal Beoatta.— At a mtetiog of th» 
UiM Clt7.B«g*<t*^'<'^> ''*^<' ^^^^7 eTenioglut, 
[^TMohed (0 mtkt the neoeasMX wrangenents for 
fdnittd Natlpnsl Begatts, to be glren on the waters of 
far^Tork, OB Mondir. the 2Sl6f May. With the 
llf of aeoarlng the co-eperatloD of the oltlceu gesei- 
]y to tUi movement, It is oontemplateil to give a grand 
^t> at the Broadiraj Taberaaole, on the 10th of 
[tf.j In this, way, the Neir York pabUo, who shonll 
^ allvoly lotereat In the Regatta In qaestlon, will 
pn iu> opportunity ofoontrlbnttng tbelr mite towards 
^BOiiMsary ezpenaes of said National Begatta. It is 
nnamed that Clabs ttom tha prinolpal oities la the 
jglfa.wlU take part la thefrlendl/ contest, for wbloh, 
findentand. seTeral. boats are now being ezpreaely 
Hilt Ihesaooeibfal Issue of the great Btgatta, glren 
fj the " Empire^ last fall, In ilia rlolnlty, is anffident 
,urintee that something grand may be ezpeoted In a 
Irid^'ic^ affairs 'nnder their direction. In order to giro 
^ greater «ef(<< to the propoaad Aqnatio Carniral, it 
J^Lrtif. to be hoped that the au thorities^«4rjKew York 
i|it|^4t their oonntenanae and soppofti^^at say 
tvlHttidC) In the " Two Boards r ' Vftii'tUf assist in 
BiUog this Regatta ereditabl(^tot'j|he great Empire 
{^"i ■ We hope onr ootemporaReCwill also take the 
BiMt In hand, and lend their : might/ inflaenoe in 
•rtffliiftonthe baU." '- r 

a. BoBERT L, Stevens.— Mr. ^, L. Bte- 
raiii weU 'known as the modeller of the oelebrated 
nsht Harla, end other ressela, dlM-a|,his reaidenee In 
Hobeken, on Sunday last, the 20(b4i:In,ft||.68th year of 

. 'FBOonigs or Tacht Atm ^Air Bpiz.Dmo.— Bnilders 

eirally are pretty bnsy thrftoig&CRit the different oi- 
, and we may natarally ezpecCw see some beautlfal 
neeln'enB of workmanship. It Oreenpoint, Mr. Geo. 
f . Friend, who hM tu|sted in the laying down of the 
Steamers' Vandtgrbllt, Niagara.; and Adrlatio, for Mr. 
Blaers, Is balldlng a yaeht of the foUowlDg dimensions, 
til : length on deok, Sfift. 61n. ; lieam, lOft. din.; depth, 
ifeet. The model of this yaobt, wbioh is now In onr 
c£oe, is Indeed beantlfnl, and. lf followed oat, the yaoht 
BnutVpfoTO a skimmer of the waters. So confident b 
Hr. I\ of her sailing qaalltles, that be gnaranttes to 
forfeit $200 if she does not beat any yaoht of her ton- 
DMe. This yaoht will be for lale as soon as oompleted, 
ud those in want of euoh a veesel may learn all parti- 
colars hr applying to Mr. F., at the foot of F.itreet, 

In Buffalo, Messrs. Beok& Johns hsTO built for Ur. J. 
d. Lake, of that place, a yeeht of 26 feet la length, 10 
feet beam, 2 feet 6 Inohes deep, sloop rigged, &o,, and 
Thich will be ready for sailing In a week or two. The 
iane^firm baTo also bnllt for Mr. lake a 10-foot boat. 
This gentleman takes a neat Interest in aqaatlo sports, 
,anl fla boats are generally of a " fait" oharr. jter. 

Id Chicago, slaoe the pnrchaae of the Lady Patman 
byaOlnb or that olty, another Clnb has been formed, 
and they JiaTO made a oontraot with Mr. Patohell, of 
East Boston, to balld them a 8&-feet race boat, In no re- 

2 let inferior to the I. P. She is to be flolsbed about 
I ISth of May, and as there are these in both Clnbs 
who will spare no expeose on their boats, we may look 
Ibr some fast rowing ey the " ()hieB2o boys" before the 
ssison is over. Who will carry the broom on Lake 
Michigan 1 

Mais or Eairr ron Balk.— We understand that the 
well-known raoe boat, " Maid of Erin," of Boston, Is 
offered for sale by her present owners. This Is the 
boat that oontested in a match raoe with the St. John 
boatt'Snperlor, In September last. Terms, &o., oan be 
iMToed of Mr. James Hart, 210 North-street, or En- 
gtne.O'Nell, 5 Wendell-street. Boston, Mass. 

A^TTATica AT South . BosToir.— A correspondent 
Mia .us the . following respeoting operations In the 
boating world of South 'Boston : 

"Some eight or ten new boats have been built the 
piet winter, and it is expected that a general contest 
vill take plaoe some time in Jnly. There Is a part of 
this place oalled 'Bay Ylew,* and a Clnb is about or- 
erg&nixiDg, to be called the <Bay Ylew Yacht Olnb;' 
tm have a beantlfnl yacht nearlv ready for lanncblng, 
tcM called the ' Bay Ylew Belle she was modelled 
and . bnllt by J. W, Florae, and reflects credit on his 
skill. If good looks and a good model have anything to 
do with sullng, she will be a hard one to beat. We are 
all gettloB ready, and expect a fine time the eoming 
sanmer. The yaohts Nettle, Macduff and Banthee have 
changed owners since lost year, and we.expect to see 
thtseboata do something, as uelr owMia are'determlned 
to keep np the reputation they baverwon. It la hoped , 
dfo, tnat the Beomit will figure some among the ten-ton 

FinsT iw TBI Field.— Our friends et the " Omaoatl 
Olab" were out on the Ifilh, In their old boat, "Wave." 
They were la fUl anirorm. and took a row np the North 
River as &r u <• Strykar*! Bay," retnrnlag abont nine 
o'clock the same evenlDg. TUs, we bellcTe, Is the flrat 
ezonrklpn of the season, and right well was it enjoyed. 
The " Offltoail's" have a besutUU uniform, and in their 
barge made n handiome appearance. 


Orriowow Airs LoaiH.— Thise Ohteago men have not 
yet come any arrangeuent for a second race that we are 
aware of. The followlDg correspondence has passed be- 
tween them on the subject : 

To PaoriMoa Orrianoir.— Having understood yon 
are dlaaatlsfled with tbe result of onr late eonteat, I beg 
leave to say I will mn yon within two weeks the same raoe 
of fifteen times around the circle— or lees or more, at 
your option, for (Se or 910O ; yon to choose one judge, 
myself one, and they the third. Should you think proper 
ition I will deposit the stakes with 

to accept this pro 

L. J. North & Co., of North's Amphitheatre. 

Tours truly, Jamis Looan. 

To Ma. Jahks Loqaw.— On perusing the Democratic 
Press of this morning I observed your challenge di- 
reeted to me— vlt: to mn round theclrcle of the Amphi- 
theatre fifteen times or more or less, at my option, for 
a wager of $60 or $100. Being an expsrlecoed runner, 
I presume y;n are aware of the disadvantage a runner 
of my gait has In going ronnd a small circle, and as the 
only correct war to decide on superiority is to run 
upon level ground In a straight line ; in this way I will 
aooept your offer, for two hundred dollars, to run a 
quarter of a mile. The time, as ahio the plaoe, to be 
selected as you have aaggested. Yours reapeotftilly, 

H. G. OrrioNON. 

To PaorBSson Oma>oir,— I see by voar card you do 
not see proper to aooept of my proposition to run me 
again around the circle of the Amphitheater, but offer to 
run me a straight quarter of a mile for 9200, which I 
beg respectfully to decline at present, but will meet yon 
half way. That la, I will run yon one third of a mile, 
say fourteen times around the olrole of the Amphithea- 
tre, for 9100 a sld^ and cne-tbitd of a mile on a straight 
road for $100 a side, both play or pay. Ohdoslng of 
judges and time as In my first propoiiUon. 

' Youra truly, James Loqaw. 

P. S.— Should a quarter mile race suit yon better I 
win accommodate yon. 

We have not received OtUgnon's roplv to this lest 
commnnloation, but prceume that he will not agree to 
run In the Circus a^aln, as his opponent has an ad- 
vantage over him, he, Oltlgnon, making long strides, 
while Logan takes abort steps, by whioh he is enabled 
to turn to better advantage. 

Thomas Wood, of East Cambridge, will -run Joe 
Travis, 8 or 3 miles, for $260 a aide. . Man and money 
ready at Adams Billiard Hall, Cambridge street. 

J. 0. Gllliway, of Boston, having understood that 
Jim Graham is anxious for a spin of a quarter of a mile, 
wlU run him tbat dlstanoe for from $0 to $26 a side. 
An answer tbrcngh the Cufpeb will be attended to. 

'T'WoitACCB AT JSiBf'OAMBBiDOB.- On Thursdoy af- 
ternoon, 24th, a large orowd assembled at the Lechmere 
House, to witness the pedestrian natohes previously 
noticed. The day was rainy and the road la a very bad 
oouditicn. The entries for the first race— 8>j miles- 
were the Boston Buck, John HntohelWn, Qeo. 4lrown, 
and Joseph Murch ; bat owing to some cause, only Buck 
and Hntcnerson toed the soratoh. [We here wish to 
state that if Brown and Muroh desire to be supported 
by tbe public they ahonld run when they allow their 
names to be pat upon the bills, nnlesr they show soms 
good exonie.] At the word "go" the Competitors went 
away at a slashing pace, and were soon out of sight to 
all the speatators who were on foot. The Buck took the 
lead ana kept galniog on his opponent, and at the finish 
Hutcherson waa nearly a quarter of a mile behind. The 
time occupied was eighteen minutes and thirty seconds. 
We learn that after this race the Buck was presented 
with a beautiful set of glass ware, by the Uiuon Glass 
House Boys, of Bomernlle, for which he returned his 
thanks. The second race was a half mile dash between 
James Fcgarty, of East Cambridge, and Bamuel Mo 
Eeever. the " Reindeer." It was won by tbe former in 
2:12. Both of these men are firemen. 

Orallxroi to Oio, Broww.— As George Brown bos 
been <• talking" raUnyibua'lhat he could beat me In a 
running matoo, this Is to Inforh him that I am ready .to 
make a match with him to run f^om I to 4 miles, for $26 
a side. Man and money ready at No. 4 Water street, 

Wm. Bhbehaiv, 
Boston, April le. 18S6. The Boston Buck." 

HALrMii.1 nAcn AT PoETSKovTH, N. H.— A foot 
race took place onP«t{Snojij4>'Brldge.jOn Jr(day after- 
noon, lllh Inst^btiwMtttWDyMngiitea'nimel'Bnniiels 
(a typo) and Bhaimbit—dtitanoeihalf a mile— wUoh was 
won by the former in 2:11. A urge number of speeta- 
^is werepreaent, and every thing passed off satlsttetory. 

For THcBcMEnTor GaiitsBLU — Some of the Mends 
of Mr. John Orbdell. In view of the foot that he has 
ust come forth f^om a bed of stckoess, have tendered 
ilm a Ball, which will take pUoe at Hermitage' Hall, on 
Friday evening, 26th Inst, we hope it will be liberally 

Scott Ain> trx Bhootiho Stae.— T. A. Scott, who 
competed a week or two since with Bbootlns Star, in 
Boston, soys he won the raoe fkirly, and he wlU mn the 
same race over any time the Star .wlshaf, for $100 ^ 
aide. r' 

BroaT ON THxSamrTLKiui— Some lively sport is ex,- 
peetedon tbe river Schuylkill the ocmLuf seai<bb,'ln tb» 
way of nleasure barge races. The following are the 
f. Bimes aM lengths of the barges, together with the 
■umber oloara polled by eaeh'one, to wit : )} 
■■ L.Uiida, polllag B can.. Uftstea Sack. 
9..Ah)Mitt, 8 oan.,8SfMtond6ok. 

:m.:Jmf^- ■< e •u*,.40f«stODd<ok. 

...4..Illrt - -<i a oani.BtrsttOBdMk. 
E. .Atrial, . •< Bdan. Strsttondtok. 
-.C.„a*mllla, " Soan..8<ri«t*Ddiok. 
T. .fluh, \ - " e ean. ,8e htt on dtsk. 
8..Irli, " eoara..40f«*tondiok. 

;^ . These boats all belong oa the Schuylkill, nearly every 
i «ne having a four-cared tender, whlob is used prlnof- 
; . :Pally ;n regattas. A new Vender is now being built by 
; '.Albertson,.foot of SbaokouaxoB-street, for the .Srlal 
Boat Clnb, which, we uaderatand. Is to be a handso 
aSUr ; her length to 86 feet, pulling 4 oars. ( 
A new barge, called tbe Iris, six-oared, 40 feet long, 
' and bnllt In new York, la to be added to the list, and 
is expected to arrive In Philadelphia on Wednesday af- 
ternoon, whea all the boats were to be cut to receive 
the atraoger. May sweet success attend them all, say 

Taa AtlantaS" are geUing their fonr-oarad club 
boat ht readlncM, and the <■ Naisans" of Brooklyn are 
also <• fixing up" In s^le. These Clubs will soon be cn 
w waters, to take part In onr aqnatlo spctti. 


BuQia that Johnny Maokvy wants to fight me for 
|B00, 1 wIU flgbt UiQ^onthe eondltlons of the first chol- 
nnge, that la, dz iMPitbs from that time, as I have bad 
my Dand. sprained, and do not know how soon It will 
ist welL Any time Johnny Hackey wants to put his 
n,ODey up I am ready at the hoase he mentioned, vIe., 
R^pbs Saloon, Ktngstreet, Homlltou. ~ 

Potter, DandaSfO.w. 

Jambs Bbown, 

OiovB Fioht nr Boston-.— On Wednesday evening, 
(h Inst., at Plymouth Hall, Boston, a Glove Fight 
icokjlece between John Roberta and James Laverty. 
Tbe nght occupied some 40 minutes, during which time 
there was some hard hitting, of which, in cur opinion, 
Roberts aeemed to have a leetle the beat of It, Lavarty 
bebg rather slow in his movements, although he is a 
toogn bit of staff. The conteet would no donbt have 
continued fbr aome time longer, but the " Chief" and his 
aids, who were present, would not suffer it tocontlnuei 
although everything wu conducted In a qnlet and or- 
derly manner. The set-to gave great satlslactlon to the 
lovers of tbe " Manly Art," and coDvlnced all present 
(that this style of Belf-Defenoe should be more extensively 
'taught onr young men, loasmnch as It wonldiooado 
away with the ass of deadly weapcas . 

Tbat Bbadhto Fiokt.— An old Reading trlead. In 
whom we have the most implicit conSdeneei doubts tbe 
truth of the report in our last, from a eorrespoadeat, 
tbat apriss flght latelr took place In that vidnlty, be- 
tween u. Wooamfl and Bob flcctt, for MO. and requests 
names of referee, stakeholders, fto. The said corres- 
pondent vrlll please see to tUi. 

I SH by yonr last paper, I am ohaUeond by Mathew 
Perkins to fight him for $100. AU I litre to say is 
thii— I am ready to fight this " would-be OhamploD," 
for $260, and not loss. Man and money ready at the 
" Brown Jog," ocrner Hudson end Obarltcn street. 

Jambs D. Gnson. 

JoHW A, JoBivsoiT,of Bast Abingdon, spya, as Martin 
Shehan Bcena anxious for a fight, he will give him a 
chance for $100 or SMO, eny Ume he thloke proper, 
Man and money ready at the Jack the Barber's salooB, 
East Abingdon, Mass. 

PaicB Ans Foas.- Mr. Price writes as follows : " I 
noticed in your last week's paper a conmunlcatlon firom 
Barney Ford. whIoh I tbinic a Utile severe ; bnt In or- 
der to oonvliue the pnbUo that It has been no fault of 
mine that a match has not been mode, I shall have to ex- 
plain the state of things since the match was first pro- 
posed. When 1 was first challenged by Mr. Ford, 1 
was In Conneotlont. Some, whom •! took for flrienda 
there, offered to back me for $26 aod $30 each, which 
would hare been more than the sum reonlrcd; upoa 
tbeir'-pronlses, I answered Barney's onallenge, out 
when fmnt to get themoney, those who aeemed so wil- 
ling toMck me offered to go $6 and $10 only, and, 
moreover, wanted me to go $60 in the first deposit my- 
self.. When I saw their Intention, I deterinlnea to go to 
Boston and state the ease frankly to Baroey ; I did aoi 
and some gentlemen present offered to back me for $100 
and the room money. Barney declined, aa he was sick 
at the tine. Since then, I went to make s match with 
Barney, and told him that to show I meant fighting, I 
would fijght him for a new hat, or for $S0, In an boar's 
notice, or for $200 in six weeks, and was willing to put 
up $26 forfeit; but he would not fiyht for less than 
$800 In 8 weeks. Finally, I agreed to It. and we met 
that night to draw up articles and put up $26 forfeit ; 
but when theartioles were ready, Barney said his back- 
ers would not make a match'unless I put op $160 for- 
feit. Ab I could not raise that sum. being a stranger la 
Boston, I have been obliged to let the metier drop. I 
think there is as much honor In winning a small stake 
as a large one. As I have not $S00 to Ight with, I 
should llbe to have a brnah with tiie gloves with Bar- 
nev for the amusement of a few prhate friends. 

My respects to Mr. J. Maokey, and an glad to hear 
be Is hlnaelf again, hoping he will forbear oballeoging 
me, ea I have no money ; no donbt people will thiak 1 
am worth nothing, or somebody would baok me. I don't 
blame them ; I beghi to think so myself." 


Obvillb Giboncb's Exbibition,— OrvlUe Gardner, 
better known as " Awful Gardner," la about to make 
bis appearance In sparring circles again, and will give 
an Einlbltlon at tbe Shakespeare Hotel, corner of Da- 
ane and William street, on Monday evening next, April 
28th, when bj will appear In sets-to, with some well 
hnvmrWX&B, As Ur, Gardner Ino Mi -rr" al an. 
ezhlbltlon for a long time, we have no doubt tbat his 
friends will crowd the Shakespsare, and give bin an en- 
thusiastic welcome. Tickets 60 cents. Ws learn also, 
that Mr. Gardner Intends vlsttlng Fhlladejgbia, Boston, 
and other cities, 
oterj saccess. 

EzBiBinoM BT BoBERTS AND Latebtt,— John Roberts, 
of CUoago, and James Laverty, of St. Loals, will take 
a jobt benefit, on Saturday evening, 2Stb Inst;, at Eer- 
rlgan'a Hall, 22 White street. Ueaars. Robsrts and La- 
verty, It will be seen elsewhere, had a glove fight In 
Boston, lately, which .was witnessed by eome of the 
most respectable cltUena of Boston. We presume they 
will " flght their battle o'er again," on Saturday evening. 

EiHiBiTiON or Ncwutx,— Sam Seymour wlU give a 
Sparring Ezhlbltlon at the Shadee, 172 Broad street, 
Newark, on the Sth of Hay, when he hopes to aee ble 
Newark and New York fMenda present, and promises 
them a treat la the bozlng Une. 

FinRBKL's Bxirzrir,— Patsy Farrell Intends giving 
a Sparring Exhibition at Bportsman's Hall, 49 Madison 
street, on Wednesday nezt, April 80, when he wUl be 
asslated by the fancy generdly. Tlcketa 26 cents. 


Tbi epproaohtng season in Orioketing olroles bids 
fair to be anosnally animated— the New York and St, 
George's Clubs, of this olty, will open the ball at an 
early day. 

Onr filends in Albany are also In the field— the Alba- 
ny Olab have again selected Ur. W. Looey as their 
President, and to him all oommnntcatlons for the Olub 
shonld be addressed. The Matob Committee of (his 
Club have invited the Utlca Olnb to play tbe conqncN 
Ing gone between the Olubs, at Albany, In June next. 
It la also determined tbat tbe reton match with the 
Pougbkeepsle Clnb. shall be played daring the month 
of Jane. In Jsly, It is nnderstood tbat matohea will be 
played at Albany with the Newark Olub, and at Amstsr- 
dam or Albany with the Amsterdam Olub. With all 
this work before them, tbe Albany Clnb certainly will 
not "let the grass grow beneath theb feet." They bava 
dready conmenoed pntUng their grounds in order. 

First Matoo or m Suboh.— The first Cricket 
Match of the season, came off In Bcnth Camden, opposlle 
Fhiladslphia, on Saturday, April I0Ui, between the 
Germontown and Delphian Clubs, which resulted la the 
former Clab being vlctoricuB in one lonlnga Aathla 
was the first match of the season, and a. good deal of 
eioltenent on the occasion. It was the meana of bring- 
ing together a goodly number of playera from all partB 
of f hlladelphla. We also notioedaomaofthefidr sez^ 
who, we Boppose, were anzlons to witness the sport, 
and who aeemed to CDjoy It very mnob. The following 
la the score t 



l..Bt«ini et t. wliter b. 

Iltit IuId| 

Hwn '. 10 

9,.1IaDMab. }onuWlft«r. 0 

3, .Ilowla b. fooM Wlit«T. . 0 

4, .7of. VUhn etJolusoDb. 
JoDifWlstsr. 0 

{..Oamsb.JoaesWIstn... 0 

C.BalaNb.W.B. Wlit«r.. 0 

T..KalinoiW.B.WIft«rb. . 

Hun 0 

t. K«ll7b.W.B.WIiUr,.. S 

t. .I>aNib*iTT.b. Hatn.... C 

ICMIlmrd kUtsn C 

11. .Pslnsr, not aal 1 

Bna 1 

WUaSi ....**..,**..... * e 

ir« balls 0 

SMODd Innligf. 

Brawn b.Hevball 1 

Hanioi, aot *al 1 

BaliM,raaoat i 

Eovi* b. Hsaii B 


40iatWli(«r. 0 

DUludat.b.f. Wlitw. 0 
OolUa«t.W. a WIstar 

b.lban.., S 

DoNBtoiiT et W, &. 

WUtwb, Wlit<r... t 
KabB.i«aoat. ,..1.1.. 0 
Jes. nhir b, Umm. • . , 1 
FaUbMb.U«an I 

^^M* ee*ees«.*ie«*e 
WHi# a s » f I • Si* se < 0 ■ > 

irekaiii • \ 


i..u;w*.to.ui. ..^a'-i"« 

9..JoM«WlBt*rh.0olUt..., 1 
8..IUanb.flrowa 31 

d. .lf«CaUb.Oolltt 0 

I..VevliaIletKahBb.O«llli 10 

e. .Potter b. Bran 0 

T..W.L.rtihMb. DUliid... S 
a..r.WIitar,ru oat....... t 

ntlghUa Olab— fiftt Innlass 

Do. dOi BtsoDd IbbIii(i. , , , 


0«nBaat«iro Oleb-IInt faalafi., 



Umpire for MfVltaOlBb fir. Bradley. 

So. ro^a«nu«t<i«s01sb....Br.T««ina<Baelif' 

Hatch ior SATOBDAr.^i^ orioket match wlU tak« 
place on Saturday nezt, belvtea-tha Tonng Amsrieui 
Clubs, OlympUwi tlia KenK,, on thelt groondi, , 
near Mantua Tillage, PhlladelpbS^^- ~ . 


OBArpiBS dog Lift, and Buokly's Crlbb, fongkt^ 
18tb, at the Chelsea Manor House, for $lob a 

Lift, refused to scratch, after fighting tS mlnutAspii 
CriEb waa declared tbe winner. '.■' <.)/,»-' 

On Saturday evening, 26lh, at HoLanghUn'j,; ISS 
First Avenae, Molholland's Newcastle dog Bo^nde,^(utl''^ 
UoUahon's slut Lilly, will have a go for $60 a aide.' ■ 
James Godley, of Fall River, reqaestaos t» state tfaht,.- . 
for bis dog Crlbb be will accept of no mem ohMlenaepL 
bat that he base 231 Iba dog that he edftmotch agauurt 
any dog of tbe same weight, In AmeriOi; for from $200 
to $300 a side. A matoh can be made by addreolBjr 
James Godley, No. 90, foot of Anavu itteet, FiQ 
Blver, Mass. 

I will flght my 27 lb. dog, against the Foil Btver i6g, ■ 
27 lbs. for $100 a side— or I will give a poond to th« 
same dog, ilf the owner will slake $160 to. say $109. 
This is a chance for the winner of the late n^hlb .t^ 
KcI^AiroHLni' Ul^lrst Avenae, New Tork. 

A Great-Att^ttitoh will take plaoe at the hoi 
James HcIaflighUli, 160 First Avenne, on the 3d pf Uar, 
between the two oelebrated blMk aiu'^taB ifift, Mr. 
Horrla'a Jerry, and Mr. UoKeon'B dog iQmiod'r^h to 
kill 60 rats, for $28 a side. ■ ( v 

A Match at Rat killing, for a Sliver 'Ocl1ar,''eaBis off 
at James UcLangbllns, on the 17tb, each dog nliing 8 
rata. The followlag is the reaalt : Fan, 21 Ibi., 45 seo.; 
Ball, 36 lbs,, CO sec; Spring, 20 Iba, 30 sect Blackjack, 
24 lbs., 66 sec; Snap, 26 Iba, 62 sec; Sed Jack, 23 IbB., 
69 sec; Sport, 19 Iba, 83 seo.; Tutoh, 23 lbs , 29 sso.{ 
Nallor, 26 Iba, 20 seo, Besnltlng In favor of NalloPi 
who received the collar. 

Gbamd Rattino Match.— A match for $100 a stdt 
will take place at " Canine Hall," 146 North street. Bob- 
too, on Friday evening, 26th of April, between Mr. J. 
D. Roberts' slut "Jenny" ai)d Mr. Ladda dog " Plncher." 
Sport to commence at 8 o'clock. Other matches for 
dogaof oil weights will take place daring the above 
evening. ' 

A contest Is to come off at Bportsnaa's Hall, 49 Midi- 
son street, on the 29tb, for%100 a aide, between Uo- 
Maon's dog Frank, and Sheer's Jack, S3 lbs, 

Orp.— In cooscquenoe of the IlheM of the owner of 
tbe dog Blllv, tbe rat matob noticed In onr last, to take 

Blaoe on Friday evening, 36th, at the London FlWHOl* 
laae«,-')i*B be«B.]M«toiMA Cor-th* {ireient. '' 

A Rat Worry come off at the houie of Ur. Wm.' Leech, 
24lh Ward, Philadelphia, on Saturday, Ittb, when there 
was qolte a lively time, It being something sew In that 
part of tbe country,- the boys went Into it with a gooA 
will; entrees were made for six dogs, eaoh luvlag e rata 
to kill— the prize, a SUver Mounted Collar. The fol- 
lowing Is a snmmarv : Slot Fanny, 32 seoj HoDemot 
Dog, 88 sec: Dog Captain, 26 sec; Dog Ike, 1 mln., 
16 sec; Dog iJtraoger, 1 min., 30 seo. ; Dog Jack, 20 ie«.; 
and winner of the collar. 

A Match came off at tbe same plaoe on Saturday lOtt, 
to teat the soperforlty of dogs. No prise being op, 
when Jim waa matched aiedaet t!i9 dog Has ( 
(neither of these dogs have front teeth,) at S rnueaoli. 
Sommaiy: Dog Jim, 60 aec; DjgUao, S4 see. As- 
other match resulted as follows : Dog Jack, 32 aeO.| 
McDermot Dog, 34 sec; Blat Llze, 56 seo, 

A Good Shot.— The Concord (N. H.) Patriot Infbrmi 
ns ibat as Mr. yi lUard Colby of Henaeier, was paaalog 
towards his honse bwa work, he saw two large hawn 
Bearing near him. Having a shot gna with Urn, he 
fired aa they grappled each other, and both fell so crip- 
pled that they were captured, and are now In the pee- 
session of Hr. Colby, alive. They measored eaoh roar 
feet, f^om point to point of their winga. 

Tht foMrol of 0. 0. foittr took pitoo on BstnidaraRareaoa 
rcom bij Ut« iMldtnoe, No. 609 Boatb Nlntb itrttl, Pblladtlphla 
ud WM attandtd bj a Itip oanbic of ths dims, and hia personal 
(Hands. His ismalu wsra laid la Ui* Uout UorUh.OtBiitsiy. . 

Wrebtlwo.— Mr. Tregloan, havlBg got thtongh with 
bis match with Hr. Thomas Hartln, as noticed last 
-week, requests us to state that he inow ready to nuke 
a matob with Levi Martin, ellp holdrbeat 2 out of S (klr 
back fiklls, for whatever sum may be agreed upon; 

Naval.— A draft of seamen, intended for the sloop-cf- . 
war FortsnnM, ^glved he^e oo Tbanday, In tha 
steamship Roanokl^toNjl^'cfc. 

At his own requeat, uom7M|niy hu been pennitted ' ^ 
to leave, and Com. E. A. F. La'valielCe has been oxmmA - 
to sncosed him In command of tha Goaport Navy Tan. ^ 1 
[Norfolk HenOd, April 19. '■■ ■ 

Tub following rich extract flrom a sermon loM* flnek 
of its honor, becanaa we cannot pot In pilnt the penll* i 
ar sing-song (tyle and appropriate gestares that mma* ■'. 
pany it : 

"My flrlends, sin makes the par tiest ycugnunipr . 
woman in the world look ugly-ah. And I'll tell yea 
how-th. As I was eoming ap to ohnifbk to-day', I sftv., 
some yf nng men In the roid-ab. And aa I ;d(eir ' 
unto thei^ disoovered that they werc^pltplngnMrel^ - 
ah. ,And^'ttilf. vu^. yonng man was the lut obi'.II'', 
marvel-ahi^ Ai^Mp mBrveled, he Janped ap aail 
flapped hlfl bai^Kl&e a rooatar dow Us wisp, and 
says he, • I wIs^Tm'ay be cussed If I han't flit-ah.' And/ 
oh, my.^Mds, th^2 I thonght that was ths n|lW» 
yonng^ffiiu^ lever saw la mylire-ah. And loglitl', 
ray mcntH'and spake unt^^im 
man, this Is not the ,way to ialvi 
• Old horse, If ycvfiifbeen saUi " 
you ihldn'l.^fAM»ar any 

" And nciirfqtnni|>> vl>f 
he was fat he wld a lls-ah, for^bi , , 
hungry looking sliler over thar .tljki 
soplonfjfirhea tbecobtribntloa hat 

Via^ now my M«idi» If tbat ar* ^onng man 
bin blinded by tin he never «onId ha' nlslaok ta» 
aacll beiie." • 




la beipg 



BATTLES FOR tJ[E _ap*««i«^iyifSHIP. 
-mid ui Uit:(tatut bttVMn Oannt ud BaUt» 

Tni ibiid triti bttweni 9en Cadnt ana Beodlgo, for 
41M«^3eiiuiilih( Obmplon ielt,ci<kted the moft 
lat«B|i ex«lt<mtnit ihronghont "All Eoglud.'* .. Jg* 
fine «u pltohtd »t Sotlieia Green, Ozon, and Ig^gfe- 
foie the mui entend Ifae tnai, foil 10,000 penoixlitd 
«OD|i«|»t«d uoand it. At 30 mlnntea piit 3, '»« men 
nteied the rlDg,Ctnn» ittendtd by Jcm Kolynwux 
■Bd VOmj Tnrnw, ■whU* Bendlgo hi* the ettAtt- 
sue of irfok ud Juk Hinfltf- Cannt iwb 
hnUj «hMMd, but (be lecapUoB of B«ndlg6 wa com- 
plete tntlon, nblle the Noltlngbj* woghe, IWhrfthlng 
ihtlr «tIoki, ud ncToondtog,-"* npn rtakei, 
•^otf «'q)lrit of paitlMlrf* •'•ry nniuud, and oe^ 
talalyVtry onbeeomlog ov^oh tn ooeulcn. At leoglb 
tttie centlemen retfrrf K^Iie rear of the. Inner cirole, 
•ad na will do (Ir^the Jaitlcsto say that Ibeykept 
tte o^ter ilog, /foprlied principally of conntry people 
Hbo lu^ no>^;#uohaaed . tbtlr ticketa, at a toltraUy le- 
DOe. Aflei the llrat ebaliltlcn bad rab- 
tUii/Oaai ud Bendlgo ibook hand*. The toai for 
gbtiM of ooraera iraa won by Cannt, who took ibe blgh- 
Mt ffrbuadiBBd left Sendy the oppotlte eomtr, wltb tbe 
in full In. Ua face, Spring, in compliance with tbe •^ 
tfelet, tbes pnidnoed tbt Chaoplon'a belt, wblob be 
kandeid to Biiiidlgib, ih order that he might be aalltfled 
M to l(|a Idefltlty. Bebdy buckled It round ble walit In 
A iort of braTado, and afleiwardehanded it to Jem Ward, 
io be held by bbn until tbe ftte of tbe day was decided 
Bendy offercil to lay an even ££0 he won tbe flgbt, which 
vu politely deoilnad by Cannt, and tbe men then pro- 
ceedtdtc tbelr toDettei. The qaeatlon of referee was 
BOW Motf|iiiu(&rwaid, and npon tble point tbtre wai, of 
Conne, gr^f^lacrepancy of opinion. A number of pe^ 
tons ware mentioned en botb aldea, but each name waa 
noelred wHayMae o^eotlon, until at last tbe name of 
« Tbe Old Sqoize" was proposed. Tbla gentleman had 
ntIted tohls^)^rriage, from apprebenelonB of personal 
danger, and itrfirit declined to act, bat on being told 
that unleiB lie did the match would not In all probability 
come otr^h« acceded to tbe wlihts of tbe multltne, and 
waa eieoiied to the dde of the ring, close to wblcb be 
tookuphia'podtloa. The ooloia were now tied to tbe 
•takes, .tbat oi Bendlgo being blue with a white spot, 
•nd thtt of Caunt a brigbt orange and blue border, with 
Ibe fl^UowIng iniorlptlon In a gaiter In tbe centre :— 
"Oaunti^asd Bendlgo, for £200 a aide, and the Gbam- 
plonaSip of England, 9tb September, IMS." This sui- 
ronnded amotto, "Vay (be best man win." . All being 
now In readiness tbe foienoct ranks of the spectators 
titber 'asf or knelt down, and (tils poiltlon they malii- 
taljied until tbe disorders to wblcb we bave already re- 
ftn^ gtandoally Inoreased, and confttalon became worse 

On stripping, the eontreii iiei-«ren> tbe men was ez- 
tnordlnary; Cannt, as compared with Bendlgo, preient-' 
cd a glganllo atptot, while bis huge limbs, dlTceted of 
tbelrcwtomary covering of lleBb,bada mott alngnlar 
•ppearance. Els tlba were as palpable aa thoae of a 
gieybpnnd, and bis long anna, tbigbi, and legs, covered 
only'irltb maioles and slnew0,gave blin tbe appearance 
of peffeot DondltloB, Hla face, too, bad a most eztra- 
•rdinaiy e:ipressIon, offering plenty of bony subatanca 
tin yibm Bendlgo might crack bla krinoUes. Hla balr 
^fUB evt tematkaUy thoti, and bla anolent scars atand- 
Ib^orth nhdlegnlsed gave a character to his mug far 
temoved fiomtbe poel'e description of Adonis. Still 
Ua eyes were bright, and there wae an ezpresslen of 
good bumor In bis lank and pale phiz that showed per- 
fect self-pouesslon, and internal oonfldence.-. His weight 
but little' ezoeeded 14 stone, and hie height; rendered 
more sMUng from bis dlnlsntlonlnbulk, waa ezactly 
6 feet 2i. Bendlgo offered an aspect maob more agree- 
able, bis eomplezlon was dear and firesh colored, while 
blafiame generally ahowed perfect bealth; blawelgbt, 
we were Informed, waa llat. 101b. His grey eyes were 
brigbt and sparkling, and bla manner eccentrlo, but con- 
fident. There is a natoial restleaaness about him which 
iras by oo means dlmlnlabed on thia oocaalon, and be 
bad evidently made up bla mind, by every dodge of 
wblob he was maater, to tteal apon hla opponent, and to 
•loape from the eflbots of bis fearftil pbysleal superiority. 
He aawtbat be wu nomercnaly aupported by bis friends, 
•ad it . was dear that be was by no means dismayed by 
the odds In height and length to wblob he was about to 
be opposed. The odds, and there was a good deal of 
betting,: may be quoted at 6 to 4 on Caunt. 

' ' . IHI nOBT. 

Botul 1 ' XIm aneli-dadnd nuDiit fcr the aommtDMotDt of 
th( Bniitl*i|Ui ut1t*4| praUoliuilnd V » •ImnltiaeoBii oir 
or"Svira,toin;likt(off," Ae. UoIUmms tnl TuDirlfd tbeir 
BU to thi untoh, KblU Nick Vtrd ud Ia«k Hubh Mrlbrmtl 
- tb*Ukicflc*rocB»dlgo. BtDdili»lDf titei eiouM.tb* MO- 
•Bdi TttlMd t9 tb*li eoiMii, tod liilBtM oommtBcad. Out 
tb«wbliinl(lBt«kitllDde, titettad UBlUggiitbll* BtBdlio *t 
oae* b«| pUr roiad btm, da4|lB| la bti nnitl rtilt, OtBBt 
lit ay bli ItR.bBt mliMd, B«Bdl|s.'telht od hfi ploi, ntmtod, 
•Bd dkaMiidlttt ud rifbt; ttlut bt <r«pt Id oloitr, thtn ost 
tgalB, till, vatablBt bb oraortiiBltf , ho (ot cloior, ud popptd la 
a auk with hli loft on CuBt'i rl|bt o;o. After a fiw IWtlT ea- 
pon, h* oaooMdtd In dBllrsilBg laotbu enok vlth his loft on 
Oiosva ekook, oMolB|tbo old o«tr loft hj Inuo7,ud dnwlBi 
Ifrt blood, u von u prodacigg u oltolrlo t IToct onOinBt'i optlo. 
SbOBta vgllmltol fh)m Bendlio'i m«ndi. Bondr got tvtr lugb- 
lag, ud •gtla pUyod lonnd bio min. Cunt got eloMr, Dluod u 
lnt*B4*d oluhir irltb bio loft, ud oloud fbr tbo fall. Btad j grap* 
plod with Ud, bat oonld not oioapo, ud Ctnnt, ij nporltt 
fttOBoUi, fcrood bin don In tbo oonoi. 

8. OaOBt ID at th* etll <r 'tlnir,>blo o;o ud obook tootlhlni 
tht aflkot* or the TlolUtlosa In tbo latt rooBd; BoDdlgo dueing 
toBsd Um aBdwaltlsgfaraaoponlDg. Bll||hteiohugoorlgbtiB« 
laft, Oannt oloilog bio oppononi'a lead. fioadl|o, Id totioatloi to 
tbe lopei, allppod down, waa bd again In a memonl, and dubed to 
Ui aan. ' Wild aiobnieo, bnt no oppuont eieonlloa. Oaont bit 
eat TleloBalj loft ud rlfht, mloMd hli kind lattBtlona, ud Dood; 
got dowa uacatbid. . 

8. CatLBt cam* np aulok, and dttocnInodoD ulnlbllatlon. Jlosdy 
again plajed aboni bin, bot Jld not got netr onoogb for e leoatlon. 
Aftotaaae wild paaeo, Oaont mlialng, Biodlgo, on the letioat, 
wao eang^t la the poworfnl graop of Cannt, who threw kim tciou 
the topooaad Ml onblm, hat no mlechlofdoDe. 
*• WBt earn* np blowing or wblatllog, when Dendlgo, aftar a 
llila doogug.poppod In hla left andor hla gaaid, and got waj. 
Oautt dotnato^J OD mliehlar. followod hla man, ud at Tart get. 
lBgteblB, lokgoUfteB4 rignt, utchlog Boidlio with the left 
■lIsntiToa.tbi Boith.bBt nlnlig hli ilgbt. llendloo.andlpg 
blmaeiriB dimes VT,jntdowa,'(allliig on t£o top*, andgrlnnlng 
fMollonilj at QollaK (1)1 sooond, who walked baek to hlicornor. 

v!r*' •?*/'"'^V> '•'^ o'l *f»w »" •'I' "»•». BfBdIgo re^ 
b"}*!''*?"? 10*1 leaobod tbo r«p«a,when Oanntblt 

eat left ud right, bla blovi puung hoimleidr over Bondr'a hotd 
J*!u*'"Sl''Z.'^'''»''"' Oannt'e delltei/not (oheae- 
ejanlid fcr, with bU oeppoitd aMonea. Beadlgo, who at«^ 
Htbitwlldltiiotdown. " ' 

■J: SS!'} ■"».*? «"». walliag ,Hh hUbudi woU ap. 
l«lhMHst ap pntotaod bio, bnt be tetieaUd. Otant let Bf I^t 

•ad r'fbt, bnt Bendf dooked bij culiter, ud got down, withlnoro 
oreantloBtb>anllant>7. ^ 
7, toft-baadtd ex'ohargoa on tbe aeba, h|t of d« moBut Oaut 

Biad* ooB* deopeitta longei right 

waa too high, ud Bon- 

Caut'a gnaid wllb hli 
choek. Caul nioeid bla 
Sug Urn aatoM the lopoo. 
' he OTeibaluaed UmaolC 

) opilbjj 

gglot BanJj with blm, amtdat 
foBua ' "■ 

plajad I 

Nolilngban aebool. 
f ooad bu Bu, wateblog 
thla at Uit offorad, ud catob- 
dackod hla hoad to btcM the le- 

I ilr nanaaTilog on Ibe part nf Bond7, who, after due- 
it aro'a laiglli, atalo a north, and canaht Caoat a itSng- 
with bio lofl en the right ebetk, drawleg Bore alaiot, 

afUr a fow dodge i, got 
left, ud gMo biB a piattT poi 
iMarB, bit lelilBg B«a<7 In hlo 
Here he haagbeaTll/ oa blm, til 
Ud fkll enr on hlo own - ' ' 
load aboala ud abnilTO . 

9. Xoadj seme up fall of 
for lo opperlnoltj to 
leg Ouat'OB the eld 
tan, on4 dropped. 

la Bora 

log iintek with , . - . . 

and glrlng tbo big'nn neie of the traiedy hno. Caant laalaatljr 
<loi4d.gaToBoad>theOornlab beg, lug bla hj nala atrangth, 
and fell on blm. 

IL Bin<7 puaaod hliaeeoDtrlo grraUoniaroand hUBiu,vbaB, 
wltb the owlttaoaa of llgbtalDg, he popped la hla left on the Jaw, 
and hla rlabt on the bod>, end fell. l)ia|t, otug hf thete Tlalta- 
tloni, followld blB, ud drevpid onhli^ooa dowtohla bu, 
bat, Inekllr. did not toeeb bin, ud Bond; vu pleked ap lenghlog 
ud ulojnral i In faot, np to tble tiae he learoe abowad tbe aea- 
hluco or a hli, bojond a illgbt coBtnilon oa tbo Up, ud ob tbo 

13. fiondlgo tetreated Ittm Canat'a Tigoroaa charge right ud 
left, and allpped down, bat lulutlj Jnapod np ud tonowed tbe 
toud. Aftar eone wild Ightlag, hat ao eiecntlon worth neord- 
lag. Beidr wint dawa la bu eoreor, aaldit erloa of " foal, aaau- 
l7?>Ao, io. 

11. Oaaat, on coming to the aorateh, let 47 with hla lofl,Jait 
graalog the top of Bend;'a acalp. A obaip rail; followed, aad 
eoanler-blta *llh the loft wore exehuged, Band; hittlxg Oaaat 
with rath tenllo ferae oa tbo old opot oa the right choek that he 
knocked bin eliu off hla Itn, tbia gaining tbe drat kaock-dowa 
blow, anldit Ibo diafoolag iboata of the Mottlagbam lojt. 8acb 
wu tbe.fofee of Boadlgo'a blow tbat be aotnall/ cahonndod hack 
agalait the attko, and laaat waa picked ap tlaeat atunod bj the 
aeTerlhroftbo tlaltatloa. 

14. Boad/iibled with hlabudlworfclntbe liat reud.agafai 
daabed la with hie loft, bat aot boing laffloloatlr qnick laUon- 
treat, Oaaat canibtbln ronnd the nook with hla lift, lifted hla to' 
the ropea. ud tboft bug ea bin, 101 Baadlgo, la Irjlat tn cicape 
fkem Ui gnap, pallad blm forward ,thraw,udfUlhea tU j on bin, 
aaldat tbo tndlgaaat abonta of bla oppooonta 

It. Baadj oina ap u llvolj at a klitani whll^Caaat, udlama;- 
ed, eomo aalllng to the laratoh. Canat plnagtd In left aid tight, 
bat mloiod ; he ihts aataod bla au for the threw, but Beadj dip- 
ped reaad, ud catehlag Oaut it the nock, pnllod bla down. 

le. Bend/ tried bla loft-baaded dodge, bnt mluod, ud retreated. 
Cannt followed blm to ble oornor, bitting ont loft aad right, bnt 
throwlnf ble buda toe high. Cannt grapnltd for tbe tall, bnt 
Bindjflot down, Oannt foUcwtnganlt, ud, aant aatontbegronad, 
beckonlag Eeadlio lo come to blm. 

IT. Beadrnado blDaoirBpformlreblof, and plajid rennd bla 
bu for a nw roeonda, when jotting within dlitante, bo dclWoied 
a terrlle h It with hli loft oa Cavot'o month, ud foil. Caut'i np- 
Mr Up wae compleloly apllt b; tbla blow, lod tbo blood flowed 
mm Ibe wonad Id tonanta, white ronewed cbMn of canltatlen 
bom the Notlloaham dif liloaarlncod tbelr delight. 

15. Beadr aaain came the artfol dodge, pat In hli left en Caut'i 
Boalb, aad fAl. Cunt pointed athrB,Dnt Beady laughed ud 

le. Bendy, noro cutlone, kapt ont. Cannt raahad to bin, bit- 
tieg ont left and right, bat with little effoot Bcndf retreated. 
Oeut eengbt blm on tbe ropei, and hnng on him tUl he fell. Koto 
ikoallogaad pniiehlnB at Oaut. 

30. Oaaat, uzloiu to oa at work.adTaBud, while Biedr retreat- 
ed to the ropoL where be hit <p with hli left ud dropped. Caut 
wu rellrla(, wnea Bud; jamped op ud bad enolkor alap at him. 
Oaut toned roand ud eaagbtbim nodarhli anau haattompted 
to eaeapa, lifted him to the ropei , ud there held him tl'I be foil, 
asldit the lofhrlated orlei of Bcadj'a IMoada. 

21. Cannt prompt to tbo call of time, bla baadi will op, hat Ben- 
dy again itole a aiareh, peppod la hla loft, and allpped down to 
arold a rotnni of tbo compllaont, Indignant eiproulone at tbla 
nnmulyvaj of tfrmlnatlng tbaroanda 

t2. Beady waa itlll free from pnalabmoat, and looked ea fteth u 
when ho intirod Ibe ring, while CaonI, although Ann and uUre 
OB hlo plu, ibowod haavy aarke of panlibmont on hla ttontlf ploeo. 

tepoated fall^ bogu to arlnee eymptoma of fatlne. The eonfa- 
iloD ronnd tbe ring eoatlaaod moit unoying, altbon|b tharopoo 
and atakoa wore atUl proeerred oatlre. Vuy peiaona, from the 
preeiBreof thoM beblad, wore cenplatily eihaaitad, ud happy 
to beet a ralroat. For onroolToe, we had repeatidljtobeartte 
weight of aoaa balf-dotea aolghbor(,to wblcb tbo bedloo of both 
Oaaat ud Bendlgo were occaaloaally addid aeibiy fell orer the 
lepea oa aa. Daring tbla tlaa tbe aomton of tbo lionlea BJag, 
wllb one or two exeeptloni (Vaadoaald and Jobuy Broeae m 
paitlcolarj wore perfoctly tioloicent, ud looked ea with medeit 
Umldlty, erldontly aiytld to Intorftre with the "elnb law" of tbe 
Nottingham bude, who were ngalarly oi gulaed, and obeyed Ibe 
ilgBab of tbelr liadera with a dlielpllae worthy of a bettor tnt», 

si. Baadlgo "JaBpedIlnOrow''^reud hie nua, tipped blm a 
loft hudod aaellcr, and dropped withnt a relarn 

tt. Cannt followld Bandy to the comer of the riif, fclttlag ont 
lift ud right, bnt wltbent precleloa, and corlalaly witboat doln* 
oioeallon. Bandy nalkd bla with bla loft in the old ity1e,anl 
dipped down, bat Inotully Jaaped ap to renew tbe roud. Oaaat, 
laatoad of ftopplag to fibV eonaldoriag tbe roud orer, ru aerooa 
the ring lo hli eomor. Beady after hla, till tbiy raaebid the repei, 
endafleraconfkMd eaaaUe. lo wblob Beady need hlo left ud 
right behind Caut'a hMk, both wore dowa, aaldrt ganoial oxproo- 
aloaa of dlalaito at tbla atyle of Ightlag, bat load applanae for 

eo. Canat ao aooner ea bla lego thu to hla man, bit Beady ei' 
coped hli latendid coanltmeBta lift ud right, thiew bla left'on 

tbe aonlb, ond dropped, Oaaat fUllsg eror blm, 

6t One boor ud twuty-bor alaatoo had new olapaod, h 
weteetUlno oyDptoBoof aa approecblag taralutloa to the bat- 

ON ud laat roud. The men wor» quickly at the aeratcb, aad 
Caant cemaoneed eperatlag left ud right, eatehlng Beady altgbtly 
on the forehead. Boadlgo wta fMcod Moh apoa the ropeo almoit 
la a reenmbeat pealUea. bat got ap, ud waa ogola kaoeked dowl^ 
ud Caaat tnreed ftea bla, coaaioeirlni the ronnd bad eoacladed. 
Beady, hewof or, awake to erory ehuco of adalnlatarlaa paaiib- 
aent, Jumped np, u ha had done before, and raabing after Canat, 
who wu hall tamed bom bin, wu aboat to lot ly, wkea Oaut 
dropped on hli nether ud, evidently dUnellaod to reaew or eon- 
tlaae that roud | ud now a flaal. aad, u It tnmod eat, a daoUra 
appeal wu aide to tbe refor«0'(aot by tbe oaplree, bat by Jem 
'Ward, Baaaaa, ud othora,) who, with, reiy little heilUtleB, pio- 
nouecd the Iktal word "foaV'decleilBi tbatba eonddored Oaaat 
bad deliberately Tlolalod the nlea of the ring by aolng down wlth- 
ontablow,and bad therelbre lott tbo tght Tbla lerdletwu 
balled with the londart Toclfentlono by the roagha, aad Beady, 
withrnt farther delay, wu borne off troa Ibe icene of blauex- 
peeted trlampb by hla portlaanr, aad cairlod to hie earrlife aaldat 
reiterated ecelaaiatlona. Boanddiawu thli lieao to tbe afflUr, 
that thonaoBdawere for aoaa time oubla to dlicoter who wutha 

rwlrlctor.auy ImaglBlBg that tbe faal blow In tbo prerteaa 
roaad bed led to the doclaloa being igilnit Bendlgo, It wu only 
by thoie' Imaodlately cOBtlnenito tbo ring tbat the trw ataio of 

bla obeek wltb a gaplag wound, hlo Up apllt, and eye ud aooe 
erlnolBg the ooutqnoacei of Beady'o uy bat etlnglDgrlalUUona 
Canat, Impatlant at Bandj'a ont-lghtlng, roihad to bla laft aad 
right, hal Bindy, uviurnr to try the weight ot anporlor aelal, 
allppod down, and Cannt tell oTor hla, bnt not on him, aa hla 

tHeada ullelpated, ud u, perhapa, he latended. 

33 Both freih. After a little dodging, adruoisg, ud retreat- 
ing, Bondr eialo Bailed Oanntwltb \i«lenunjil>dan»(^ klia. 
iv-tMr- Oaaiih cangat BID a alight nobbar on the biad with ua 
<-ft. end Baady got dowa. 

34. Bmdr again playod roud bla au till within dlatuce, whin 
be poppedlna kaary nlow on the rlba wltb hla left, aad get down 

)Otarotara. There waau Imaodlatecry of ''foul," aad u 
appoal wao made to the rehroe. He boaltated, aaldat tnaaltnou 
cnei of " Ikir, blr," ud allulona to the alee of Oaut The aprou 
wu torrUe, and (be loaer eircle wu OTorwholaed by the rongho 
fkOB witbont raibirg In to enforco tboir aigaaeata lo faror of 
Beady. At lut the rarereo docMod " fair," and " lima" wucallid. 

35. NIok Ward wu bora ra oiaieomo with hla oxeitlenL tbat he 
wutakOB oat of tbo ring, and h(a office waa filled by Nobby Clark 
The aomonl llmowpa oallod,ud Bandy reached the.eerttch, 
OoBut raibed to him laft aad light, ud after wild ud alight u 

diugoa.Wlth tbe Ion,BoBdy thrcwhlaielf dowa— cottalaly In' 

ondy, inti a 111 
OB Oaul'e mng, ^ 
Oaut followed him with ao 

OB of^horaleeef fair dgbtlng. 

loady, inti a little bau»-p* 

hlo loft on Oaul'e mng, asd retrlatcd to tbe comer of tbo ring. 

w.pastey mucnrrlng, popped In 

nth Impetnoalty that he hltbla hud 
agalnat the otake. la tae eloie, and oeromhio for the &11, Beady 
aucoeodtdiD pnllltg Cannt down, falling wltb him. 

37. Cinitoobli guard, hla hudiwellup. Bendy itopped lo. 
dolWered bla loft on tbo old ipot, ud dropped to arold; CannI 
abaklng hli Sogir at him ao ha retired to hlo eoraer. 
, 3S. Oaaat attomptedtoleadcrwith hla left, bnt Beady retreat^ 
ed to the ropoi, oeir wblob Oaut forced bla, ud aa ha lay upon 
bla, both itlll banging on the Icwer rope, Bandy bit np with hlo 
left. In tbla petition they lay, balf la ud half ont of the ring, till 
reletied by tbilr aocondi. 

30. Canat lot ty left and right, bnt be waa ibott. Beady playing 
the ihlfty gane. Wild Sghtlng on both aldea, lUl Canntlel! on hla 
kaiel. Bendy looked at Blm, Ufled hli hud to otriko, bnt be pm 
dently withheld tbo blow, and walked to hla comer. 

80. A ra^y, In which both foagbt wildly, Caut catching Bendy 
aorack OTOrlbo right brow,'from wblob the clarot Sowed, aad 
Boody rotnrnlna the aoapllment on Cannt'a omeller. In tbo ecd 
Bendy flipped down, and, on rialogiaamall black patch wu placid 
on the dimagod'tbatoh of hla peeper. 

II. Bendy roeimid hli hlttrag ud leltlag down ayitea, pop- 
plai In hie left oa Oaaat'a BBcale, ud ' 

. Ibe wno lame repeated Bpring, 


;,lndlgaant,appealtd to tbe 

referee ; ard Hollnoaux, la like aoBaar, called ea the nmplrco for 
tbolr dccldon I they dliagreed, ud Uollaoaux ru to tbe referee. 
The rough! again bad iholrray. Ahlowwu aimed at Bprlag'a 
head with a bludgeon, which, foitnnntoly, only fell onbli iboul. 
der. It waa a opltelal rap, ud bo fell the elbet of It for ooao 
dura. Th« referoo doolarad, bowOTer, that he had not nen any- 
tblag anfalr, ud HoUnoaaz rotoraodto bla BaB,aBd brenibt him 
to the icratohat the call cf 1Ime,inldat tremendone confnalcn, 
atleka In oporatlon In all dlrtcUoae, ud auy eapieooing great 
dlaiatlihotloB at Bondy'a ufair BOdo of SgbUng, aad the rolaot' 
uoe of tbo rcforoo to decide agalnit blm. 

St. A ibortroud. In which Bendy retreated, and Oaut, follow. 
Inii caught bin at tbo lopci, ud tbrtwbla oror, falling on him. 

U. Bendy again popptd In bio Ir'fl, aad throw himiolf down. Tbio 
wu reputed In tbe Iwo laeciodlDg ronndi, bnt Bond;'a fHosdi at- 
tributed It lo ieeldint,and'noldeilgn, anl tboiewuno adTerie 
deolalon on tbo part of the roftroo,whoio pooltlOB. anldot the ta- 
nault that prOTtlled, wu fkr tiom onTlable. He mait bare beea 
poioeiaed of Bp enoll norro lo bare prenaed to docMe egalait the 
aignmula that were ao algalBoaatly abakea la the tlolnlty of bla 
knowledga.bex, end to tble moot be attrlbatod hla lelnatuce to 
glTO a candid opinion. 

ST. Bondr tried bla hit ud got down praotlcc, bnt Cannt oelzed 
hiB round tha:noek, throw, ud foil orer him. 

(8; A wild aid icrimbllag rally, In wblcb BIndlgo caught It on 
tba Bob. Alter a wild loranble, tl ey fall, Oannt within, and Ben- 
dlgo wllhont tbe ropea, when eachpntblatoigneontat the other, 
like angry boyi. 

8S. A dlght exebiDge of Uta with Ibe left ; when Bendy went 

40. Baady popped In hlo loft oa Oiont'i ancient wound, hla right 
on the rlba, and allpped down. ' ' 

41. Bandy renevel bli loft-banded elillatlon, ind woo retreating, 
whoa Oannt raabid aftar bin, eaogbt him at tba ropea, orer which 
ho throw blm and foil on bin. . A blow wao bare aimed at Cannt'i 
head by one of tbo lOUgbo with a bladgoon, but it fell on Bendy'o 

d3. Xxehingia of blto Irftand light, whoa Bendy got down 
43. BandTBicwnTied In klaold way,dellTOrod a imaihing hit 
with hla left on Oiant'a threat, and wont down wllhont a return. 

tie; each appoarod freih oa bla pine, and atroBg ; ud allbongb 
Caant ibowod awfnl floih woude oa Ua dial, tbaie woi nothing to 
dlialnlih tbo.bopia of hla Mendo. Bendy exhibited bat a fow alTght 
coDtualona, and allbongb, ao doubt, ahakon by the filla, and hla 
own repeated proitratleno, be appeued u oatlre aad louy ao orer. 
Canal, aaxloni to le at work, rattled to bla au, hitting loft and 
right, bat Bondy retired, end fall back aeroB tbo ropea 

U Beady agala oo the retreat : Oaut after bla, hlttlsg wildly 
and wllhont pieclalon, loft ud right. Beady gare him aa apper 

Kpwilh bio laft, ud clipped down. Cautwu rotlring, when 
ndy Jaaped up again to renew acUre oporatlooa. but Ceut 
dropped 00 bla kneea, leaked np In Bendy'o face grlanlig, u aneh 
01 to aiy " Wonld y on T" ud Bendy, dotahig dUeretlon the better 
port of valor, coatoatod blmielf wltb ihaklag hla flit ud rotlrlDg 
to hlo corner. Spring here lomtrkod that Jumping ap to hltaau 
after tbo ronnd wu OTOr, ud whin he wu nnprepaiod, wu u 
mnch foal u otrlklag a mu whoa dowB, ud la thli we perfectly 

t8. Cannt let ly left ud right, bnt alaaed hli blowa. Soth allp- 
pod down on their kneeo In the auatgle which followed, and laagh- 
od at each other. In Caut'a langn, bom the otate ef hla mug, 
there waa Utile of the eoalo 

(4. Baady leneved hla hukoy-paakoy trlcka,and totierad ronnd 
hla opponint Cannt nihad to hla, bnt ha lelreated to the ropea, 
hit np, and dropped, bnt Inatutly rou again to renew Ibe round. 
Oinntwuwitb him, but be ogolB got down, lUIlsg orer the bot- 
tom rope j and Canal narrowly oicaped dropping with Ua kaae on 
a lender part 

IS. Boady again dropped bla loft oa tbe ily on Oauat'a damaged 
phia, ud went down. Cannt fall oror blm, Jnaped Bp, ud retired 
to hli comer. 

te. Aollgbt rally. In which wild hita were excbongod, and Bendy 
recelred a pop la the month, which drew the alaret. Beady drop- 
ped on ono kneo, bnt altbongh Oaut talgbt hero hit Urn in tbla 
pciltloB, ho aerelr drew back hla bond, ud refnlaed. 

(T. Bondy come up eantlona, hooping a fa ddnamo for a fow oe- 
condi, whoa be elUy approuhod, pepped la a tromeadone body 
blow with hla loft, and dropped, u u Ikca tbe force ef Ua own de- 
llriry, bat eTldeaUy fkom a doaire to arold the retnm. Cannt 
winced under the e Act of thto bit, and want io hie cemir. 

18. Oannt qnlekly adranced to hli work, bnt Bendy rotroatod to 
tba eoraer, walled for him, popped In a alight fkcer, ud, in a wild 
acranbla, got down. 

10. Bendy threw lo another heavy body blow wllb bla left, ud 
wai golag dowa, when Caunt, with great adrollneia, caught blm 
roud tbo neck wltb hla left era, lifted bha coapletolyoff tbe 
ground, ud ho:dlig bla for a fow XMOadi, foil beanly on bin. 

TO, Tl,T3,udTa eeraabllar roaada, la which wild ixohangoa 
look place, ud Bendy allppod down u uaual lo avoid pualahaent. 

14. Cannt to. the ehuge, end Baady on tbo retreat to the comer, 
whore ho aiccecded la illnglag lo hla left with torrlflo force on 
Caut'a damaged cheek, ud dropped. 

TI. Bendy ecaln on the retreat, till he caaa lo the repoi, over 
which bo woe forood, Caunt on hla. 

Tl. Cannt pluted hla loft on Bendy'o plaplo, ud be ollppod 

17. A Hrambllng round. In which both hit wildly, and witbant 
effoot. Cannt In vain tried to ull Uo mu with hla rlfbl : be waa 
alwayo too high, and Bondy wont down. The uproar wllhont tbe 


;ht hearlly od 

71. Oaaat lodoffwilbhlalalt; BeadydBckedtoavoid; ind In 
the olof a both were down. Beady wu too cnulig to allow bla 
epBonaot the cbinte of tbo throw. 

M. Boadr.pado hla favorite aly hit with hli loftoa Casnt'a 
■mailer, ano allpped down wllhont the accout bolag balueed. 

Time" wai very inaccurately kept, a minate laatead of half that 
time, bebig fre^nently ellowed. 

11. Bondy again dlopIeyedayBptOBiof fktlgna,ud wutendorly 
aaned. Oa coming to the leral oh, however, be pluted hla laft on 
Caut'a coreaae, ud allpped down. 

83. Caut led off. Bandy retreated to the ropif, and fall back- 
woide itopplng, bnt Initantfy Jumped up to recoBBOaee hoatlllUea, 
when Caut lilorallr ru away urow the ring, wHb hla hoad down, 
Bcadlgo after bla, bitting him on the back ofthoaock. At length 
Oaiyit reachid hla corner, ud In the icraabla whldi followed, ud 
la which Cannt oeemodtobave loot hla praieaea of mind, both 
wont down, laldit contemptnona abonta at the iapsted psalllul- 
nity of tbe Obanplon. 

8«. Beady, on the retreat, bit np ; Oannt rotnraod tba oompll- 
Bent on Bcndj'a month with hlo left, and oa Beady atteaptlag to 
got down, be caught him roud the neck with nndlmlnlued 
alreogth, puUed bla np, threw bla over, ud fell heavily on bla. 

84. Bendy, on being lifted on bla loeond'a knoo, ihowod blood 
bom the mentb,and wao coctolaly abakea by the lut fUl : etUl ha 
eimo np boldly, bat cantloualy. Canat rattled to bin loft ud 
right, bnt ho retreated towarda the itako, which Oaiut caught with 
bla right u bo let fly at blm, ud Bindy allpped down, racelrlag a 
body tap la be fell. 

86. Cout rubcd to hlo nan, bnt Bendy, on bla attempting to 
oloao, got dowa, unwilling lo rlik another heavy fall. Be wu ob- 
vlonily getting fallgned from hla exettloaa ud tbe excoulvo boat 
of tbe inn. 

Tbe nproar wu now greater than over; the referee wai driven 
into tbe ring, end tbe roarlcg ud bawllcg In favor efBindIgo,ud 
In contempt of Caunt, wu neyoad deacilptloD. We were over- 
whelmed again and again, and wore with dlDcnlty oxtraclod boa 
a pyramid of onr fellow-aon by the woleoae all of Jack Uaedon- 
aid, onr tcgo torn, and onr tile quite ihooklng. The eieiUona of 
JenWardaod etbera enabled tnim to roitore tba referoo le ble 
pealtlon, bnt ho wu evldeatly In a twitter, and tba wblna and 
otiebi often leeched within en Inch of hla " cutor," while they fell 
boavllyon tbe aobioficne of hla nelgbboio. £eTe;al"Corln- 
thlanr," who endeavored to brava the itorm, were Inrolred In the 
geneial mihi. ond had infflolent ruien to be dligaited with the 
oondttct of the pirtlea towaida whom they are alvayo dti^iod to 
voucbufe their patronage, ud who, ai we have alraidy nid, wltb 
fewixrepllona, lookid oa' lautlre. ■ 

86. Tbe Nottingham hoio come ap aothlag daanted, hat with u 
evident detotmlaatlon to contlnie to play the old loldler. Oaut, 
aa anal, erlneod a dooire to gel et hla opponent bnt tbo latter 
lamped aver, ud, waiting hla opportuHy, throw In hlolelt heart- 
y on the blg'u'o eye, and Ineioaping from tbo rotort,^pped 

!T. Caut, allhoB|b ao repeeledly hli, cane np u firoih ud 
■trong aa over. He wao Incapable, however, ef 
ning dodgea of Beady, wheal ' 

ring waa tionondou, ud whipo ud atloka woie lad! 

78.- Botdr. ai'"*";* 'o^otot. delivered bin riib 
Vnnnva body, and got down. It wua Mamu tuxk. 

41. Count una op, fyeih, ud rnihed to the ariaull, but Bendy 

Sot down. Oannt; Indlgnanl, Jnnped over htm. but luckily fell on 
lo kneea boyoad nln, without touching blm. Itwuaianmod that 

be meant tojompon him, and u nprorlona appeal of " foul" wu 
made to tbe rotoreo, wblob, after mneb conlbaloa, ha doolarad In 
Ibe negative. 

49. Bendy raaeved bla morry-indrowcnrrettlngo, and tried hli 

berooi, who ibonlod moot vooireronily, 

dt. Canntagaln aacoeeded la eatoblng Bendy by tbe nook nudor 
bin powerftal aim, threw, Ud fbll heavily on hla, bnt i ' ' 
time eama with great fbree agalait the ground hinuelf. 

ST. Oannt led off with the left, catching Beady oo the forehead. 
Bondy relteated, bit Cannt aa he rome In wfth hla lall on hla dla- 
torted pblx, dropped, and looked np In derlilon, Appeal hem tbla 
ipeeloB of geaeralihlpaeemed now to be Idle, udwu aet repeated. 

Tbe taoeaidlBg tea reuudawore fought In tbe aaao ityle. Utile 
worthy 6f nolo oe^atrel; Mchlatara ebtotnod noao trillngad- 
vutafo. in tbo bltltag or falllog,'bat ^althor exhlblted uy dTip*. 
ilUoh to.'iayanonibi'althoBgh we thotght that Boadlgo, Boo Ui 

ilnit Bendlgo, Itwuonljr 
the trw otaio of 

tEe cue wu known 'i ud tCo morilflcallon'ud dlappolalBOnt of 
the (kloada of Caut, who atood np Immedlatalr afterwarde to re- 
Bow the fight, wore beyond deicriptloni Caut hlnuolf.u well u 
Bpring aad hlo oaconde, were Incrodnloni ao to tbo reralt, but pet- 
oonU eppUutlon lo the refereo.wbo Had eiuped from tbe rabble, 
loft ao doubt OB the aubjeot. He deolaiod bo bad aoen Oaut go 
dowa wtlhoat a blow, end that npon bli oonvloUon of the aalkjr- 
niuofncheoBduet,hahadproBoueeda|alaat blm. Bpring ro- 
iBukod that there had beea clearly u oxebaage ef blowo, that t« 
all appoarueo Uio roud had booa fialobod | and that whu Oaaat 
wont down ho did ao firom a dotomlnatlon not to he takea ly lar* 
prioe, or to renew the itmggle till " lino" wu oiala called. Tbo 
referee lald. In anawer, he wu not aware of tbla Cut, nor bad lack 
a lapreientatlon been node to him. Ho Judpd from what he uw 
In the overwhelming dlffleoltiii in which he wu placed, udb* 
bad glvaa bla deelfion acccrdlntly. Ho bad been choMn referoo 
by both partial, and be had acciptoi tbe oBoe agolnit hla own la- 
ellaatloa. la dlieharging hla duty be bad dene to Impartially ta 
the belt of hli ablllUei, and certainly bod no blaa In ftvcr of oao 
or the other. What ha had laid could not now be recalled, aad 
thorofore the bnalaau wei at u ead. We auat bore ripwt that 
the nmplroe were not eontalted, nor did they expnu uy dllkr- 
esce ef opinion. It woo the duty ef the referee to have withheld 
bla doclolon till propeily appealid to, not by the IntorKted nartl- 
uaa. bnt by the appointed efllolali, who war* on the other dde of 
the ring froa blm, ud conld bold no tmaodlate eoanaoleatlon 
with blm. He ought to have been placed between thoio noriona. 
He wu eleuly bullied and huirlod Into a piemalaro Jndgmont 
Had he been allowid lo releet, we are pemodod he wonld have 
hoillatod In proBOoacing a flat which the atate of Beodlgo rendered 
olmoit iBdlipoBiabla tohia neceu, 

Tbe time occupied by " the battle," ouch u it wao, aooordlagto 
oor watch, when wo could rontare to bare a poop at It, wao two 
houriand tea minntei. Wedonet Intend to ipeak too minnto, 
nor lo a minnte more or leu Inportent on tble oeeodon, few beta 
having been aado on "time," and tboN cortalaly notbaviagre-' 
frroace to 10 lug a period aa Ihit reeoidod. We heud thatiOng 
odda wore taken that Oaaat won In half an hear, ud ot|ie>n that 
Bendy would not he Ueke d. If at all, la one boar, ud tlroae are of 
conrae letllodbytbo lime of tbe fight, u well u the<;firat blood, 
and flrat knock-down blow, both of vhleb wore properly booked to 
Bendy. Oa Bendy reaching hla earrlige, wo are laronned he wu 
dreadfully exbauted from the repotlllon of heavy fallo to which 
be bad bean eipoied, uwell ae bla own eentlaued exerllona nader 
a Irolllag lun ; hut hla panlihment bolni of conpoiatlTely a tri- 
fling doicrlptioD, be ooon recovired on tbe application ef proper 
reatoratlvoo. The only perceptible aaika of the vlallatlona ot 
Caut to hla crulna were a cot over hli right eye, a ibw coats- 
ilou of the cheek, aonth, ocalp, end forobead, and a Utile on- 

largeaent of hlo auricular crgua ' Ho wia quickly couvowid from 
the ground to hla " qnartcn," bolh be and bla frlanda hlgbly elated 
at the roault of their operaUona. Cannt, on quitting the arena. 

apable, however, ef nrrylsg the cnn- 
agahi gave hla a itlaglng rap on the 
, fell, emldit crieo of " foal,"ud ep- 

he row ; after whloh he dropped, asd Caut 

check, ud. otagterfng back, 

peala from Oannt'e .friondi to Ike lolbroe ; but in the din whloh 
prevailed ao deolilon waa obtained. 

18. Two bonra bad now elapoed, ead otUl thoro wu no apparent 
approxlnation towaida a tormlnatlon ofthe coabat, whilo theeoa- 
milon wblcb prevailed rennd the ring prevented anything llhe a 
alipeialonate eritlolia of the operatlou wHhla. Bendy came ap 
ilowly, while Oannt waa evidently dlapoied to unlhllato hla, u 
Indaod hla foimldable Irta Indnoad oveiy one te boltove bo would 
bevedone long before, bet Bendy pndently kept ont of dietuco 
unlU a dlght opoalng In the gnaid of Cannt cnaoled hla te jump 
In and deliver bla left twice In luceeoilon, on bffeotlog which he 
dipped dowB,aad looked upwlthatrlaapbutleorattboinyftlfled 

it Bendy aealn made hlmaalf np for mlicblif, and derarly 
avoiding Caunt'i attempt 'to roach him left ud right, doUraied a 
buvT bit with bli right on tbe Chimplon'a rlba, which waa dia. 
tlnotly heard amidatthi 
retired to the cotnor. 

to. A oloM, aad atinggla for the fall, whloh Oaiut aaxll; obtaU' 
ed, failing heavily on ble adToroaiy, and bli knee again happily ea 
coped praainri on a vital part. From Bendy'a abif ly taottci It wai 
Imponille for Oannt lo avoid fklllog aahe did. It, however, led to 
a beih appeal ly JTobnny Hauan on the put of Bendlgo, ud a 
(ontiidlollon by Hollnoaux on tbe part of Canal, The nnplrea 
diegrood, end tbo queetlon having beea put to tbo refono,amldit 
a horrible onlcry relied by both parllei, he decided " fall," dednr- 
Ing that there wu nothing Intentional on the pert of Oaul. 

81. A icraobMng roud ; a cloee, bi wblob, aftor having deliver- 
ed hie loft. Bendy oontrlved to got down, amidat freah erloa el' 
"foul," "fair." 

SI. Biohugei of Uta wllb the loft, when Bendy,- otooping to 
avoid tbe npeiltlen of Oannt'a blow, ai be wu going down atmok 
Caut cooddorablybelowthewalatbud,-'<d aiutha bottom ef 
hla atomach. Bendy fell on hla back at t moaut, while Oiut 
dropped hla bud* upon tba place effect. I, andlbUulf la great 
pain. Aa Indeaerlble leone or tnmoll eninod j ebonia ef " fool" 
ud "fair" ooeapod from "a theuaud leBgnoe— a tkooiud pair of 
Iroa lunge," auy evidently lafluenood by their doaliea aol aot 
tbelr convlotlona There le ao doubt tbat the blow, uoording lo 
tbe raleo of tbo dog, wu foul ; but that It wu Intentional we can- 
not uy, u It WOI ariaek whan Bendy wm In the ul of folUng. At 
lut tbo uaplroe, dlaagreelag, Bade the oaatomaiy appeal to the 
lofbreo, who, daoit deafened by tbe rearing of tbo onllltode, fl- 
aolly nld he had act loen the blow, and oonaoqoeaUy eoald net 
pronouce It Ibil. The oeoonda immediately latamod to their 
pitnolpola, ud the latlerj time being called, esmmenoed the' 

althongb dlnlaylBgeaBvlnolagr'Darkiol tbe oererlty wltb whiph 
hla opponent conld oao hla aawleycwia atrong on bli lege, bat 
dreadfully mortlflod at having beu thao anddealyatilpped of hie 
linrele, end deprived of tbe proud dlitlnotloa which bo bad oo 
long held. Bpring, who bad throngbout acted u hhfiui .AcAalit, 
waa not loia aentolly depreiaed ; be wu " dead teal," not ealy 
frcB hlo lacouut exerllona to prceure " fair play" throngbout tbe 
fight, and the cowudly aaaulta te which ho wu expoaod, but boa 
a pemol conviction that tbe deelrion igalBitblemanwuBotcnly 
premature, but atterly oppoiod io the rnlea of the ring. He loot / 
no time In retarning with Oannt to tbe Oock, at Btonv Bttatfor^f^ 
ud th e great event of the day harbig been condaded, the lameuo 
aaltltuda followed anit The iconei exhibited on the roulrhOBe 
wore of the aoit exliacrdlaaiy deierlptlon. Bvery houo of en- 
tertainment ^ao btaleged, ud tbo call foriwlad^io oontlnnoni 
tbat nuy «r «b« bail one d coiiaiiworo oibaualad; ud otob water 
at lut became u eccoptalle Inxnry to tboaewho nerer pretended 
Oole petronaof the hydropathic eyatom^^e have nellbertlao 
nor ipaca however to dweU on tbeie vJcfUtndea, and ahall proceed 
at once to o^ auch general obeenatloaa u tbe eventa of the day 
loom to warrut. ^ 

Upon the character of " The Great Pigbt for the 
ChamplonablDofEngland," we have no doubt our read- 
en have fjumd tbelr own opinions. A more dlsgraoe* 
fbl BDd'disgnstIng ezhibltlon never itained'the annals 
of British boxing. 

Wltb regard to tbe pretensions of tbe two men who 
took ao prominent a part in tbe day's proceedings, few 
remarks are neoessary. Cannt, dtbongh a big man, 
and possessed of great physical strengtb, doei not 
possess tbe attribntei of an acoomplleihed boxer. He la 
defldent In science, and wants tbe art of nslngthe gUti 
of nature wltb that tact and precision wblob are calcu- 
lated to ensure eucceis. There wai a wlldnen and In- 
deolslon In bis deliveries wblfib prevented bis doing ex- 
eontlon. \nd the major part of bla blows either flew over 
Ben ' .. ' bead, or were abort or wide of their destina- 
tion. Had be been steady asd seir-poaaessed, and bit- 
tbg at points, this wonld not have been the ease ; and 
did he understand tbe perfect ait of telf-defenoe, four- 
flflbs of tbe punishment be received might have beea 
avoided, but be left himself open to attack, and thns his 
opponent wog enabled to plant on him wltb stinging 
severity. With a man of his own bulk the case might 
have been different; and perhaps tbereare few If any of 
tbe pr«.4ent day who wonld prove superior to blm in 
fair fighting. We deny, however, that Bendigo's style 
of assault Ii either fair or honorable; It'Is, on tbe con- 
trary, treacherons, and dlfTere irldely tnm our notion! 
of" a fair stand-up fight." It may be laid that so imaD 
a man as Bendlgo In oppoelUon to a mnn of OannVs 
inperloT height and weight was jastifled in having re- 
eoune'to stittagem, and that "all Is fair In war;" thla 
we deny; and the rnlea of Doglieh boxing are utterly 
opposed to snob practices. The greatest coward that 
ever breathed might conqnoi tbe bravest If be Is to be 
allowed to wait till be has a chance of administering 
punishment, and then throw himself down to avoid a 
letom'/and If so small a man can only compete with a ' 
bigger/man npon bucb tema, be ongbt not to make a 
match/ If be enters the Ring as a boxer be must abide 
by tbA rules of boxing, and,Tlolatlngtbem, he cnght to 
Baffin the penalty ofblti own conduct. That Bendlge is 
a«rave man, a bud hitter, and possesied of good aclnoe, 
we readily aoknpwiedge, and we know of no man of the 
Bune weight and age now In the fleldwhoconldenocesi- 
fuUy compete with blm. In ble ooniest with 0|imt, 
bAwever, these qualtleswere dimmed by tie adoption of 
tbe most objeotlonable tricks. Over and over.agaln.dld 
^e creep on bis man with the^stealtb^ onnning of^^' 
'tiger, deliver tbe most smsahing Uts. and then drop 
down and laugh at the success of his tactics. 

The termination of this battle created a bad feeling 
between tbe parties of the two men, and well nigh put 
an end^to prize fighting In England. It was owing to 
the dlsgraoeftal proceedings attached to this affair, that 
tbe PuglUitlo Benevolent Association was formed, tbe 
memben of which snperlntend the amngementi of 
battles, and see tbat fair play It meted ont .to all alike. 

b aman addicted to imoking marries a widow, dole 
Itfillow tbat be mnit lay down his pipe, became she 
gives up her weeds? 


ii.7M< br <h« OlaiUton in Oenbtt ttftr* tb» Aadtata. 

Wi give lIlaBtntioni tolow of the Tarloas Usdi of 
Cotna, or Flgbtlng Olovei, as lued In uolent UmH, 
ind ihoH In an (or Boilng In the pniint day. SoTonl 
lorta bf cim'Wi or gaantleti, were known to the an- 
ient!, and were composed In general of strong Inter- 
roTeb leather ttisps, ^hlcb, embracing the flit and part 
of the tarft4, or mlat^'^And winding up lonnd the fore- 
Hffl, were fixed at tlie elbow. They appear to Im 
often been armed with nobs of hnia, blnnt point* of 
lion, plommets of lead, io. The following Unei from 
])i7den'B YlrgU, beantlftiUy deacrlbei the taitui ued 

. — . "Ha (Bnt«Uu) Unw 

T vo ^Bd'rou fvutliu (lowii,lDopiikTl<w; 
0MatI«t«, vhleh EiIe wont in fight to wl<M, 
And iliantli Ui htndi wttbin th* Uit«d fl«M, 
With fiki ul vonltr Nli'd, til* oovd Maldi 
The gloTU or doath,— with mt'o dlitlsfnlih'd foldi 
Of tongb bsU'a htdti ; tho ipnc* within li ipiotd 
With Iton 01 with loidi of hMT7 Ittd. 
Sim blmMlf VM dnsatod it tho iliht, 
BonooDo'd bit ehiUtngo, ud nfuod to fight 
iitoniih'd it their wtlghl, tho horo itiadi, 
And poli'd tho pond'i on loglBH In bli hindj." 

repreeentatlon of the 
moat tremendoni Und 
of Ceestaa. The original, 
in bronze, waa found at 
Hercnlaneoii. It is of 
a proportion above the 
natoral alze; and ap- 
peara to have belonged 
to the Btatne of some 
gladiator, armed for the 
flght. This Ceestiu wai 
compoaed of several 
tUcknesaes of raw bidea, atrongly fastened together, in 
I clrcnlar fotm, and tied to the hand and part of the 
fore arm; and yet, to prevent its hartlng the metaear- 
'ftu, a glove of Ihlok worsted waa naed for the ocoailon, 
ending in a aort of frange, called Velloa 

Thia Ccttoa, however tertlSo In Its operations, Is not 
ndeatmctlve and injarloas as the preceding one, ana 
'a oopled from plate 20 of " Leon's Cottume de* Peupltt 
U FJlntiquite." There appears no regular data to de- 
toimlne the fket, whether. In the ezerolse of the Olroaa 
((Bome, thepagUlats ever fonghtwlth naked hands 
ud aims ; bnt as this nation, It seems, borrowed most of 
to arts Horn Greece, It Is probable that the boxers 
SKer engaged wlthont the eiirotheea, or gloves, stuffed 
Kith lead : more especially as the ancients were rema^ 
bkly fond of ehow In their pnblic exhibitions of vigor 
aii s'trengtb. 

The above cut represents a CKBtoa of nearly the same 
Uid, and capable of edminiaterlng the moat death-llke 
Wiihment. It will be seen la the llrat volome of 

Brmxi dtl JUuaeo Kirkeriano," where Amyons Is dls- 
iOTeied fighting with this armor. In his oonfllot with 


This sort of Cteitns, materially different f^om the 
tree preceding ones, though equally destructive In Ita 
VeraUon, la oopled flrom a bas-relief, found alao at 
Biroolueam. It Is alao engraved as a tall-pleoe In 
HiiBecoBd volome of "St. Non'e Voyage Pittttuqut 
k ffapln et it Sieile," p. 61, For farther parttoolars 
Wpeotlitg the nse of the Ceeatns, see pages 8, 4, 0, and 
(|0f the lesond volome of this work. 

TliB»kst07noaBin jnyentlon,* those weapons of em- 
tlty the Oostn. jjpfjgjQtjj preceding oats, 

Be not known Wheietlmea; and the above delinea. 
(fan polBlB out ejl^appjrtttusmad* use of in Sparring 
thlMUona at theV^.m day, wlthont any thing like 
tenor^r aooompapy,^ dlasolnUon. The 

• Mr. BronghlOB ta» Intiodv^ 

ginet, atalfed with wool, whereby Instnictton is re> 
oeWed by the nnlte, wlthont any hart oi IiOnry, and 
ftom the frequent use of which the more experienced 
iMxer obtains prMtlce and improvement. It Is tme, 
the noae may be clareted in a determined set-to, and 
the month tinged with vermllllon in what is termed " a 
glove fight;" bat in taking leasbna of the art of Self- 
Defenoe, the solenoe Is ooBmanioated bj all the teaohen 
of pngUIam, In a manner so light, playfU, and lnte^ 
acting, that the pnpil has nothing unpleasant to diead 
flrom its effects. 

.Training a Boat's Crew. 

1. EtLumon orm Ifzir.— In direoting thecholoe of 
a boat's otew, itirtll bet«,be understood that the men 
to be seleoted firom, are all in good health ; bat in the 
chapter on training for pedeatrlaii pniposes, which 
will be given hereaftWi hirther advice is given for pie- 
itaring a man out of health to undertake training of all 
kinds. At flnt sight, It may appear that in rowing all 
below the waist Is idle, bat this is by no means tme, 
for the legs and thighs take their ftill share in the mu- 
oular exertion going on. Hany mistakes have been 
nude In picking men, ftom this error in jndgment; fbr 
It has been fonnd, when perhaps too late, that good 
knees and thighs are reqnired u well as good arms and 
shoulders. This Is eaally explained by a reference to 
the work which is to be done, and bj examining the 
framework which hae to do it. Now, then, what la that 
work ? It consists in pulling an oar or scnll through 
the water, by tho muscles of the arms and back. Bat 
what enables the power called into play by the arms and 
baok to act upon the boat t Why, the resisting and 
pushing power of the legs and thighs, wlthont which 
the body would glide off the thwart, and tall helplessly 
into the boat Eenoe. it Is manifest, that jost as mnoh 
as the anna generate the power by pulling against the 
water, by so much ezaotly will the lege convey that 
power to the boat by poshing against the stretcher. In 
selecting men for this beantlfnl and healthy ezerolse. 
It should therefore be bomiTln mind that the following 
points are essential, thongh, of course, this, like all si* 
milar roles, admits of exception : First and foremost. I 
should look to the moving powers— the arms, shoulders 
and back. Thess should be muscular, with good bony 
wrists, straight elbows, powerfol and pliable shonlders, 
and, above all, a good, strong, mnicalar loin. Without 
this last point the strength of arm Is of no use ; the bo> 
dy, Instead of drawing the oar to It by the masoles of 
the arm, Is itself drawn forward over the oar, and the 
stroke Is rendered Ineffective. Nothing is more difflcnlt 
than to foretel, by examination, the exsot degree of 
Btrength which any indlvldoal form is capable of display- 
ing ; bat, with regard to the baok and loin, it is almost 
Impossible to form any useftil jaJnim «iTi«hottt-a»tnai. 
Mil I for <w -muoiraependB npon early habits of varlons 
kinds, that no oonolnslon from the formation can poasl- 
bly be arrived at, It ie eeldonl that any one can say, 
with anything like certainty, that a particnlar Indlvlda. 
H ahall make a ' good oar ;' but the contrary may often 
be alflrmed, and It may generally be prognosttoated, 
that an awkward, alow, and very hlgh-shonldered man 
will prove nseleas In a boat. Next to these pchts, I 
shcnld see that the legs and thighs (wlthont being too 
heavy) ahonld be enfflolently well developed to do their 
work. If too mnaoular, it is only so maoh extra weight 
to carry, and they ahonld rather be below than above 
the proportionate Size, as oompared with the aima. Thia 
form has been apparent in most of onr best watermen, 
who have generally been remarkable for good npper 
worke, as compared with their lower extremities. After 
the moving powers, it Isneedfnl to consider the state 
of the longs and the heat. The wind shcnld be natu- 
rally good, ficee from wheezing or oongh ; and the heart 
should be healthy, and tne from palpitation or excite- 
ment. This can only be ascertained by a trial ; and, 
Indeed, that is the beat mode of arriving at an opin- 
ion on all the different essentials for this, as well as 
all other bodily exercises. With regard to size and 
weight, mnoh mnet depend npon what la to be done, 
I an now alluding to the choice of a boat's crew ; 
as for aingle contests saoh selection is generally made 
by the sculler himself, and after many and repeated 
trials. . It Is seldom, now-a-days, that a man more 
than ISst. in weight is found to "pall his weight ;V 
and 12st. 71b. is generally the top weight in an eight- 

r. This Is the result of ezperienoe, as no theory on 
the sahjeot is worth a straw ; bnt It has caitalaly been 
aseertsliied that all development of f^e above that 
wel^t Is accompanied with an increase of weight oat 
of all proportion to the muacnlar power. With the old 
tub-like bosti, which were formerly Invogae. It was ne- 
cessary to have more weight and size at the end of an 
oar than are now fonnd to be nsefol. The breadth of 
floor also was such that the increased weight did not 
buy the boat so mnoh as It now does, and, conseqaently, 
the attendantdtsadvanihgeB were not so great as at pre- 
sent. With regaid to the lowest weight whloh is desl- 
>rabie In a boat; I am iiolined to think 9at. 7Ib. Is the 
^olnt which should not be passed without strong reason 
rbrit. The difference between the bew and the middle 
oarals now mnoh less than it used to be, and the weight 
ought, oonseqaently, to be much, nearer. Ky own belief 
Is, that a difference of two stone is qatte as much as 
ought to be allowed; and that if mora than that Is given, 
the oars will not be puUed through the water in the 
tame i)nie, and with the same power, without which no 
boat l^done justice to. 

2. AfFODnmiHT of tbe Dat's Wobe.— After select- 
ing the men who are ts form the crew to be trained, it 
Is desirable, if by any means it can be accomplished, to 
keep them together day and night ; at all events, they 
should take their nns and meals together, and should 
never, especially at night, be free from turtHVanee. In 
moat oases it Is better to take lodgings near the river ; 
but when the banks are low snob a sltnation is not deal- 
rstble, and the nearest high and dry spot shcnld be pre- 
fenred. It is oommonly sapposed that, in training, ea^ 
ly hours are lequlsite, and with those who have bsM all 
theb lives aoonstomed to them, no doubt they are/ bat 
when thi habit has been different, I think it mnoh bet- 

ter to allow a moderate Indulgence in the morning's 
bed, rather than attempt to break through long-estab- 
lUhed fustom, to which the oonstitntlon hu beenlnnied. 
If the training Is in the height of snmmer, Itis deslraUe 
to get throngh most of this work In the cool of the morn- 
ing and evening] but If the weather Is not very oppress- 
Ive, the plan, In my opinion, Is not a good one. As a 
role, therefore, I should advise the fbUowlng, subject to 
variations, according to the lime of the year and the 
state of the we^er. All should turn oat of bed at 8 
o'clock ; they ahonld be well sponged all otsi with cold 
water, or they may take a mere plunge Into the river 
andont agaliL- On noaoooont sbonld they remain in 
the water even for five minutes, they shcnld then be 
well mbbed with a coarse towel, and be dressed by &80. 
From this time till breaklhst, at 9 o'clock, 1st all take a 
gentle run, or smart walk, and oome Into the meal with- 
out fatlgne, butprepared to eqjoy it. The best Und of 
food for the various meals is given under'the head of 
Pedestrianism, to which the reader is referred for full 
paitloolars on this subject. After breakfast, a oonple of 
hours may be passed In any Innocent, but not violent 
bodily amusement, such as billiard playing, bowling, 
qaolts, to., which will bring us up to 11,30 AJL, at 
which time the crew should be got together in the boat, 
and shcnld get their morning's praotloe, which will on 
the average take them till 1,30, On getting cut of the 
boat, all ahonld take a good run, varying In speed and 
distance according to the directions of the trainer. At 
2 o'clock, or 2.80 at latest, after being rubbed dry and 
the linen changed, dlimer may be aiuonnoed, and this 
meal may occupy the time till 3 or 3.S0 P.H., according 
to circumstances. After dinner, a gentle stroll or a 
book may be Indulged in till S or 6 o'clock, when an- 
other hour may be consnmed In practising on the wa- 
ter. On coming in from this evening row, sapper may 
be got ready at 8 o'clock, and at 9 or 10 o'clock to bed. 

3. Btnmraa Exracias.— The spsed and length of run 
which are to be dally maintained in order to obtain that 
condition of the lungs and heart which shall enable the 
-oarsman to go through his task, most In great measure 
depend upon the state of the IndlvIduaL In these di- 
rections I am asanmlng that the health is good, that a 
fair amount of exercise has been habltnally taken, and 
that the body isprepared to go through lis task wlthont 
risk, I have already directed that all should take a 
walk or run for half an hour before breakfast; In most 
instances a smart run of three miles will be d)cut the 
best distance; and two or three running together will 
add to the eioitem^nt, and take off from the weariness 
of the task. I think a short spin across the country, 
with moderate fences or ditohes, or small towing-path 
gates, better thana dull steadymn; and the pace shcnld 
vary from five miles per honr to an occasional spirt at 
the top speed. It is never, however, to be maintained 
at snoh a ji.ace as to prodnca tiersplration tttany.extent; 
anu'irlhe weather is very warm, the hours should be 
early in proportion. The dress should be the usual 
boating flannel trowaera, with a light woollen Jacket, 
and should never be ao heavy as to weigh down the anl< 
mal spirits. Nothing is of more Importance than this, 
for much depends in training npon keeping up that 
buOyanoy of feeling which man In a state of high health 
ought alwayi to experience. This quantity of roimlng 
exerolse.wUl In most oases be enough; bnt sometimes 
when the wind Is thick, with a veiy strong constltntlon, 
a longer and slower walk or nin Sliuuld bo taken In ad- 
dition, beginning an honr after breakfast, and keephig 
It up till the time for praotloe at 11.80, but faking great 
care to be cooled down before. getting Into the boat, 

ConilllVID KtXt will. 

This Is a mixed game, being a combination of chance 
and oaloulatlon; The word is Welsh, and signlfles 
"Little Battle." Backgammon is played by two per- 
sons, with two boxesand two dice, npon a quodrangnlar 
table er board, on which ore figured 24 points oifteeehei, 
of two colors, placed alternately. The board Is divided 
Into four compartments, two inner and two outer ones, 
each containing six of tbe 24 points (alternate colors). 
The players are eaoh forjiebed with fifteen men or 
counters, black and white (nsnally dranghts). These 
are arranged upon the board. In the following manner. 
To play into the left hand table, two of yonr men are 
placed upon the ace point of your opponent's Inner table, 
five upon the sixth point In his oater table (numbered 
12 In onr diegram), three upon the olnqne-polnt in yonr 
own outer table (numbered 8), and five upon the sixth 
point, in your own Innet table. The advenary's men 
are to be placed in corresponding order, In a position 
directly opposite. All this is shown in the diagram an- 
nexed, and to fikcilitate reference the pohits or fieeohes 
aria numbered flrom 1 to 12 of eaoh color. 


Bliek'i Hobo, or Innti Tiblo, Blatk'i Oat4r TaM«, 

Wblt«'aBcnit,orIaurTtbl(. Whlto'i Qatar Tiblo. 

The game consist In moving yonr men from point to 
point, so as to bring them round into yoni own inner 
table (■'. e,, that on yonr left hand), and then moving or 
bearing them off the board. The player who first dean 
off his men wins. 

The moves of the men are detennlned by the throws 
of the dice, aoooiding to the foUcwing directions for 

playing at setting out the thirty-six ohanoes of dlo«, for 
a gammon, or for a single hit 

I. Two aces (the best of oil first throws), t4 be played 
two on your olnsae polnt, and two on. the bat point fci 
g gunmen, or for a hit 

IL Two sixes (the seoond best throw), should h« 
played two on yonr adversary's bar point, and two oa 
yont own bar point, for a gammon, or a hit' 

III. Two trois, two to be played on yonr olnqna polntj 
and tho other two on yonr tnispoint In yonr own tableiir 
for a gammon only. 

IV. Two denoee, to be played on the qooti* point ta 
yonrow^Ues, vid two to be bronght over flram thi 
five men plaoed In )onr. adveraaiy't enter taUei^ for a 
gammon only. 

y. Two fonrs, to be bronght over tnm the five Bsa 
placed In yonr adversary's anttr^tables, and to be put 
upon the cinque point In your own tahles, for a gammoB 

onl/. : . ' 

YI. Two flves, to be brought over fromthe five men 
plaoed In yonr adversary'soatertables,aDd to be pat oa 
the trois point in your own tables for a gammon, orliUltf 

YIL Size ace, yon are to make year bar point, tm • 
gammon, or for a hit 

Vni. Site deuce, a man to be bioaght from the flv« 
men plaoed in your adversary's outer tables, and to he 
placed on the cinqne point In yonr own tables, f« t 
gammon, or a hit. 

IX, Six and three, a man to be brought flrom your id* 
versary's ace point, as fhr as he will go, for a goquooOi 

X. Six and four, a man to bs bronght bom yonr ad- 
versary's ace point, as fiir as he wUl go, for a ganmoni 

XL Six and five, a man to be oarrled from your ad- 
versary's ace point, as far as he can go, for a gammon, 


XIL Cinque and qnatre, a nun to be oaiiied frcn 
your adversary's ooe point, as far u he can go, for a 
gammon, orahit 

XIIL Olnque-trols, to make the trois point in yow 
table, for a gammon, or a hit 

XIV. Cloqae-deuce, to play two men from the five 
placed In yonr adversary's outer tables, for a gammrai 

XY. Oinque-ooe, to bring one man flrom the five 
placed in yonr adversary's outer tables for the ctnqne, 
and to play one man down on the cinque point In you 
own tables for the ace, for a gammon only. 

XYL Qoatre-trols, two men to be bronght fhim the 
five placed in your odversary's outer tables, fbr a gam- 
men, orahit 

XYIL Qnatre-deuoeto nuke the qnatre point In you 
own tables, for a gammon, or a hit 

XYIU. Quatre-ace, to play a nun ftom the five placed 
InyouradvenwrylBonterJables t»t the qnatre, and fin" 
the ace, to pUy a man down npon the cinque point la 
yonr own tables, for a gammon only. 

XIX. Trols-denoe, two men to be bronght bom ih« 
five plaoed in your adversary*! tables, for a gammoa 

XX. Trole-aee, to make the oinqne point in you om 
tables, for a gammon, or a hit. 

XXI. Deuce-ace, to play one man ftom tbe five plaoed . 
in yonr adversary's tablss for the dence; and for the 
aoe, to play a man down upon the oinqtie point In you 
own tables, for a gammon only. 


1. If yon take a inan ftom any point, that nun mnsl 
be played; the same must be done If two men are token. 

from it 

IL Ton ore not understood to have played any maa, 
till yon have placed him npon a point, and qnltted>hlffl. : 

IIL If yon play with fourteen men only, there Is no! 
penalty attending it, beoanseby phkying wlih aleiNt' 
number than yon are entitled to, >oa play, to a disad- 
vantage, by not having the additional man to nuke op ' 
yonr tables. ^. 

lY. If you bear any nnmber of men, before yon havo 
entered a nun taken up, and whloh consequently yba . 
were obliged to enter, snoh men, so bome, must be ea* 
tered again in yonr adversary's tablss, u well as tht 
man taken tp. . 

Y. If yon have mistaken yonr throw, and played, sad 
If yonr adversary has throws, it Is not In you or Us 
oholoe to alter It, unless both parties agree. 

liir Frlesland the women are as fond of skating ss tbs . 
men, and frequently have raess. At one of these nm, " 
whloh took plooe some time since, on a pleee of Im b 
the outer difh of tbe town of Lenworden, tluNwtif 
thirteen competitors for the priie. They skated two 
and two, and after Mh heat, she who arrived lost at thi 
goal qnltted the odniM. The seventh and list trial WM 
between the two remaining winners, one of whom WM 
twenty years of sge and the other sliteeB. Tlis (omli 
ga)ned the prlndpsl prise, eonslsting of a gold orasmat 
for .the head, and the other the seooad,' which was a 
coral neeklaee, with a gold clasp. Ose of the oonped* 
tors en .this coeasloa was post fifty, and many of thMI ' 
only flfleen. To afford some idea'of their swiftBi^;U; 
Is stated'that one young female passed over th'e'eMHi|ii> ' 
which wu.6h9 hundred and flftjr yards loii|, in tblfiiitt 
seconds, or 'a mile in less than two mhiotei attd a halt 

Wksw the lapwing wants to procure food, it s«du / 
a worm's cut, and ■ stamps the ground by the sldedf 
with his feet: somewhat In the moaner we havs cm* r 
done whenaboy.inordertopro«nrewormsforfishUf> , 
n a short time, the bird waite lifiti 

After doing this for 
issue of the worm firom the hole, who, 
shaking of the ground, endeavors to 
whsn he is immediately ieised, end ' 
this ingenious bird. Tie lapwing alftf 
haunts of moles. These animals, wbn 
worms OB which they feed,; fHght^n them, hnd the 
worms, ia sttefflptlog to esM^e, ooaiete lhesnrfl«e«r 
the gronad, where they ors'iielied bj the lapwbg, tM, 
s4me mode of olanting Us prey his been related of tli#' 

eqneaii th< . 

in pufsntt of I 




or TriB uoru JlIid fowiu op tbi OHnt-uir. 

jRt koTM U4 sttMUnf fowtn of tb* mrtttl fUti M 
nliuAby Um, dinatlon *ad limit 
ThaUoM of moTtaiBt sad tttMk to th« ObMt*B««d u* Uu**' 

L iUm of.iquni. 

X n* dli(«nui of launi. . 
S. Tk«VUi|«nil<off(allolommi oriIziqairM,<. '4*>7'-- 
TUdliMlloMofBonaunt tod iltMk lit f«orf|><~><>'**rai 
taekwird, bUnl, tnd dlifOuL 
Th* Uow efnonowat tod stuok ut thm-W 
1. Wbta oogflMd l«'a4jMMt iqiuni. 
a. IztoadlBf OTor tha vhol* boud. - f 

8. OoBliud ta the opfoilU uttnt of p<K»'y»|P^';3 Bf a. 

of moTomoat ud itluk ii»«oliiord««t for aU thi 
r tnoUon u on* iqun (oi- 
tttuk eu HBu* fonntd 

PiMM oio«pl till Fkwiu, wboM Ub« 
Wkrt ktoof tho ildf, tnd thtlr Vaf,' 

''iSJt'll'iUB^ofnoUon ft ^^^Ji* oat mtn In turjtl- 

nMoa'iUMof.Mw^i attiok an all aloog both tht 
ddM and tho dlif onitt p^iinarM In tTOij dliietloB, to tbo tali*- 
altr of lb* boud: UX'^'OBblnlof tboto oflko Book and Bljhop. 

luBMk'aJlBiff^U'BaBd attaoklialeoftk* ildti ofiiaini 
la OTOvd'xet^ilO Ibf oitrOBltr ofth* bond. 

tii Blak^M*''** of ootloB aad attaok lialoDg tho dbgoaal of 
uaanala^nr/ dlnotloO] to tb* oztroialt/ of tho boaid. 

Tb*KiI<bt'i lloa of DotlOQ and atttok li aloof tb* dlafonali of 
putUllainBi, 3 b7 a, la otmj dlmtlon, to tb* appatlt* iqgar*. ' 


WBBBbUik tUi wttk a tam*, ftvolilud u tbraocb tb* kladoaii 
of T. Xotd, on* tb* nrovgtit sl*7*n of tb* Ntw York Obut 
0Iab,4r&leb ba pUytd wltboK i*«rDg th* boud or mon, afalnat 
ontofblibraUuri,wba, b/ ib*war, an all on tb* road totht 
hlf h«*t Obin raDki. Tn* rongfnr brolbori alrtad/ raok wllb our 
b**t la'tk* eoaeotloh ofdldoall piobltni. Tb* fan* ItMlf li not 
UMb*ftrpMlffl*B of Ur. T, Loja'i •hlU, j<t ItiEould bonnfm* 
b*Rd' ibat a ' nani*," plajtd blindfold, Ii a talk of no oidliai; 
macaKad*, oalUof forth nic* jalcoUtlont and mental ionnnl^. 
pbIUd#r,S* la BoDrdoanala, Ton Bllfier, KJtMrlUj, iDd Uinrlu, 
bar* b**n igoit nicetisral In tbtt llni. 

W* pnnoM io pnbllih in «nr nsit a txinUfnl iMdaitB of th* 
■'P<MMttr<"or''^niark<d Pavn," pUjtd b; H. Btaiaton, Xrq., 
ifaUut aaolbtr itroar plajtr. Tb* gam* U tb* onl/ oa« that wi 
•T*r kiT« •6*0 Id print, and will proT* loteraitlng to oar nadnt, 
u a Obai* onrloilt/. Laat onr Onaii toadan aboild b* lad Into 

•not u to (bit iHolu of (taa, w* woold Inroim thon that a ring 
oraUtofptHri* plioid apon a partloilar Pa • ' • - 
mart alono gir* mtM wltbont going to " Qatin," 

I plioid apon a partloilar Pavn, vhloh Pawn 
It* wltbont going to " Qatin," In th* *T*Dt-of 
ng eaitmd, tha Brat plajtt loan thatana; ibonldb* ehiek> 
maw Oil anUpblit with any otb«r plaeo, tb* na* paoaltx would 
b*th**onMqa*DO*. ' 



_ ' FaoviDBRCi, April 31, IBM. 

Sxf B Bib— Id laat waek'a Oiirpii, I notlead a eonraunlo.'-.llon 
fr«B MMktMo,"Jn r*ip*ot to tha olabna of SUutoa and AnlariMo 
for tb* Obamplonihlp of Baropa. Soaa Slanntea (orbai ho arar 
iloea.ib* Teanuuaaat and hla anbiaqaint aM»/<d oballaan)' 
«lalm that titl* I Wb*n at Bnuaala, la IBM, (wbara ha wu wora& 
*d br Dar Laia,) did ba naniraat 107 aulatf that tb* mttob 
■honU b* plaT*d,' allbongb b* wu lo mnob nairer Aadanaan Ibin 
h*haf b*in for tbe.lut tbr** jeua? No, b* malntilntd a noit 
baeoBlag alltBoa on tba matttr. Oin oay of Btaaoton'a gamii b* 
prod^otd Ibat will baar oomptrlaon with tb* ipl*ndld ipeolman* of 
Isdnaiin'i genlu wblob hir* 10 dallghtad tha wbola ehau-woild 
for th* lilt thr«* Tfiiht 

Atlh* tlm* of tb* Tonntnant, la mr ballaf, ba wai Andanaon'a 
(qnar: bdtltblok no on* will call him ao aoio. Frobi\U;,Ur. 
BUnnton'i Inlanao. acd cidlonlou Tinltj aa rtgirdi bta pvwara of 
bbiaa-plaj, ku dona almost aimoab toward lowarlag tha pablio 
oplolanof bimu aoj thing alio. Noooa can look thr<ii>gh th* 
ooloBu of. tb* Illaitntad N*wi withoat a imll* it ih* obildUk*, 
and onaa nogootlaniinlj agotlun tbar* diaplijad. iTarr oga U 
adrlsad to porohaa* "BtaDotoa'a tiandbook, pabllibad bj Bobo, 
nlca pt.," tba ragslir ttaraot/jiod anawar to ill ln(3ltan for ehau 
boou. Erarr prajar not balooglogto th* "Slangtoa olloo*," hu 
tba glsaiant iarma ar"(ihuUUn,"~' Impoitor," " fallovr,''^ ki., ap< 
pU*a tohlm, aod tba gotaatobla gimea smoi appegaN only iSr 
th* pnpoia of ihowlDg how groit a plajar b« la, tnd how oooa of 
bit aatagonUla arar nilte good nOTai; hot It la hr that mak*a bid 
onaa, aad for wblob b* reproaohea bimasir with a Tebta*nc* that 
aOBitlmsa-woud alnottmik* en* donbt bli aanltj. 

It la thla, donbtlaaa— althoogb It haa nothing to do with hla 
BUrlD iB a plajor^wtaloh baa obtalnad for him M moob rldlenl* ; 
thli ooBtlsnil rlaglgg of bli own pralaa, and ibontlog cat 

n- ' ,".Non* bat Staaaton; Ohoa la StanntaD, 
' ' St. Amant-dafaitlog BtinntoB— 

Honrltfioallng,BarrwltB-«eoBllng, . 
< ,. VPitav'pawn aad-two-mcT* 8ta»ntoa." 

X'^if^^''**! . '. TfiatPoillilB. 

r. : , n: ; ••■ , ■■ ■ ■ 

' vd' ooBREBFONDBiirra. " 

Aaaia.— V* r*crat ilnoaralf that 70a' bar* pitocd an " Injana- 
tiOB" apon tb* nnMlcatlan ol 7onr approprlat* litttr. it all 
•raat*, wa faal that w* bay* a right to oommant brla07 npoa It 

ETtow to pautag oar bill." Wa oan Infarm !' Uirlla" throigb 
■ •aiwartbat "AtrAnnla" fQll7aulalsi bUi lo hlioploloa 
Of *i« thing w* art ot'rtalo, that tb. Btannton hu don* mnoh for 
<ni*aa,alae <• miiobI that hla notaa to all gam** bara allalltd tba 
•dmltatlen of Ibf Ohoia-plailDg fntainllr. We bop* bareaftar to 
am 7(A nlaat In glring ni "tree leir*" to pabllah 70tir rae7 aotoa. 
Ton vlU ^|H«alT* that w* bar* mid* th* dlffer*nt *iobinpaln thi 

Aiwkio.—To« ua Improving In 7oar oogeootloai W* r*Ioot- 
■atlF, haw*T*r, diollna Ita Iniartlon aa being too woik for our eol- 
BBBf. T*ri*Tar**nd 70a w>ll 7*t aneot*d. W*atriTa topabUab 
Boa» tat good and iBgonlooa Frablami, patUoalarlr for our oonlog 
atw tb**t Ibia la iito*a*ar7, to onabl* u to oonpato with others. 
W* hop* that onr ramarka will ba rlgbtl7 ttken. 

B. B.. BoitQ^— Wa ooHldar ronr Probltm too fiebl* ind ebTt> 
«aa tu; odi ab**!, the Blaok slog bolag panned oad daraaealiai. 
TrjK again, add a«nd nj lometblgg bf 1 dllToBlt and tight ailnra. 

Tnb.'— Tbi beat work on iObtia for baglnntra laBlaontob'aHind- 
Baokgfrflattda,' to ba proenrad at Bingi Brothan, Puk Bow, N. T. 

Ootirt>Ti(iii.,-«ara|i**twlU ba htr*iR*r«4paranngm. P. 
I., rabpitlng that tbira oonld not b* anr dlOaally raliad aa to th* 
ooadlUona of tba alr«id7 forwtid*d to na 13 on ao- 
«*Bn| . ioj^ p[oU*ia will laoalre dn* oooiId*ratlOR bi oar next. 

Z. T,'2.— Tba ikme 'ailnded to la '7oarUatwai a bulr aklr- 
BilahOMtlNaD HiHdta.B.and ouraaWaa. W* rgaah donbt 7oiir 
appall* tlon ot a ntviu, when oontoiUng . aiob a game u 70a bara 
foraiuurmontba baek. Jprop»i,wo daaira mnob to pnbliah tba 
whal* of that gtne, whan won b7 •ltb*r pirty, with our own notaa 
*n»nd*d. la It aooaptfdT . W* wlUr«pf7 to 70Uieniarka on our 
twa lut gamai. In onr iMit ; 

D^BBito^iTAtNB.-^hanka for 70ir rri*ndl7 l*tUr. W* wlU 
*nd**iUrtO f*pl«, IB fbll. lb oar neat. WhataTar Informatloa we 
••a glT*,lT*B «& thaoitgU'.of Oh*a(,aawall aa oath* aama— 
» OaGia "— w.lU b* pabllibtd tbnngh tL* madlna of oar abatt. 

' Wl'Klr*' er*d|t''ror th* fo'Uowtsg aoliUon of "Aaali'*" Ko. M to 
»• J^JJJ»|l«orr*fpond*ata: "B. B. Bfawitari" ••OonntJTnan," 

.-...3::5?5t'.' |tK.iat*r, (**..) 

; r fv.Q^B^i mat*. 

B. B; BlB.W(»B.-W* "glT* In," tbli tlm*, and Ind roar kat 
B0t«id7<^rl**d" aiid"lDpreTad," hitraillr biiaUBil iaddlB- 

fifteibig in lAa n»mtr-tUni wwe«, ttAram Mum.X. 
BUok-(N.lL) WhIta-QC T. Z.) 

U..B44 BEKta 

SMim J. Van OidtltfCkUato, milt. B. 0. Smf lA c/Ifnt 7orA. 
Wblt«-(T*nO.) Blaok-(8inltb) 
ai..KtQiq BEfia 

. Wblta— Ooantirman. Blaok— F, r 

a..vitaBi. rKBt 

Wbll*-Annl*. BUck-Edltor. 
7..QxEt QxQ 
I..PzQ FEB3 

w^'lMiP'i'""::?'* BF^* ">»•'» tuum. 

UediHMoala aiaellywIUi onr own aagtlmenU. Oartkaskafor 
■ odlLniwd, partfeHlarJif, to si. It I* mar* tbaa 
l!?S!*.*'L'* *■ oppo'tanir7 of toeaptlng 7our kind 

brUBUoh.- Wawoafd allk* *itaB'd U* ew* InrltaVon l«7on »d 

IJS^'^.*!y*?i'!L!.**»"^»'^''^ •* «>• Obaai 

,v <n«b; No.'UI Tenth Attt, wh*i« 70a will alwa;* mait th* bind 
''^prMlmnUp. Wo wlU not bar* tM* to *iamln* 7oir na* oatU 
israait Aurtvairl 

QtCM tlo, I.—ITav lerioB. 


"'t*4'n0 WMk between Heeara T. Iie7a and J, 8. Lo7d, ft., both 
-t — w-.i. 01. — ^ j_ j^^j^j pU7ed withoat 




7.:PQ4 ' 


Terk Ohai 
' otrnto.' 




.. BB4a., 

. (tKa< V. 
Put " 

.?ED» .... 
' 4xFa 
: KkSl 
QKlC . 



ia,.qBaQ ■ 




PEB8 ' 

a..KtEEt4 PEB4 
..KtzBPxA PzKt 
atr.BxBP BEB8< 
34.,BKt8z EBB . 
aT..BKtrx KES: 

aa. .BKiqB': '-'Si bitnp^ 

{•■?•*• •t'osgMl moi* bar*. 

* "•'jBMtlon'fnpon tba einlnr* of KbI.I.L 

r'tiVBT'^ ^ 'M;SS°bJ5S'e*'-4iar»«i 

d q*tua^ ia(o<iui, q,ut*H mptratoiy to ftaadag Ua attaak;' 

a AH <b«* movit ai* aoeaiat* u tloak-woik. 

/ n* *«M|t rtnabt of a eb**k«aU wooU han tbUaia* if t. 

i Wa do BOt *•* tha pnprlato of leibg tb* Blifctp Cor th* ;B^ 
iaif of amthtr Pawn wUek waa <b*B dafiaealaai 
. ATn7W*Upb7*d. 

, dB*tt«rtoh*T« tlT*a*piha"*uba9ga''aloae*. ' . 
J OoaiUtrliBg tba dlfloaltlo* to *a«eBnt*r la a bUadtild fuai, 
(h* BUt* her* forced, la r«all7 pittty, and bighir ai«4lhUa to Mr. 
T. L'ttkllL 

irUU. . BUik. 

■OLVnOB Otf nOBLBH BO. 40, 

Wblta. Blaok. 
l..llKiz EKB8(be*t) 

a..PzPz BsP 


Vroblan ITo. X.—Meiw lAriei. 




WUte to piBj and mate In five moTeBi 

Match OaateB, 



(Saotoh Gambit) 
WBlTi-Phllad'. BUCE— N.T. 
I..F(iBS PzP 
10..SBQ8 .QE8 

(SlotlliB Opanlng.) 
Waiia-B.T. BLaoK-FbU'a. 



Whit*— B. Hiteh. Blaok— AloBio. 
S..EBQB4 . ' EB«B4' 

CBEftPEBB OB Pit 6 HT 8 * 

Wi glf* brio'w, la addition to laaal mitt«n, a fig* game ftom 
Asd*non'amait*rl7Treatlm. W* do thli beoiaMof th* Ban7 
ooBmanloitloBi wblob we ar* ooiiitaatl7 noelrlng, oalling for 
" Aoderaon on Dranghta." We banudartd a nnab*r of eopl*»— 
but the7 have. not 7*t"tarn*dap." Il(*r*roi«, w*.tnjt that* 
gam* now and than will proi* a wtnd-fall to anr Draogbl Pk7*ra. 
In oonolulonj w* b*g Itare to atal* that no *f ort ahall be wanting 
on oir part to road*r Ih* Dranght Dtpartmaat on* of th* moat in- 
tartitlBg r*atar«aotth* Cumi.- [iB.D&ivoBTSirAiTaaRT. 


HimTiR,— W* eordbdlr rablprooart* tb* kbd fMling* whleh 7on 
entertain toward na. Qamc* dnl/ raoelred. Wo hare bnt one 
opinion both In rogardto year giBia and poalUona, and Ibit baa 
iMon *o f(*qaentl7 axpiemd that to noatloa It again wanld be 
anperflaona. Ton will obaerr* tbatw* Inaert onrganee andor 
their proper "opeBlnga"thli'week; we Intend to "kaep doing that 
game thing." Joat now we mnit deallue the honor of playtag 70B 
a match, aot barbg th* time neoesiiry to derote to plajlog 
againat ao "toigb a oaitomar." Anon w* bit aooapt Alltlglit— 
the reqneit bia not ba*n m*d*. OoBlnitoNowTork, eht Oome 
slogg. W* want to giro 70a oarpaa. Hfonwlll obiamwtgiT* 
tb* opinlnga in tb* two gamea inaerlad la tha Bnl of oar now aarlei. 
Mbiillv*.- W* ahali b* obllgad to deoUne jonr ehallang*, for 
auna 'ilallar to thou itat«d aboT*. Bi pitlant "7*1 a little 
whUe," aad we wlU eodaaror to ba ■•with Ton.'' Ton wUI roadllr 
ooneoiT* that it la naoauair te dtral* qalb a portloB rf time eioh' 
weektothe oiambutlbB or tb* matttr labmltMd to oar dlraotloo. 
Thli mutt b* doB*— th* otb*r atj, inoB. • Too ar* ooiraot In r*- 
gard to that poaltlon. 
OoTillTBTlfaii.- Thaaka fbr Toar aoggtatloai aa wall as kind 
label. We oenilder them aa "good ai tbra* for one, ind making 
a.klng." We' bare no ban of a aoarolt7 of good poiltloni and 
ganei: fiot Ii, w* know who to draw 00. Bolnttonioorraot 

B. Ouaiia.— Tonr meTaa-r*oelT*d,aBd dalr itglit«i«d. 8ola- 
tloB to 4t oomot W* eonaldertS rather "op'' for Andenon— bat 
If a birdl7 to be had, for " lore or nonajr." TbuUliI for 7oar pa- 
tronage. W* will laad the OLiriBi, 

llAicsa,— That game wu pli7ed ao' hairledl7, tliit the mora 
Moap*d oar obaemtlon. ToirrllweometiU alio lolatlonito 
PoalUona Noi. 44 and 4(. 

ALonio,— W* think nor poilUoni will do to nark In. Ton 
tTld*ntl7 lDpr*T*— In all axeept 7oor dlnnnu, which w* eon- 
older perhot. Tonrliat r*o*lTid, for which aooapt onr tbaoka. 
Toar PoaltloB No. 8 r«o*lT*d— It looki good— w* wUl oxaBln* It, 
anOB— thlnkltwIUdo. B«latlon oomot. 
E. A.XtiiotT.— TooobTiooa. Trjigala. 
DAifi^PoilUon laMmd for tataia oxamlBattoo. Stagtam 
W. B. 0.-4lolaUoBa aotrect, 

J. D., of Boeton.— Tbanka for tbit game. W* hisart it la tbia 
weak'a liaae. "tlat*llna" la a&aid af jn In the aaoaplanc* of 
■■Harr7BoI*l"' oballing*. Toar pMltloa dadloatadto "Snow 
Nothing," la a "tlp-toppar." Wa loaert It lhbw*«k. Solationito 
Noa 44 aod 48, 0. K. W* wlih dlignmi tfl *0C0Bpin7 all poil- 
tlani. D*n'i neglect It. 

AoTiOB— W* bar* dNll*d boi to pnbUih th* "Ohronlolo." 
B**aon : labaorlptlon llat not axtaoalT* *aongh. Toor Utter OOO' 
taUIng itaBpancelTtd ; It wlU ba forwirdid to jaar additia. 

OkxiBBolR.— W* i*pll*d lo 70B In oar laak Pliaianotto 
"hookni." Bolatlancorrcot ./ 

OABLoa.—BeaalT* ear profi>uidiatl>ow fbr that nBe: It aball 
appear. We aa7 land them aloig, and we will be *■ et«rBall7 in< 

EauaT, of BoBilo.— That gune eball appear. Aedept oar beat 

TBizToit — FoilHoni were raoilTid. Bolatlooi ooniol. 
B. BoLia.— Solatlon corraot. 
3. H.— S«Iat!oni oonoct. 

NBWiririB — W* will pabllah thit Bolatlon at ou •arllaat con' 
T*Bl*ne*—lBpo«lbla thla weak— not room. 
'. J.B.,Boaton.— FotltlOBpabllahrdIa oar Int Ro.of new'Tel.— 
eoiiderltcood. Tbaaki for that gun*. B* klal *aongb la fa- 
tal* to una dbfia^ of rbor podtlooi. la hot, w* auk* tUiaa 

1. Mptelal eoBdItloa. WUl tob aaad 70« autoh itmea, al'fbr u 
ilnod, both with HaUUu and ». H.r Uae, w* ihall be prtp arM 
to propeL 
I(ab««i.— H*. |oIall«aa •«n«ai 

■ounriOB ov pon^oi to, *». 

WUU. Bluk. ' I WUl*. 

L.uton JiBii. 
a.. T 9 " 

,9. 11 



I..81 to 9T 

a..n 18 

4..ii 84 
4.. 18 14 

aoiiimoB ow rotmta wo. «t. 

wiiit*' ' 

I.. 8 to 1 
8.. 1 8 
T.I 8 10,iad«lai. 

84 to 81 
19 IB 

10 ar 

B 88 


IB t« ir 
IT aa 

niw laiizi. 
OhiU*ng* to "Trazton." 

FOSmOB BO. ». 
■iw alalia, 

B7 J. D., of Beaton. 
Dtdloatadto "Enow Nothing.'; 


Whit* to pla7 and wiD. 

White to plij and wis. 

Bsme Wo. l.'-XTev Beries. 

Irragolar opening. 

- Blick, 
1..U lo 16 


8.. e 

4.. 8 
8.. 4 
8.. It 
7.. 10 
8. .13 
».. 7 
10. .10 
11.. 1 
U.. 8 
IB.. 8 
14. .» 

».. e 




10 a 



Si te 2a 
37 34 










17 8 








18. ,10 to IT 


IT.. 3 



18.. 8 






30. .IT 





32. .38 



33.. T 



at. .10 



36. .14 



28., 17 






28.. 36 



38. .38 



(Ur. a.S) 
36 to 31 


a A Sne bnak, 

6 W* bell*?* tall loaad. 

e BIi best repl7. 

d 0ampnlaor7. 

a Blrgint for aotaal p1a7. 

/ 38 te IB wonld lore tha garni for white. 

Claae Xf o. 1.— From AnAergon't Work. 






1..11 to 16 


to 18 

11.. 8 to 


80 to 28 

3,. 8 




la.. t 


19 18 

8.. 4 






■ 33 18 

4. .16 






23 13 

8.. 11 




U.. I 

la ■ 

34' 19 

t.. 8 




18.. U 


16 Bar 

7.. 9 





IB . 

aa 8 

8.. 8 




IB. .11 


21 14 

9.. 3 




19.. 10 


10.. 1 





a It li nnn*oauar7 to inggwt to eld pla7ata tbit thU Is a Ter7 
natnral optalng. 
6 Darigg, bol perreott7 aonnd. 

r «ku _n«><u •k«s* «*• oslalon or7onogp1a7an aa rogarda 
bt«aklag thi ro7al Ibi*. 
i A fine gambit tn tIiw. 

a Birang* aa It mi7 ippiar, 9 to IS wonld be a "dead heat" for 

/ Thla portion of th* gam* abonld b* eararollx obierrtd h7 tha 
•tndtat, aa It la T*r7 loitraetlT*. 

*,TbU opening (bilogtb* aimeaa "Sloigei' 14tb") takei Ite 
name Crom the Bro Brat morea on both ildaa. 

SEsteb Oamei, 



7. .31 20 

Bliok— Holt. 
8. . T 10 

9..18 U 
10..t8 14 

t..6 9 



iimon Ton. 

36 33 

Black- Beit ' 
8 II 


38 38 

Btuk— P. P. Whlto— Oonntrrmia. 
3..U aa 86 16 

8.. 8 U 29 26 



l.,28 to 18 


Batwaen " Hirr7," ot BalTiIo, 
BLAOE, ("Ean7.><) 

10 te 14 

Between "Martin" and H. 
Blaok, (S. OaxtU.) 

WfllTB, ("MatoUaa.") 
White to pla7. 

WEITB, (Harlln.) 
White to mOT*. 


Th* Maiah OhOdraa, at th* Breidwa7 TailatI**, ara dolag woa- 
d*n. .Btgbt»n*talghtlitb*IrlIttUbiBdboiofBpIaMiiawd*a. 
Th* parNmaaeai or thli •ompaa7ai« i«all7 "wBetUng saw 
ondlr tha no.** 

Mrlorrait li pla7lBg a Mosd of hiiootebiated ahanotan U 
th* ^alnat, PhtUdalphl^ Be will probablf aazt appaar at tha 

■na nlghU7, at Walah'i, PhlladalphU t 
tii<»t» ... _(.^t la tha7hare been r«pi*iint*d to l«, 
tbau parformiscM are Mrtelnl7 Barrallsai. Oa* *T*nIag Iiat 

Breei WI7, la tbli el'.V. 

*lephiate ir* bilag ■ — . 

aBd.althoagh act u great u tha7bare been r«pr*iint*d to l«, 
tbau parformiscM are Mrtelnl7 Barrallsai. Oa* *T*nlac Iiat 
week, while p*rroniIng a feit on a plattrrm elerated loae Bmea ' 
f**tfrom th* groand,OBe of Iheae anlmala lest ite faoUag, aad 
came down "harwoUop." Btraag*toBa7,nol«Ju7wuniialB*a, 
and after a abort InUrmlaion the aame alephiat aaoeoMAiUx P**' 
foraid th* foat , _ 

Hr. B. /ohnaten li now p1i7log at the Tloterla Tboatie, Loadoa. 
Th* bllii aanoanc* bin a* ■* th* graat AB*rloan tngadlan, boa 
thorOTai Bow«r7 Tbnba, New Tork." 
Br. Bdd7,IIr. Darldgo, Br /OMph 0. Poster, and Mlw Jaul*. 
J Uolioan w*ra In town laat weak. . , „ ' 

V Ur. Eeller aad hli tronpe of arllatea, whoie',|Bltts«i," M-ealted, 
' created eon* atlr at tba Braadwa7 Tbaitre, a abort tlm* alio*, 
eoDDeacM a larliaof exblbltloni at a loom in Broadwaj, oazi 
l!ooda7 evenlBg. 
Tom Tbnnb la abowlog hla " Uttliniu " at AeadaB7 BilL 
"OldJoaCowill," be la tarmed, leap for a banedt at th* 
Broadwi7, prtrloni to hla deputare for Xrglisd. . 

" D nde Tom'a.O ibia " hu bean nilTed at Bamnm'a Haeaaa, 
with Hr. UB ttn. Howard and Uttl* Cordelia In th* prlncl^ 

HIaa BalllaStOUlr, alter recalrlnga coBnllmenaary beneBt it 
Mobile, went to New Orleaoa to p1i7 for the beaeflt of Mr. Jamci 
Drown, at the flilitr. Bhe wu lome 7ain sine* a diacar at Hlt- 
ohell's Ol7mplo. AMobllepaperei7i of ber : " 0olt«d with a high 
degree ofperaoaal beint7, she hi* tact Jodgtaent, giaoe, and, bolt 
of all, a Tery flae ipprtclatlon of the meintog of tba dramatiit. 
Xipeolall7 la tbli the cue lu Ibe aerloni wilki of the drami, tn- 
gad7 aad melodnna, and we nur add lagltlnate oonid7." 

Madama BIsoicoiaDtl, of Boiton— the 00I7 onadoltaratad Amtr- 
Idan prima donaa tbar* la— hu mad* a giait a*naatlon at tb* 
Itellaa Opera In Firta. Her d<tu( wu brilliant. 

Mr. UoTloker hu done a aplaodid baaloea at Ohlun, vtlh 
<h7ler'a.tral7 Amtrleu comed7 of '*Tiklog tho Ohancoa," E* la ' 
now In St Lonli. 

The N. 0. Flot7gna U7a that green room mmor bith It, that ea 
bar latindad profeiilOBal rlilti to Oallfomla and BogUnd, Uii. 
JQII* D««D Ha7n« ll to b« aooompaaled b7 Mr. Obarlii Pope, to 
plar oppoilte ptrta with bir. . , , 

Ur. Walter 0*7;, known In literary and theatrleil clrolil, In tUl 
eltr. Is pelfoimlDg al the Boetea Uneeoo. ' 
■ Mr. 0. B. Thoroe bu opaaod a ball for theatrical onterlainBente, 
In Mllaaokle. Ura.aad HIaa Tbomo,''LelBogwell, Meetoyer aad 
Boward (fron LauraE(ene'a),llr.BtU>r (from New Orlaaaaliaal 
OroaU (ftom the Bower7l ua In the oompan7. . MluB. Thoiaa 
plara tba " Little Traunre," Girtrnde, In ■> Loin of alorar," ahl 
laeh ob-.noteri. Oar beiaty 1. onloglaod. .■■ 

Thi 8*cretar7 of the Drimatlo Fnod Aiaocl-.iIa*.li|oaBC«i tho 
receipt of tb* followlBg donitloBi, which did not Mm*' to bind 
*ul7 enoDgb to b* reported : Fmm J. Bice, Baq., Uinigir of tha 
Obleigo Thiatio, BlOO; fiom Inac T. Fowler. Xiq., KO; Oreo 
John A. Hagf*rt7, Brq., B30, making the amonnt donated at th* 
dinner aboattioo. 

Hr. B. I. Oareaport la tt the Paople'e Theitr*. Clnrlnnatl. Ea 
will abortir pU7, wllb Ulsa PaBn7 Tlnlng, it tbi Beaton Nitlonil. 

On the Bight nf Ura. Birrow'a bsneBl, it tba Boston Thiitn, a 
booqnat waa thrown to ber te which wu ittecbed a lolld gold 
bracelet and eagnTCd with a amill padlock " Ulonihiba." 

Ulu MiUldaJitroo wu r obbed of foar dia mond rlpga at tba Bt. 
Obirlai Hotel, New Orleina, Utilj. lib* was sapping with loma 
lUeddSi end Jeitligl7 palled off fonr that wore 00 ber.Jlogan, and 

Jiat them ander the edge of her plite. Bbortlr aflar Iho ratlnl 
eigttUog all aboBt them, and when aha mlasea them eome Sflaea 
Blaalea afterwarda and retaratd to the room, the two waJt«n 
were tb*te, and the Ughte ware pat ont u ahe entered. The7 wire 
not fonnd. 

Mill Mir7 Agnes Oameron and M|. Pilralongh annoanee a read- 
lag from Bbikapeue aad the Poets, it Hope Okipel, on Taaada7. 

UlH Loalaa Howard, who pli78 at Wallack'a, la ai praaaat ander 
tbp klad care of BacUaad, at wboM theatre at Beaten aha per- 
formed. Bhe la said to be engaged to an odicer of the 18tb Bigl- 
ment, Capt. Pratt, nepber of Baron Pratt, qnarterad In Ouuda. 
Tbe7 aall for In|laod on the 6th of next month. 

Ur*. 0. N. Sinclair bad 1 complimentary the UetropO' 
lltan Theatre, Ban Frsnolaco, on the Ittb Uanh. 

A oomplIm*ntir7 beneBt wu getting np for Mr. Tronoh, th* 
bnllder ud minsger of tbe Metropollten Theatre. 
The Ulsaea Ooggeabelm wen it Ibe 0nlon. Bin Pranelsco, 
Ur. W..W«id Ii, U U.iAlil,ae|otlatlag for the Baltimore Ua- 

u>. Olio Dresssll hu receWed tbe 8200 Brst prlu offered by the 
proprliteri of tha Unilcal Berlew, for tbe beit song. 

Thate Ii in oa dit In Boston that the miniger of <A« theitie If 
ibont to leid to tbe brmeneal alter, a yonag memb*r.of hli eom- 
pan7. The lad7'i Inltlili are said to be B. T. 

Ur. f oeeph Procter, tragediia, offers to diamatie anthora, the 
following prliea: 91,000 for a new tragedy, la Bro note, and |tO0 
for a new drama, in three or fonr ute, of original and effoeUva 
conatractlon, that aball be approrad of b7 three appointed J ndgee 
— «ne thim Nlw Tork, one (rem Philadelphia, and one from BoF 

Th* Jrotbira Hollenbaner, whoM performances oa the wlolln 
ware 10 maeh ipplaadad at Jollen'a Conoorta, are pli7teg In Bhll- 
lias OoBooite bFhlladelphla. 

<tijld'lle Tonmlire and a flae eqneitrlu oompan7wero exhiblttig 
In Baa Praaolaoo, 

Thanofot Boiten'a Theatre wu torn off dnrbig the itormof 
Uonda7 laat 

. Dnilng tbe blow on tbe Slit., M7en' GIroii tent, which hid been 
pitehad OB a lol on Oonrt atieet, Brooklyn, for erenlng perform- 
*u, wu vitthtd if llu wind ia qnlte a different looallt7, thereby 
■topping In* ehsw. . 

At the Boeton Theatre, tbe magnldcent play of " MIdaaiaoir 
Nlgbt'aDraam" la being played with graat snoeeei: it li fbUof 
beiatlhl ecenoir, and Is pat npon tha ataga In raperb atyla. ' 

Mrs. Pamn, the Amarloia utreaa, li playing a nooeiifnl latac** 
mint It Elmbill's Mnienm, altbonih ihe wonld nleue a giait 
Biny It ihe wonld ipp*ar In cometbing baaldn ,tnea* wom-oat 
pisoea, lach aa "Pulo," "Lore," "The Stranger," •'lagonar," 
aBd"LBe«tlaBoili." • . -a 1 

Hirr7 8a7moBr hu been pli7bigit the Niticnal, Beaton, the 
put week, with very Uttl* eicocaa, probabl7 oa aeoonat of lurtig 
neb a poor stock eompan7 to snpport him. He wu lacoetdsd by 
Ur, N*aa*, who appeared on Moadw eroBlng in the tngadir ot 

0ra«i7'a Mhiatrela, on Wiahlnitoa-atrait, iwni to pleaae tha 
poblio better than anpthlag else A town. The Hall la crowded 
erarr night, and tbe Morria orothori kaep tbe andlenoe in a contl- 
nned roir of Iinghter when they ire npon the itige. 

Mite Pirodl, Uidimi Strikoacb, BIgnor Laonirdl, and Uinrle* 
Strakonh annonnce two concerta In Fhlladelpbla thla week. 

Biaford'i Btbloplaa Opera Tronpe are gtrlng a barleaqoi on th* 
trained alepheate, In FbUidelphli. 

Tbe Ladyotlh* Lik* hubaen prodaced at tb* Arch Street Thea- 
tre, Philadelphia, with W. Wbeatley u Elng Jamu, and P, B, Oon- 
wayuBoderlck Dhn. 

A beoeat In aid of the Widow and Orphan Pond of th* New Tork 
Fir* Dipartmeat, takaa place at NIblo'a, on tbe 38tb. 

At Wood k Obrlaty'a, "Nloarigna Stete 8eoi«te" ii being per- 

Tbe Nstlonil Theatre, Pbllidelpbli, la to open oa the let of 
Ua7, wltb Ur. and Mra. Dion Bonroloaalt aa the atin of the 

THeattlBalB-OlroiuBtt-Sthloplu KioBtnlqr, Jko. 

Thi weather, the Irat part of the week, oattalled reoelpte at the 
Tarloaa plaou of amBeaaent, bat thu Ikr minigeri bare a* ooea- 
•lon to oomplala of patronag*. . 

TAiWaUiok haa ent«redapon bU Bfth week, aad laitill "in' 
dimaad," WalUek'a oosr little place li geninlly well Biled, end 
thoe* who Tlalt it «bI07 th* *Btortabimeats offsred, iauaioh al 
they ar* aud* to f*al parracUy "at bom*." i 

Liora K**a*'i Tirlctlea giuu te popalirltr, for th* filrdinot-) 
i*u la a boat, in biraelf. we do not think that tier of prlraU 
boxai aalBcIantlr nmaneratlTO, la a Bniaclal potet, altboagbjft 
mar add to the maty of the eitebllataBeot. Jordan " wu o4" 
for a few erenlnga Ian weak, Mr. Dioklnion attempting bb pum 1 
bat the "lidr-Uller" liigaiaathli peit Oa BiinrdiT iranlng 
lilt, ea the eooulon of Mr, H. Hall'i bineBU a daaghter of th* 
btn^eiain made bir Brst appaaraaoe oa the stage, and, eoailjlar- 
lag all tbiaga, waa well leaiWed, Ur, Lloael aoldiBUa— no tela- 
tlon to Jenny LInd'i Qoldintd -made bladiiMi in " Ihe UndnUhod 
OenUoBan," * 

Mr*. WllUaoa (with bar hasband) te drawing exosllent honwi it 
tbe Broadway. Tbii lady noTar fella to aBu* aad delight b7 her 
p«enllar Bt;le ol aollnk. 

At finrlon'a— wber* pcopl* go to langh, whether tragady or 
Oomedy is tbe play— things go oa aboat la aanal. 

Cony aod ib* Dog* commoooad ao angagaaeat at th* National 
on Monday orenlng, 

Th* Bowor7 la picking op •Inwl7. Olagn, a hrorlte with tb* 
"Dowery bora," and Ur. J, 0, Dunn bare Jnit been added to tbe 
company, vntll the "Intemil dIii«nilona" it ihli hoai* in Ml- 
tl*d, tb* Binigiaint ef tb* Boweiy Theatre la ap-blll work, 

Tb* BareU are doing middling w«U at NIblo'a Hr. Nlblo Ii 
said to been his wiyhom*. ' > 

Ihe Lignng* Opera Company ir* at th* Acadaity ef .Moale. 
W* droppid In 1 lew nlghUilooe, lad wire maeh pl*ai*d with th* 
minair in which *U conutmd took their reapeoiire rotlr, i* oar 
gTMt orltlu bare It. Mad. Lagraaie'i toU went dews with g«ifa, 
wbateTar.tbat Is ; aad, with a enp of Onitar'! •xcaUant ooffoe, ta* 
thing woyld hiTa bean complete. What aay the great erltlea 
abaat n«l*rtlng "eoBb* aai raUi " togithar t 


tijttt and leoompta. 
By a telegraphic despatoh, dated New Orleans, April 
18, we learn that Ptyor woo a three mile raoe agauBt 
Leoompte, on the Metarle Oonroe. 


Ubtabii CoumiE, April 0.— Parse $300, two mile 

A.ii. Blngamin's (1, B, Polndixlar'a) h, t. Mary Bemud, if 

I lBp.01encoe, oatofMirletti— 8 7«anold t 1 

Bbu ind Hoore'i b. f. Poaa Virrla, by Wignar, oat of Argod- 

"' ' " , J 9 8 

tile— 47einoM. 

1st Mile., 
3d Mile .. 








April 10.— For year olda. 
Forfdt 9100. SsolaraUon, ^0. 

Sweeptakef of ^SO*. 
One nile heatg. i 

Thomas 7. Willed g. f, b7 hop, BoTOnlgn, eat oIBmL,... . i^t 1 
A. L, Blngaaan'* b, o., b7 Imp. SAT*i*lgn, «t of B*!*!*^ j 

Ooody i. a, 

Socond Bae*,— D. P. EtaaBr** b. a , by Imp, 0!*nt»*, *at I ' 

ofUInatnl 1.., 4 1 

A. L, Blngamin's Byaiaaukl,! b. t Tlotoiln*, oat of 

Vletrvas,,.,. I 9 

W. J, Ulanar'i br. f. Tarlatlon, by Ambasudor, ovt of lap 

Brtteanll •' 1 • 

John Toroknll's b, t. Boatbera Delle, by Imp. Yorksblra, 

cat of Bally ShanBon ' ' 

. , Tlmi,l:4Ti I:46J(1 I:WJ<i 1:", / 

APBa II.— Purse $800. Four mile heatf Batraaea 
per oent added, ./ 

OoL A. L, BlBgiBin's (B. Ten Droeok's) oh. OjRj'; 
br imp. 0100000, not of Oypsy, own slstv -.n,.. 
doo^y AisrliaitcUpso-lS y**r, aid./-' • • om. 

ioh to Btoond horse. Three/' ^^itoOB 


tea per oent added 

Ool. A. L. Bbuimio'i (B, Tan 
by lap,aienso*, ontof Q 
do«i by Aaierlean BollpM' 


fe) oh, e/Pryor, 
>wo iliterorH*- 
• o>d.... waIkid*T«> 



VjnoH CotniiB, Sm Fhahciico, Mwoh J8.— Tret- 
t|p|r-pon» I^Oi n>ll« bMU. but three k Ave, la htr 

0, B. Ihtu iBtn* (■ (• Xlt Kanon , > . 
J.])*Bl«l*Bt*ri b.(.ntd«WtBd 

... 1 S 1 1 4 

_ _ _ .... 114 3 1 

>'arcgkitaUnk(.P«wdtr J » * • J 

,^ • Tint, iM)i i a.«« i M» i «^« I a-'M I 

•t»l«i)o^Ai»1fnlItrBMl»l'»w to UToW^Ohto, 
ipfl»r,»l2P.M.,rorW«»ili»-»i;«»rf«"- . ,. . 
Sr. tau unti Touf Antrioa (HoiftB coU) , I jn. old. Ta 


Fram BiTt i^i, UarA BO, lUB, 

Irau. 1— DiB Honb ud (Montr'i Norlc*— jGIS k ild*, L«ndoa. 

n.— T/lu Md BMoA—£ti t lilt, LoBdoa. 
IUt S^BraokM tad Hick*— £35 » ild*, LoDdoD. 

la— flMrgt Orockitt and Bab Tnrtn— ltO» ild*, London* 

19.- Butt Sroom« ud Tom Paddock— i3N a ild*, London. 
JVH S,— Bam SlniDODli and Br«tUe— £200 » Mt, London. 

IT — Bakar tad Hatton— £30 to £U, Loadoo. 

ir— Iltjti tad Uiu«7— £100 a ilda, London. 


End or Joirii aits thx SLAtHia's Hatch.— A letter 
fromAaroV. Jonee, etAtes tbtlhe ii antble to flabt on 
the i»y ntmtd, owing to tbe lojor; to his thumb lie re- 
•elTed bj • fall froia a horse, and, aa proof of tble, be 
laa forwarded the ^following medical oertiflcate:— 
<• Margate, Maroh SOtb, 1866.-1 hereby oerti^ that I 
Btttaded Ur. Airon Jones for a atTere laceration of the 
thnmb, prodnoed by a fall from a horae, and that I am 
of opiiilon that hia engaging in a pagillstto conteat lo 
early as the 4th of Jane next would be nnwlse and Tory 
detrimental to tbe lojared band.— David Fbicb. M. D , 
Fellow the Bo>al College of Snrgeons, and CoDtnltlog 
Surgeon to the Roytl Sea Satbhg Infirmary." Jonu 
' wlihcs to know whether the Slasher will aotept of any 
nm to poBtpotie the fight for three months, and If he 
Hill, bega hiio to name bis terns. To whloh the Bliaber 
repUcB that he will sot agree to any poatpontment of bla 
aatoh with Jones, and, as tbe latter did not deposit his 
noner last week, be Hill claim forfeit. Ibe Slasher 
adds that he will fight the winner between Broome and 
Paddock, or make • fresh matoh with Jones for £200 a 
■ids. The Slasher wUl therefore reoelTe forfeit. 

EABmrBBOOM^ add Pasdoce.— The lltk deposit, 
of £10 a side, between these men, was made good en 

. Tnesday. There la ngw X120 a elde down for this 
Batch, which will be for the Champion's Belt, as Jones 

, ud the Slather's natch Is off. ItwiU.inallprohablllty, 
as may be seen aboTe, lead to two £ghts, seeing that the 
Slasher intenda to dispute the title of the winner to the 
trophy in quesUos. 


Hatch.— No artanoenient having been oometo between 
these men, the atakea were, on Moaday last, handed 
OTer to the reeptetite haokere of the men. Walker now 
•taies that he is willing to make a fresh matcb, for 
jSSOO a side, to come off three nontba after his fight 

> irith Uassey. aad, as to a referee, he will oonaeatto tbe 
following terms— that etoh ebonld Dime a referee, and 
that we ahonld oame another; the three namea to be 

. plaeed In a hat. and tbe one first dram by an impartial 

^person to be referee. 

Obhx AMD Bat(bi.— In answer to Tom Barera's 
ohallcBge, some time baok. Herry Ome pledged hunself 

V ta fiffht Tom as soon u he had arranged hie affairs, and 
Bkldiie woald have then tad tbtre tcoepted hbohaU 
lenge, ecnld Sayers bare been prepared with £200. 

'■9!om bege to say he has now eared np that anm, and 
'tmtts Uiat the present state of affairs will enable Orme 
to keep his word. Sajera will, at any rate, giro liim 

. the opportunity of doing so, and Is prepared to make a 
natdh to fight him for £200 a side. To wlilch, Orme 
responds, by esking if Sayera la not aware that he 
(Orne) istngsged In a bneiDets from which arena 
alight absence wonld detract considerably ; to snstaln, 
any farther, the pretensions of a lighting man. He oan> 
aot consent to break np his arrangements, when Tom 
Bayers, fights, says he; " I sbtll slwaTS be happy to see 

: Un, bnt other arooatloDs and other oabils now render 
llihtlogwiih me ontof theqneatJon; and I traatyon 

. irlll he. good enoogb, by sirlDg inecrtion to this letter, 
■0 to express it onoe for all that neeless challenges may 
lie no more thrown ont in this direction. The time will 

. oone when I shall be fully prepared, meanwhile as we 
oaonot bare war, at least let ua hare peace." 

way a fall yard. Constable now made a deaperate ef- 
fort, and gradaally lessened the gap betwMa them, and 
when within abont fonr yardrfron home Jnst aanaged 
to show Us body in front, and after one of the beat 
raeea that hu been seen for sooe time, wu dedared the 
winner by a barefoot . 

. iM -IroDsidea, the pedes- 

trisD, started at fle^e mlnntee after fear P.M., onFil- 
day, the "th lnst., for tha fifth milestone from Pen- 
lanoe on theHelitOB road and back, whloh he was to 
repeat thirteen times in 26 hours : be finished his vtr- 
foraanee at ten minates after fonr P.M., ontheBlh, 
thu aooompllshiag the dlstaaee, ISO miles, in 24 honra 
and fire minutes. Iar|te numbers of people assembled 
from time to time to witness the performance of this ex- 
traordlsaiy teat. 

TsN MiLB BAcx.-Tio match to run ten miles, for 
£10 a side, between JsmesBrookson of Qarratt and 
Oharles Oooke of Marylebone — the former recelting 
one minute start-came off on the 28th'at Qarratt-lane, 
and, from both men being well-known pedestrians, 
there were upwards of a thotisand periona present, who 
seemed highly delighted at the sport. Both msn had 
been in aotire tralnlDg for the event, and looked in the 
beet poelble condition. Brookson. who is abont thirty- 
two years of age. first appeared in pnbllo abont twelre 
years ago ; he was then considered a runner of no mean 
preteaaiona. and pollahed off sereral good men. but In 
sbcnt 1SS2 his running seemed to have left him, and be 
has hardly bsen btard of sinoe. Oooke, who has been 
before the public abont two years, is about twenty-one 
Tears of age, and, althongh not a first-rate elipper, be 
has won many racea At half-paat fonr o'clock the men 
appeared at tbe soratob, in racing ooatntne, and at the 
signal giren, away Brookaon bounded, and covered up- 
wards of 800 yards In the given time. Cooke then set 
off at a raUllng page. 7 to 4 was now freely offered on 
Oooke, who did not gain much upon his opponent until 
the fourth mile bad been gone over, when he began to 
gain a little, and at the ninth mile was within 120 yards 
of Brookson, whose long lurching strides made him ap- 
pear to be running remarkably easy, and havlog hts 
man safe, he aUowed him to get within fifty yards of 
him at the flnlih. Brookson was declared the winner. 
Booompliahing tbe distance in S6 minutes 86 seconds. 

Fcdkitbian Fxatb.— On the 24th, at Falcon Lane, 
Battersea, a young Ud named James Onlnn, only nine- 
teen years of age, undertook to walk 40 miles In eight 
hours, for a bet of £13 to £10, bnt he broke down in the 
22d mile, completely exhausted. A walking matcb of 
fonr miles, for a sUver watch, also cane off; ft waa won 
by Charles Westball, who stood at soritoh, giving New- 
man half a minute, Durham half a minute. Vigors one 
minute, and Woodstock a minnte-and a-half start. On 
the 23th, Westball undertook to walk 20 miles in three 
hours, bnt gave in, owing to the heavy state of tbe 
ground, after going 7| miles in 60 minutes 14 seconds. 
He started at three o'clock preoisely, and walked the 
distance he went as follows (lined by H. A. Beed) i 1st 
mile, 8mln. 4S8eo. ; 2d, Smln. 26seo ; Bd, 8min. 47sec. ; 
4tb, Offlin. 28seo. ; 5th, Smln. 58seo.; Sth, 8mln. e88eo.; 
7th, Smin. 66mln. ; and the three- quarters in 6 nlnntes 
7 seoonds. 

All Enoland Half Mile Harbio'ap.— This affiiir 
came off at Garrett Lane, Wandsworth, on the 24tb 
For the first heat : 0. Watson, 26 yards sUrt ; David 
Welsh, 80 ; J. Brookson, 40] a Fisher. 6&4-W. Lgkes. 
60 ; and J. Baldoek. Ofi— sttrfed at 86 minutes past three 
O'clock. Betting : 6 to 4 against Brookson, 2 to 1 agst 
Watson, and 9 to 1 against any one else. Wslsb ran In 
the winner, bnt by only half a yard, Brookaon se- 
cond, and WatsoBtnlrd; time, 2 minates. Second heat : 
Six started, vie.,. J. Fndney, 20 yards start: B. Bden, 
27 ; 0. Cooke, 80 ; B, Lewis, 66; J. Wray,eO; F. Dia- 
mond, 85; bettiagMeat Padaey a«iBattheflaU:3 to 
1 against any one else. They all kept pretty well in 
tbelr resneoUve places till coming np the back stretch, 
when Pudney made a tremendons raih, and ran in a 
winner by a ocunlecf yards, Eden lecond, Diamond 
third, and Oooke fonrth. It was a capital race— Time, 
1 mlnnte 60 seoonds. Third best : For this H. Margete, 
27 yards start ; J. Stainor, 80 ; O. Gibbons, 40 ; and W. 
Preeton, 60— started. After a good raoe, this terminat- 
ed in a dead heat'between Hargetta and Stainor. Many 
considered that Stainor won by half a foot, bnt as there 
were neither nmplres nor a referee. It conld not be set- 
tled otherwise than by allowing them both to run in the 
decisive beat. Final heat: Tbe winners of tbe previous 
beats now toed thcEoratoh. Betting: 2 to 1 against the 
field. He had the race all his own way. They reached 
the winning crease as follows : Pudney first by four 
yards, Uargstts second, Welsh third, Stainor. fourth- 
time 2 minntee. 

t« shew in front. At the Skiaaer's-bura, which Is abont 
100 yards further. Olasper took Us opponent's water, 

and at the foot of the new qnay he had inereased Us 

KUtion to betterthan a elearlenilh. At this point of 
e noe the banks of either aide of the rivet were liter 

, . TfBXB Battlxb.— Tonng Riloy and Tonng Bken- 
, Wright, of Birmingham, met on the 17 tb, to contend at 
' ' Tst 21b, for £10 a side, at Eingsvood Wood Commons, 
' Awo miles and a half Inriher on, where an excellent ring 
was pitched, and tbe men entered, attended by fonr old 
;> and .wdl-known Birmingham seconds. Just as they 
were In the act of setting-to, the police put in an ap- 
.' pearance, and warned them off tbeground. They, hpw- 
- ever, retbed outside the riufr, and they did not again 
interfere. Both yontiis were in floe condition. Blley 
was 1^0 favorite, at 6 to 4 ; and after the first quarter 
of an hour had elapsed, 6 to 1 was laid on him, and 
taken. Tbe Shaver got tbe first blood from the potato 
•trap in the second round, and in the 20th round mansuged 
to get the knock-down blow. These were the only points 
during the fight that oonld be said to be in hu favor, 
fof ^ough he fought well, yet It was apparent to all 
I after a short tine that he had no chance wIthBUey, 
-whose superior science gave him every opportunity of 
( letting well home on his oppooent, dosing np his left 
I pile, seriously dama^ng the right, and naterlaUy alter- 
\lBg the nasal organ After flghing 80 rounds in 66 
- Viuiatta, tbe Shaver's friends seeing It was nseless to 

Slow him to go on, gave in for bim, although against 
e game little fellow's wish. 

B. Batee of Brlerley Hill and John Page of Brlttlo- 
lane met on Harob 8, to fight at catob weight, for £10 a 
side, at tbe Brownhills, near Lichfield, and, after a 
well-conteated battle of one hour and three-quarters, in 
. , whloh 68 rounds were got throngb, Bates wu tbe winner. 

Jtmmy Williams and Pilot of Bristol, fpught on the 
' 24th, near Bath, for £10 a side, at oatoh weight. It 
WBsalongatruggle, ccoupyiDg Sb 82sec, dnrlngwUoh 
104 rounds were fought Pilot took tbe lead for the 
first two honra, but after that Williams seemed to rally, 
and nooeeded In throwing his opponent many times 
' very heavily, and eventually, in4he last round, he gave 
Pilot aleavy baok faU, which rendered Urn deaf to the 

IootBacx or 100 TAiin».-Con«lable and Wheatler 
eonteetedinalOOyardsraoe, for £60, on the 17th, at 
Hyde Pirk. CcnsUble, who Is a powerfblly-bnUt yonne 
man, is'28 years of age, stands 3 feat 4 nohea, and 
weighs lOst. 71b. Wbtatley, who Is 92yeara of ace 
sUnds 6feet 1 Itch, and weighs Sat. 21b. About four 
o'clock both men made their apptarenoe on theoronnd 
and the iroress of unrobing having been gone through, 
..they tce4 theieratb, bnt nearly an hour was cut to 
waste in dodging for tbe start; at length they bolted 
twav slmttltanei nelv, but T(heatley, who was quiokeet 
ca hie Ifgp, soon ebr.wcd in advance, and when little 
^ Bore than half the distance hid beta covered, led tbe 

Walbino Matcb.— J. Jones, cf London, and J. 
Ashton, decided their four-mile walking match on the 
26tb, for £20 a aide. On going away, iht favorite, 
Jones, led by a ooople of yards, bnt when a mile had 
been traversed, Ashton had aaeamed the premiership, 
and was a vard and a half In front. This position 
he kept until the final half-mile lap, when Jonea again 
took the lead, which he maintained, erentnally winning 
by 20 vards. The lime cccapled by Jones in tbe respect- 
ive half-nule laps was as rollows: 1st, 4mln. 16seo. ; 2d, 
4min. iOsec. ; 8d, 4mln. 89seo. ; 4tb, dmin. 88Bec. ; Sth, 
4min. 88sec.; 6th,4min. 2eseo ; 7th,4mln. 24seo-; and 
8th, 24min. Sseo. 

SouixxBs Hatob BxrwBiN H. Olaspxb and M. 
Tatlob.— This matoh, which has engrossed the atten- 
tion of the admlreie cf aquatic sports for the last two 
months, was brought to a conclusion on Hondav last, and, 
if we nay Jadge urotn the Immense number bfspectatois 
who assenDledon the banks of tbeTynCtWe wonld say 
that no slnllar event has created greater excitement 
since the four-oared natch be'tween Parish's crew and 
tbe Claspers, fifteen veers ago. The race was orlatnally 
made for ftSO a side, but there seemed to be alack of the 
" ciroulatuig medium" on the part of the -Taylon, ^d 
it was ultimately agreed to row for £80 a side Olasper's 
career extends over a long period of years, and he has 
rowed many a gallant raoe; and is now 46 years of age. 
Taylor Is 20 years of age, and has sonewhat suddenly 
sprung bto repute as a sculler. His trinmph over the 
Elswlok crew, and the London watermen at the Great 
National Regatta last year In tbe Manchester orew, and 
his snbaeqnent victory over Pattlnson, raised Um in the 
estimation of his friends, and hia prowess in aquatic 
circles has of late been the topic of oonversatlon; and 
many thought it wholly Inpracticable for any man on 
the Tyne to vie with him with any ohanoe of sucosss; 
hence the present match. For some time previous, to 
the race the betting was slightly In favor of OUsper; 
but on the day it veered round to 6 and S to 4 on Taylor. 
Shortly after five o'clock, Taylor was seen to enter his 
boat at the SUnner'a-bnm, and. was quickly followed by 
his opponent from the Mansion House Qnay. Eleven 
steamers, orammed fall of people, put off firom the va- 
rious quays and took np thehr posltious at the south side 
of the river. Both men had undergone a rigid course of 
training, and at the starting point Tavlor .preeented 
every attribute that even hts most sanguine supporteta 
could wish for; while, at tbe sane tint. It must be ad- 
mitted that Henry was in equally goodoonditlon. After 
a little mennuverlDR and two or three false starts, tbsy 
both daahed awar, Taylor getting the flnt hold of the 
water. Harry, acwever, was soon le vel with Us oppo- 
nent, and an oar-and-oar rate ensued natll thqr reeened 
Cooksoa's Qnay, when the " «ld>an" began gradually 

ally elad with ilvlBg masses, andlheshoutaof'Had 
away, Harry,** were perfwtly deafening. On the tope 
of the hllla a large number of the Mr sex were seen 
waving their handkenUefi, apparently delighted at the 
'• old-nn" leading kb youBg opponent. Opposite the 
shot tower, wUch was reached In 4mln 60tec, Cltsper 
was four leagths in adranoe ; and. notwithstanding the 
frequent sports cf bis opponent, he still contlaaed to 
gala. At the foot of the Ueadows, Olasper was fifty or 
sUty yards ahead, pnlliog quite easy. From thia point 
it. was a guinea to a shllllBg ca him; and at the Uead- 
ows House, wUeh was'galned In llmin 42sec, Mt»i\^' 
creased Us lead to nearly a hundred yards. Here the 
steamboats pressed too closely upon Taylor, and, owing 
to the narrowness of the channel In that part of the 
river, he was caught by a heavy ripple, and obliged to 
pull CD shore, evldeatty fatigued. Olssper continued to 
the end, winning an easy victory. The diatanoe was 
rowed in 22mln 30seo. 

BowiNo Match at Pltmouth.— A boatraoe, whloh 
caused no little excitement in this neighborhood, came 
off on Friday, March 21. Oapt. EUiot,of H. M. S. James 
Watt, backed, for a small wager, one of the boats of that 
sUp, which he should name, against the Panl Hethnen, 
a cedar six-carad gig, built at Bermuda, belonging ta B. 
Trisoott, Esq , of the R. W. V. Yard. The raoe was to 
come off on Friday, whatever might be the state of the 
weather. Abont eleven o'clock on Friday the atom flag 
wu hoisted at Devonport, and tiie wind gradually in- 
creased, and we believe the backers of tbe gig began to 
be less eonfident than at flrsL The James watt's boat, 
a large pinnace, pulling 20 oars, was manned by 40men; 
the gig by six men from Saltuh. At ten minutes put 
one they were started from the Boyal William, by Capt. 
Klngcome; the course- round the Breakwater and baok 
to the starting point. The gig, from her lightness, as 
wu expected, took the lead, but afUr the pinnace got to 
her best speed she began to lose ground. Little, how- 
ever, could be gathered as to the ultimate success of 
either until they passed Devil's Point, and began to en- 
counter tbe sea. Many excellent judges (U tbe gig's 
qnellUu in a sea were quite unhnoim) were of opinion 
that the pinnace would pass her. TUs wu not, however 
the ease, and the orew of tbe gig were obliged to some- 
what Blacken thehr speed; yet she kept the le^, and 
In pnllingthe length of the Breakwater outside; gained 
49 seconib on her antagonist. There was stiU-ft hope for 
the pinnace, u the (pg (only one foot four Inenes In 
depth) had, after ronndmi theeutern end^f the Break- 
water, to put her broadsloe to the sea, and this, it wu 
BuppoBed,would, if not entirely swamp, yet so fill her 
with water, that she would be obliged to relinquish the 
race. All the crew of the pinnace made the most prodi- 
gious exertions to overtake her. The gig, however, con- 
tinued to Increue her distance, and, contrary to the 
general expectation,' did not ship ranch water, and event- 
ually rounded tbe Royal William 3mln Msec before the 

The Tuar.- Latbst Statc or thb Odds.— Dbbbv. 
-Flybynlght, J. Scott, 7 to 1 (off) ; Polmoodle, J. Prince, 
SO to 1 (tk) ; Enchanter, J. Day, 60 to 1 (tk). 

WBiaTLino Match.— The Btateh, for £10 k tide, b*.^ 
tween Beecomb and Cox, came off on the 24th, at the 
Jollv Caulkers, Botherhllbe. At two o'clcek several 
admirers of the sport had usembled, and at three the 
men entered an excellent ring provided by the landlord, 
and both men appeared in first-rate condition. Buoomb 
especially wu the admiraUon of Usfrlenda,butOox ap- 
pMred to be the favorite, until after some little play, 
wbenBascoakheounethefcvOrlte, which position hekept 
througbont, and ultlmatelr won the match by throwing 
Oox three tines to being tBrown once. Time 2h'5UfflIn. 
So'severe a struggle hu not been witnessed for years. 

Thb Old Doo Jxit.-Thls wonderful dog gave anoth' 
er speelmen of his extraordinary killing powers on Tues' 
day last. Shaw had backed him to deetroy lOO large rats in 
Dine nlautes, giving bin thus a little extra time on ac- 
count of his growing infirmities and his want of con- 
dition, when, to the delight and amatement cf a large 
Oorlnthlan assemblage, among whom we noticed several 
familiar sporting faces from the Universities, he com- 
pleted Us task in the utonlshingly short time of 7mln 
849ee. The rats were of tbe beet deseriptica, fresh in 
from the bams, and no small amusement wu created by 
tbe vlgoroua and fierce assaults made by them on Bhaw, 
who waa backing the dog hi tbe pit. 

Doctor fUnlibw tbabeat attltia ot Dyt »y*r lalnlat*dt«the 
pnUle aettg*. Ot court*, avtiy penan kaev* tf tha Isvalatble 
pnptrttta of the Veetot** etiakntad ItalUa Vsdicat** teap, 
wlilt]^u»biutUtr,buBa*4Batta«k*veiia«reaaa«tlM. AU 
cf tht aboT* nsr bt had ot Dr. Oouaid, R»; ST Wtikar stntt, Ant 
itoi* Droadwty ; tbe, of T. &. OtUeader, Be. M loath IMrt 
itmt, Phlltdtlphla. 

LoTBRi or AtiUATio sroan. 

ties oftb* Boat tad Oar Bttaar will open April It, and ecatl- 
aa« epta oat weak onlr. The aitaiilT* amsnoitala that hat* 
h««a Bid* for tbU BihlbtUoa tnaiaat** u It aarltf . that It wilt 
M Uitii^iit tntl ot lb* klad (Ttr ttttni to tht poUlo lathli or 
anr otbtt «oiatir- Thtt* will b* on •iblbUloa a campbtt ttt of 
BtftlU Bm«<, eoaalatlog of Bktltton BoaU taa U to IT fHt la 
ODgUi iBall Bbata, from 20 lo 14 fett la Itofth : ofPlMni* B«aU 
thti^ wlU bicoapiiu ttU of til kinda; lliiu*i lad aiaalac 
Bott^daifM, l>lakt7i,iniORl<c Bow tod WUUbaU Bottr tad 
BOmtrptu other eiwnt. Of Bblpi' BoaU, Ibti* wlU b* (iMUtad 
*v*rT Ituth otai|,piut aadSUro Boata, WuhboaidaadDeabto 
H«adtrDoali, TawU, Uo«m, Long, WhtU, Barf and Llh ittU, 
and Um tl|hUt«-in»WD>ln all neulj «noD(h to (Ualah *t*it 
*""L'?.'!?'5 T,"^ f of BoaU Addad to thli wlU b* 

Man PoUahad Uoda i, Qold tad BUvtr Hadali, Goblati, aad Dlplo- 
mu I tlM Oil FatntlB(( of wnt otth* calabrtMd B*|ittutht If 
l*nola h»»* Uk*B put In i Utt«n of.nonot from Scl*atUa M ta 
rBd loiUtatloni— tb« wholt fORBlof t Otblnat of ninouipltn- 
dor. Tb* In|oiM>lli en this oocttlon latana t* oBtcttlp lU fOraicr 
tfforla. Thty b*Tt takea tbcli itaad boldlt ob Ut p*d**tal of p«r- 
(*«l!on, and at* tht oolf olilmtBta to tha boaor. Oat Utadi aad 
tb* pnbllo at* lBTlt<d to attaad.' Admluica Int. 
l-lt-O 0. I>. INOBBBOLL A BON, ISO toatk Knct 


Biaolag rolli, Bllti aod BtToWiita, BpoiUof Deft aad BMi^ 
Bpoitlas Pclata and Book*, and tk* eboltttt Impoitad Qlctn— kr 
lidr*ia!iig T. n. BUTTBa, S»Bro«oM81i*at,IC.T. iJo 


Ualtad Btitta. Tb* Baburlbar li aow prtnared to ftnUb, oa 
■null oomaiMlaai, tar artlda piDsnitbl* la this ooiatval low 
rntci, noh ti Watobta, Jtwiirr, Hon**, Oariltf*!, Wateaii'Etr- 
B*i>, tall tndBowBoat*, ?liblnf Tackle, tIr*anna,BcilBgOl*v«^ 
Damb-Btlli, Sporting Print* and Bookt, Dot* and Fowl Of *r«iy 
br*«d, &o ; alio Poaltr* for Bparrlog Bzhlbriloaa, aiad avtnr d*- 
lorlptlon of PtIntlDg, fbrnlihod top*itl*tlBaad ont ottUtcltr oa 
Ih* mott roatcaabl* t«rm*, br addranlag a nolo to oar* of PaaRK 
QutBir, Bii)., Bdltor of th* Hmw Ton OLirrei, or to th* oB** 
of L. .0. OBUIIS, S0> Bfoadwtj, cor. of Dou* BIrtIt, (8d doer, 
Booms.) 1-0 


In th* b*it mtnntr br OBOBOB W. niBtlD, who will an** 
to balld BaU T*u*:i that tbaU b*al aay »( a Ilk* dnerlpUoa, «r 
.-.-Wa BorlBc* that fhall b* utiilhotorr to lb* partita. 
^imi* of Buln«i>— I. itr**t, ai**n Point. 1-3 


INOTON BALL, M Oatbatlaa itnti, tmn Bmj, vhn* tbe 
loTcn of To«U Taltnt mar •ip*ct to bar* a tr*tt mtj Moadiir 
and Bktardar •T*BlBg. Wedntadaya, th* Mt* lad Juy Olib will 
hold tbtlr miBllag* t« tr/ all caM* that auyconMvftkU, their 

L B. JONBB b*g* ta iaforra bit Miadi aad th* pabUe. that be 
ha* on hand th* Ixat lapoitad Llqaor*, Wli**, Alt*, aad (Hftn, 
lad Itttaii himatif bjr thtt mttbod that bt wlU ootttaut l« I** 
o*1t* ftTon wtilch htv* b*ia to Ubaiallr bailovad IWtt-0 


ItBftb. 8aldBeataat*li>it>odoid*r,tad'«lUb*nldl**. 
AppI/ to NiwHAN k BAMDALL 

SMt-O ' BMIMBtittettHfevTetk. 


lul ■anuB*r, I* w*U foaod. aad a rarr Ikst atUfr. laatlf* of 
U-at-0 AUOtSTDB PAOB, N*v Earoa, Otaa. 


th* ««l*brat*d Dog TIOBB | eonpriibiK a vu^ttjr of • 

BimTH ExTBAOannrART.— On the auspldoiu morn- 
ing of Sunday, the lOth, an Italian ^greyhound bitch 
(formerly the property of one of our Orimean herow), 
but now belonging to Mr. Walter Mace, Peal-street, 
Walsall, gave birth to three young pups of the respect- 
ive colors red, white and blue. 

ToBHUTo THB Tablks Bballt.— ThcrS wu a grand 
" row" lately at a lecture lo Paris. Police agents in plain 
clothes were present; they made a mark with chalk on 
the backs of the most uproarious of tbe students, so that 
they might be known and arrested when, they left the 
hall : the etndents detected the mancenvre, and slyly 
chalked the police agents ; when tbe offleers left the 
place, the Sergens de rlllearrMled them, lodged them 
in prison, and kept them therefor a day and a night. 

Eroiivi Tbial.— Engine Obmjiany Ko. 8, of the Wes- 
tern District, Brooklyn, took boiae their engine from 
the painter's on the 26th, and on the foUowing day gave 
her a trial from the cistern in -front, of Uielr house in 
Henry strut, in preseoce of a large number of specta- 
tors. They played ytlth the following result :Trom 
suction with 60 feet Of hose, open but of 2(8 Inches, 
into tbe gutter of the Oitv Armcry— a hichtof 86 feet, 
and 02 feet on a level. Same hose, 11-6 inchooiiel, 
161 feet; three stresms, 8-4 Inch nosile, ll7 feet horl- 
lontal. The engine has been in use about fonr yeus, 
and with a new coat of paint, presents a very handsome 

Tbs Gabi Of OlLUABii.— Thl* betatirnl tad MUlaat gams, 
b/whlohaaaa is enablti to. *Bjo]r hlau«lf *lth*r tt honitor 
tbroad, Uk* tU otbn loUBtlts apiu*m*Bt* I* tut galalag la pep- 
Bltrltf, iBd , u t aatoial e4ai*qi*ao*, tb* lnct*ti* la tb* dtatad 
for ttbl«i, etUa forth tb* lattntlr* fkonltlii of nun for th* Im- 
prortmnt of th* aam*. The* It U, Uiat Ur. Mleht*l Phtlaa, oa* 
of th* bHt pUrM* la Ih* world, bu latoly nc***d*d la pwAellag 
ta tatlrtljatw rtrl* of euhloa, ctlltd th* "Oembtattlea Oiab- 
Ib'a," foi which h* bu a*cuad t pat*nt It li prabtbt* that «■ 
Btj, lBonrntal,mfittothI* nbjiet, tipUlalag tb* difartac* 
b*tw*ta tb* old tad aaw *t7l«, tad llktirli* gtr* dligrimi t* nak* 
lb* autt*T itlU moi* dtar. Ur. Phcltn'* Btlsea tad Bhow Booau 
tn at Bo. 31 Obtaban iti«*l, wh«t* tbo** lat*i*it«d eta call aad 
t** for thimsslvii. 

Ooiaiirioi.— A* thtr* will Im thooauds of new itadsr* for thU 
tad'fclinqaaat aaabtn «f th* Ourraa, w* «Mild*r It eaTdaty 
U appilw thtm that If laj ti* tronblad wllb npiifltoai hair, Sr. 
flooraaCa axetUcat P«Bdi«i BabtiUawiU *fadl«aU It, aad that, 
too, witheat th*i*tit tnaU*. At tb* aam* t|a«, Ull la dttbabU 
to «ktB|* Ih* ««t«r of ea*'* fcilr, Ct*m a Ught; red, or gi*/, ih* 

and taatngtlT* •lanplu UlBitrtUv* of tha haMr*SM|a»f tb* 
ipproprlat* titlalBg tad adneatlon of Dtgi. Br tiaaeli BaUet, 
tiMtoa itiaat, Ntw Torkl li*iaav*d from BOS Watttii) Xk* 
Trad* ■BppU*d OB tb* nintl Uiaia. 

I. B. ha* eoaitaatlr oa baad all th* tbole* br«*d *( ttgl, beth 
for lal* aad atock. 

Proprlator of Bnllir'* Llolnaat, lalklllbl* Haag* Ualmtat aal 
lUalaUralaator. Pris*, SO «*bU p*r bAtUa. ; IMm-« 


World that ba baa tahoa tb* abor* wall-kaowa Heaae, Ittolr 
cccaplid bj Mr. Hanlatt, to whloh h* larlU* tb* alUatlaa •! Ih* 
raB«r, avulDg tbam alwtja a h*iitr w*I*cb*, flnl-itt* Ufoon, 
iBd Bport* anitaallad br anj ctbar hou* In the Slat**. 
Rata eoaalaatly oa hand and for aal*. 


now la tall oparaUon at No, SOS Btoadwajr^ aerthvfit sernar 
ot aad ontraac* In Sua* air**!, wh*i* pattlM eaa at all HoM* be 
ftual*h*d with Oaab epon til UMrlptloaa of Pinoaal PiB p wtj, 
W»t«b**, DUnoad*, )*w*lr7, BAn*, Otnttg**, HtiaMO, Olstbk 
Bllkj, Ltcaa, Haidvai*, Palatlan, tad BoUnndo Appttatat, all of 
vhlcBwlllMlaantd epoa or boagtatat tight (orsaa. Ititl** 
traaaaatlDgbttalnauat thli oSea Bi*r r*(t aaiond thU th* Boat 
rigid eonld*ne* will b* obaorrtd. 

Frlvtt* Ofle*a for tha r*e*ptl»B of Ltdltt, or If r*tBlrad, Mn*M 
will b* wtlt*d ap«a at lhali nild****!. Oflo* bom ben s A. IL 
to e P. M. JOHN OOBBIOAN, trcfHttr. 


X thJ* or any Other N«w York paper, a*sd n* th* adv*rtls*d price 
of th* Book yoa want, aad tie reiara nail wUl bilag yoa tb* 
BookwaaW ' * . - ». 

Ifkgtilne, I . 

lar. Befar to tb* Bdltor of this papar. 

EUB<7uNB9 k TOU8B7, 

1«0 Naaita (trtet, ^•w Terk. 

Book waBi*d,'/V**</FtMf«. If yoa woat any Nawrnaparer 
twi as Uw iaMori||tloa pri** aod foa wUJ get it itg«> 


tv* do«ra «att of Ptck Blip, N«w fork, ■anafUtarsnaf aad 
d*al*rt to Boat* and Tachif of all diserlplloss, of lb* best. ssal*> 
rials aod work]iianahl> Also, the b«it qaalltr of Otn^ Bw**fS| 
*ndBetllB,amtU8pan,Ae.,*«. : ■ 

N.B.— Botuboaghtaadaoldon«OD<a]SBl«a. Bir*M**aalwan 
d*p*Dd ipon havlni th*lr boat* bollt by prastlitl Boat Balldan. IB 



. blea, wllb Us atw combtDailon oublont, eompoiad of atv** 

tal aalciiala, ind <o ooattratted a* lo laaar* mtlhawailaal eo^ 
r*otB«M of taglta and Ih* rtnialt* (luUolir la ill t*a*oaa| ad^ 
■IdeiaiBD long d*alr«d by BlfbllUard plapcii. 

Th* todartlgnad, from hia long uperlono* lo ih* WJliaid btil- 
na*a, withoat agollna, conttad* h* b eapahl* of Jidf lag what a 
Ubl* ahould bo, and h* pledge* bli rtpauilon that ua** aihlHI 
advantage* M«Mated by no olh*r),aBd op«ni ap a a«w,*n to 
bUlludt. Having op*D*d Uia tpacloBt Hall No. 8> Ohaiaasw sl» 
(apitaln), next loBtrtoD'aTbaatra, whir* acvtialot thaaa are 
Bp for*xblblUonandj>iacilo*,ht lovlle* g*Btl*a«al«atv*blaaa 
otU tad Mt tbtm. TbN« T*bl«* are prompilruaaafMlarad to 
order, and will b* aolit u eheap aa (he ordinary Tab *t of lb* day, 
3S BUOUABL PUKLAN,No.8SVhtBbera(t.(tp|lalrs.) 



Maaartataitrs, lmp*n*n aad d*al*r* la *vtiTiblsg e*aB«*t«l 
with BllUatda. .Vllllard Table* lii avtry Myl*, of ih* bast w«rk- 
BUthlp and oalarlalt, with a Itig* atotk of TrbBBUgs antaya 
cabaa£ Ordiriby aaUor *apr**i piomettr exeeaied at Ifea 
liwesteaib prisu. 41 aad It ANN BTR^i li« 


thai he I 


HTBWART r*«*ol/ally Inform* bU f(l*adaaai(jS>abU* 

j«|(pf*iir*dtoTaralib all who may^v* UhbIU], wllb 

Ih* ehoiseeiWhMS, lite*!*, OI(an,l(«. MeolMmM;*! all 

^Veeal and Inatiameaul Basle «v*r7*v*a)m<jfiksisl enisle 

''lmsms'u Ih* NeU* Aft of Sair Bttta»L^im U fivsa aveiy 
Taatday tadlhafsday ntaSap, fn>tf|:|aliy«M,b7l^UBir 

Bobiaioa. ' / ' 

todglagabythaalghtorwtok, PrImeBffoauAtraitl**, 



J? lot*lh*rwltt* .Naaj Miga»'eo «k>n of F» 
Pha»,. blaok aad taja^K^cUtary, « 





' IwJulnbtijof IholonBOf OoT»nt-giirfl«n Th«*trf, 
• m'ioaUT, the 26th of Uiroh, 1^; the lut night ^ 

giMt Mtor, Bdiiwwd Keen, »ppe»r«a on the ita«ey«l« 
' hMlth.for monthBjhad been lo npldlr 
;. ; ito pJ^TBioil eterglei become, io vlsIWy iMp*** 
' " -ttioee Irtl-lndolged IrregBJiriUee, whloh;*" broken 
■il am i aiitomlly tlgorouly bnt aban^ conrtltntlon, 
■ ' ' ttirt Me idtlng iria nnddred genemUT '••We, onuUs- 

£toi]r, eif. often pdnitali and oTen^U Inability to »p- 
. PMT At eil when snnonnoed, 'it^Vf no me^e a nre 
'■ ■ AMUrene*. The Uit effoTt>«'>n^. at tU worthy of 

Uj ' fonnet tUut, .wu 


euly part of the Winter, 
avlDg hit Othello biongbt for 

. wben the Importasce oT' 
thetet^tlme inc^UOBttlon wlth the riral talents of 
UatiiMay, in Ui^i ^ atlninlai to hli powers of 
l^j-iQdiB^Mnfflolenttb'nutalnhlni tbronglioat the 
tbtTf/i^- It waa onlrenally Idmltted, that nerer did 
Us^iuoa dliplay Itself more trlnmphantly. On this 
fceudon, however, he was tdrertlsed for the samefk- 
Torlte part, to the lago of bis ion, 'Charles, who, haTlng. 
aerei before abled. with him on the liondoa bowrde, was 
vitml/ greeted on his entrte by a tolerably nnmtrona 
audience; bat when In the seoond soene the &ther en- 
;t«ied,. aa Othello, followed by the son, as lago, the 
IiMie nng with reiterated acolamatlons. The father 
',/(jo£iinti(fdboilngfora oonitderable tlnie,.wlibont pro- 
' ''dtfoifig.'any diolnatlon in the enthoilastio and load 
' elMtaiiiigwhlbh prevailed, when, aa If snddenly awak- 
' ened fo a ie^^ of theolKansttnoe, he tamed, and tak- 
>' log Ms aon by the hand, led him a step or two forward, 
V : and, with a gnoeflil bow, and one of his most fissotna- 
ting and oharaoterlstlc smiles, presented him to the aa- 
di<noe.' The.w*tlng ofhkt>andIiBndkeroUefii,andthe 
. deobly^redonbleil ..plaodlta which ensued, eheoked, 
' lot u unumally loiigpulod, every attempt made by 
them to - prooieed with their parte. There waa nothing 
' dlstlngolshable In Eean's performance of the first' and 
.. ;. . Mcond acts, from his nsoal pertoolfloatlon df OtheUo, 
' ' ; ^owpt a more than ordlnaty feebleness In his volee, ao-' 
•{■'i- tioa and'ialt) whlob, aahei liad ijot many weeks prevl- 
ons btoktn dowa in the midst 6f tlie part, was Impnted 
».: ; to a designed reservation, or perhaps the fear of too 
,' ; «uly ezbaosUng whetpbyalcol strength he might otber- 
' -"'irlse be enabled to call np in order to sustain the third 

and latter aoter.when, however, heoame to that memor- 

. : Tt^le' apostrophe— "Now, forever, ftrewelll" ete:, the 
'^' waa breathed forth with all that melodloas 
.^'tielahoholy, so noted in hla brighter days, and so hap- 
pily described by the oittic, Hazlett, as " striking npon 
'r^" tin .'heart and InugtnatloB like some divine mnslo," 
' ^ ' bill/ mingled wltb.a |!u greater degree of feeling than I 
- had ever before observed; In f^ot, so deeply alfeoting 
were his t^nssj that, as he hair tobbed uol tne last Une, 
. farewell I . O.thelio'e— ocoopatlon'er-gone 1" . il re- 
■"i', 'ipuked to a flrlend near me, ■■ Foor' fellow 1 1 fear that 
ti: ' i'MMuolonineet of Othello's despairing moans being ap- 
fu-i pll^\e to himself penonally, hastonohedhla own feel- 
'^•'^ .ln((*-'t, I Beldom reaemlHr Sean's fhtling, in this pw- 
. ',>^';tioiilar point, io elloit leia than three hearty ronnda on 
tf^liuuj oooaslosi; bat on thit, they .were Inereassd in 
i>/!;ltQqiiM|' andr^nn^tlon. He remained abstraoted and 
.'-^'aoflbhlMevhtk oblniestliig on his breast, and Ui eyes 
|. '^i.flied on the giroiihd for many eedonda after every mar^ 
^ . n^w 'of 'applaasehad snbtlded ; then raising his head 
' fliom hla ohest,. es from a forgetftil slumber, he seemtd 
^ , .^partially aronsed Into a sense of Us sitaatlon with the 
■ ^. Midiinoe and the neoassity of prooeeding ; bnt, instead 
1^' ' "bl^iU'fbdden and infuriate alterilatidn— that towering 
' I ' l^adoD whlob used to threaten the destroyer of his 
' ', "peaoe with inei(Btlble and Immediate annihilation ; he 
- timed dowly and feebly, tottered a few steps towards 
urv. Iago,>(who saetag hisdnklng state, approached him,) 
'' 'M ;'',4n|>''l^<^8l 9i> arm for anpport, and nnable to 
- ^ lelEe bim by the throat/hirntterad In dli^olnted aooents, 

cniy 'atf^l^ \9 *i><>*B 44ti neat him— " Yillain— be— 

' tiuii-^yon— prove''— then throwing himself npbn hie 
lon'^ neok. In a tilntand filtering voice, added, " Oh 
'. Go'dt I am dying t speak to then, Charles I" The hoaee, 
through Bomewhat prepared for a reanltof the kind, 
. ',did not antiolpatie such a deolded prostration of his fao- 
nltles, and kept np their applause for nearly a minute, 
I ... endeavoring to oheerhim bj[ showing every mark of 
,.j'r!'i .iad[algenoe : at length, Oharles miide an attempt to es- 
'^]^'",iii/i}iSjt fiXti«x forward, when, hla. look and manner in- 
dioatlngtha most pitiable helplessness, it became evi- 
"i'']^V|ie49l>ld no longer stand alone, and the andlenoe 
with one aoqord rose and orled, " Take him olT I" where- 
' nponl one oil the performers eame on firom the wing, and 
^ ; pbo^ Keen, who was tiyliig to bow, was'' borne off; and 
. < oariled to a house la the vlolnlty for the night, ind the 
" neit day removed to hla own resldenoe at Blohmond, 
^' where he lingered aboat sti weeks before he expired, 
r iVhta tahalnated the fltflil career of an aotor— take him 
fbr aUln all, " we ne'er ahall look npon his Uks again t" 



Sm KoUmi tlanrlMi*. 

iBjcisufBng of a oandle with a ball, I.flrtt hadenop- 
portanlty of sating near the'banka'of the Oreen river, 
notfiir from a large pigeon-roost, to whioh I had pre- 
vloosly made a vialt. I heard many, raporta of guns dor- 
lag the early part of a dark nightt and kiiowlag them to 
be Aoie of rifles, I went towaid^ the ipot to atoertain 
the oaue. On retching the pltoe, I wu welcomed by a 
dosen of tall stoat men. who told me they were exerol- 
sing for the pnrpeea of enabUsg them to thoot under 
night at the refleoted light from the eyee of a deer or 
wolf, by toroh-llght. A Are was Uuhig near, the smoke 
of which Toee oorllBg among the thick foliage of the 
trees. At a distance which rendered it scareely dlstio- 
gnlshtble, atoed a burning candle, ae if intended for an 
offering to the goddess of night, bnt which In reility was 
only fUty yards Crom the spot on which we all stood. 
One man was within t few ytids of It, to watoh the ef- 
feota of the shots, as well aa to light the bandit should 
it ohance to go .out, or to replace it shoald the shot oat 
It aoross. Eaeh mukaman shot In his torn; Borne nerer 
hit either the snuff or the candle, and were opngratula- 
ted wlth a lond langh; while othtrs actoally snnffed the 
candle wlthoat putting it oat, and ware recompented for 
their dexterity oy numerous hurrahs. One of them, 
who was partloalarlv expert, wis very fortunate, and 
enuffed the candle three. tlmaa oat of seven, wbllat all 
the other ehets either put out the candle, or out it im- 
mediately noder the light. 

Wx do not think the reeordi of Inatlnpt ever oontain- 
ed it more extraordinary instance then that we are now 
about to relate, and for the tratb whereof many rtapao- 
table witnesses pledge themielvs. Some time alnoe, Mr. 
X. Lane.ofFtecoml, In Glcnotstenhlre, England, on 
his letorn home, turned his horse into a field in which 
It had been aeeattoned to graxe. A few days before this, 
It had been shod all fours, bat aoluiklly had bean pinch 
ed in the shoeing of one foot. In the morning, Hr. Lane 
mltaad the hone, and eaaaed an active scaroh to be made 
in the vlolnity, when the following singnlar dream 
sttnoo transpired. The . animal, aa may be tappostd, 
fetllgg lame, made his way oat of the Held, by onhang' 
ing the gate with his month, and went straight to the 
same farrier's shop, • distance of a mile and a half. The 
Curler had no sooner opened bis shed than the hone, 
which had evidantly been standing there some time, id- 
Ttnced to the for([e, and held np the tiling foot. The 
terrier instantly began to examine the hoof, discovered 
the iojury, took off the shoe, and replaced it more care- 
AiUy, on which the hone Immediately turned about, and 
set off at a marry pace for his well-known ptsture. 
While Mr. Lane's aerraate were on the search, they 
ehanoed to ptss by the forge, end on mentioning their 
BDppeied lots, the furrier replied, "Oh,. he his been 
here and shod, Mid gone home tgaln ;" which, on their 
rttarnlng, they found to be the case. 


* ' '^Mb oloads in the watt, at sunset, especially when 
thaf hMt k tlnt^of purple; portend flnei wither. The 
'i t ^tteibt'ls that the air, when dry, reflraots more re& or 
' heat-maUni rays; and as dry air it not perfectly tranitr: 
■,{wi>iipiueit, they are again reflected in the horizon. A cop- 
P^or yellpw ninset generally foretelle rain; but as in- 
"i^hktton of wet weather approaching, nothing is more 
' flilftiiln tlwn the Wo around the moon, whioh ispro- 
datj^by^the preolpltated water) end the larger the 
«li!b{i''the nearer the oloads, ' and' oonaeqaentiy more 
Mtdy'to fili* ; '^''•n ^« swaUowi fly high, fine Weather 
latobe csj^oted or oonttnaed; bat when they fly low 
and olose to the gronnd, rain Is almost surely approach- 
. , Ing. Tblt U explained as follows: Swallows pursae to j 
flies and guati, ud files and gnata delight In warm strata 
of|dr;:,«ndaa:wumaIr|S;]ighm;,,and .aaaally molster, 
than' cold air, when the warm Strata of one trfr are tilgb^ 
there le lets chance oi molstore .Vei jg thrown down ftom 
'tien by the mixture of '. told tiiy but; 'when .the jrtirm 
, ' tnd uiQlat air it olose tbiihe ground it Ii aliaoit certain 
^\that, as lha ooldair flows down into It, a depodtion of 
water will take place. 


Odx engraving npresents the Englleh Pointer, the breed now generally met with. This dog is sprang from 
the Spanish pointer, bnt Is of a much lighter form, and much more rapid In his movement. He was obtained 
originally by a oross of the latter and the fox-honnd, and has tinco been recrosaed with the terrier. The English 
Pointer Is of a yarltty of elaes, being In this particular bred according to the taste of the sportsman. 

Iw 1789, when preparations weremaUog at St. Paol's 
for the reception bfhlsMtJesty, a fhvorltebitoh follow- 
ed Its master np the ^k stairs of the dome ; here, all 
at once, it waa mlsilng, and calling and whittling were 
to nepnrpcee. Nine weeka after this, scmejglaslen 
w^re it wbft, and heard amongst the tlmben, .wUch 
support the dome, a fUnt noise; thinking it might be 
lome nnfortonate being, they tied a rope round a hoy, 
and let him down near, to -tiie pltoe whence the sound 
came.. At the bottom he found ndcg lying on its aide, 
the skeleton of another dog, and an old shoe .hialf eaten. 
The humanity of the boy led him to rescne the animal 
from Its miserable tltuatlon, and It was aeooidingly 
drawn np. tiaoh emaolated, tnd sctrcely able ib' stand, 
the workmen plaoed It la tiie porqh of the oharoh, to 
die or. live, aa might happen. This was about ten 
o'clock In the morning ; some timb after, the dog wts 
seen endeavoring to cross thestreat at the top of Lad« 
gate Hill, but lit weakness wos so great, that ansup- 
ported by a wall , he could not acoompliah It. The ap- 
pearance of the dog again excited the compassion of a 
boy, who earried It over. By the aid of the houses he 
wts enabled to get to Fleet Market, and over two or 
three narrow oroadDgs In Its way to Holborn Bridge, 
and atMut eight o'clock In the tvening It reached its 
master's house, in Bed Lion street, Holborn, and laid 
Itaelf down on the steps, baring been ten houn in Its 
Journey from SI. Paul's. The dog was so mach altered, 
the eyes being sunk in the head ts'te be soiuotly dla 
eernlble, that the master wpald hot encourage his old 
'fkitiifal- oompinlon, who* when lost, wu supposed to 
weigh twenty poonds,/ and- now only weighed three 
pounds fourteen onneea; the first Indication it gave of 
knowing Ita mister wu by wagging Its ttU, irhen he 
mentioned the name of Phlllis; for a long time It wu 
unabletoeat or-drlnk, and It wu kept alive by the 
sustenance It rilcelired Uroin-lts'mlstressi whbttstd to 
feed It wf& a teispdon; at length It reeovered. Shenld 
lt''beaiinl{ h^w did, this aidnil live near nine teeks 
without food? This was not 'the case. ' She was la 

whelp when lost, and, doubtless ate her offiipring ; the 
remilus of another dog, killed by a similar fUl, were 
likewise found, that, most probably, were oohverted by 
the surrlver to the meet argent of all natnrtl putpeaes; 
and when this treat wu done, the shoe sacceedtd, which 
wuaiffloat half devoured. What famine and a then- 
sand aoddenta ooald-not do, wu effected t short time 
after by the wheels of a ootoh, which uufbrtanately 
went over her, and ended the mortal 'dtyt of poor 


"Toe knoir yoa'ct • titi; Fat i" "I ki»w I Um If m, 
•st Bj foUy nl wlaktdnui fullr I're Mia ; 
Tit BO ODI irlll tnat bm to work ot to. lonx, 
Ana iri attj hue, I mut itwl oi noit itirr*. 
IT 70S • good wort to th« eaptein wUI.iroiM, 
Tkat I ntf • trip to Amtilot ltk«, 
T«a ihiU ftnA FU b« hooHt, /»r oA |A« fM ««a<it, 
Hor dlipM* the fr«*n til* oftht o«mb tikli." 
Kind DtuIaaeoMnti, tad poor Pat ijrMtlr'd; 
Th* weid of ftilet Donali wu tptly bellOT'd . 
Intp'd ftoia' Ua gnlll tod era'p'd ttoa Ui ahuae^ 
In • Btw vatld pool (»t hoptd to tun a atw Biaw. 
B* wuktBd to tlie o»v, to tki uptatn •bfdloit, 
. Io plMM h* wu MTor wlthoat ts OBptdiuit. 
H* woik'd and hi nuis, momlag-witch ot Bldslfht, 
And rtt ot tki ONW wu the Ufi and d«ll|titi 

. ■roaSeaBb (itBiitBotaUtUiiiuplelou 
'. TliatlBt'i Biw-riandhoautj might bifMtltloaj) , 

' ;IiUM^t«ip«Otlatlhipl*dperUavoid, 
' ABd i^Bli'd thBt till fHiBd wu to honor ititot'd. 
WhiB OB* d*7i whllB Pitiiok thi lUp'i'diok wu wiihlB(, 
lad with biokot dnw Mn-wiiir ap for mm iplaihlai ; 
BtiyiBf too maoh ob thi hold of hU, foot, ' - 
And i**«hIo( ind biodlnf hll wholi bod; to't, 
Ihi ihip giTi B tfif— Fitriok'i bilBBOi wti loit, 
*And biBinir tod h'l baoki) to old Dnj toit. 
" Htn OTtibOifd ! out with t top* I" vu th* 

- Wli*n DibbU IB Ptt, mld th* wbtm, out hU •)■«. 

Ottok th* •pklponi,'* tou'd Dianla, " hi'i audi ae * il|r ! 

' :TaittlT*acBlutWt<liMM»ii'ilnTatBl r 

, Oeht thitl*fhowh*.'*tottthlieMM«k*iailal I 
U I aw net, 1 wisIdn'tbiUiT* bov M t*ek UI 
6alr look hov th* tlifiwlBi twar itO A tfti »MftM / " 

yi . BEN MALLORY, • ,. 
Of Bthioplan Kinttrel InmCr i t 

Bai>/i'uiK UiLLORT, better' known In and otft'bf the 
profession as Ben.Halloiy, whose portitlt weannez, 
wu bom in the city of New Tork, about the ytf 1829, 
Ben received a good edacatlon at a popalar Inttltntlon 
in Bridgeport, Oonn., bat his. fondness for, muto, and 
sports and pastimes, soon began to develope Itsdf— hli 
love of dancing WM enccnragedby his parents, «nd ha 
soon became a proficient In the art.- On'one occasion, 
Joe Uiles and a eompainy of Ethiopian Ulnstrels from 
Gotham announced an exhibition near Ben's realdenoe, 
and the mianager, hearing so much aald about " LltUe 
Ben," determined to give him t trial. After much 
penrnaalon, Ben contented to appear, providing it wu 
"kept ehy." The night came, and our he^o aubmitted 
to the " corking operation" with the beit possible' grace 
—this done, be "went on," and. It is trafBcIeht io aay, 
made "at hit" This settled the question— ha deter- 
mined to leave school, and Jnat as the "old fdlks tt 
home" had received a letter f^m the pedagogue, advi- 
elng them to keep a look out for their eon, Ben had stow- 
ed himself away in the steamboat Nimrod, bonndforthe 
Empire Olty. The eteward ofthe boat "spotted" Be^^ 
and after giving hlm'a feed, promlgedhlm a freei pisstg|, 
in consideration of his dancing a jig— no sooner uld- 
than done ; the "Jig wunp,"andBenfal£lndepehdent/ 
having thna worked his own passage. Soon after reach' 
ing New Tork, he net the late Lake* West, end thiy 
kept company for a short time. Lake doing the whfit- 
ling, while Ben gave the JIgt. In tbis way Ben at- 
tracted the notice of San Johnson, who was then play- 
ing at the Bowery Amphitheatre— and became , one of 
his company. A new band was soon after fdmed,'coa< 
slsting of S. S. Stndford ; Sam Jobaton ; the 'GreAi 
Uonnttln Boy; Thos. Flute, known aa the lamented 
ThoB. F. Briggs ; and. Ben Uallory. They perfonnei 
together for a ehort time, when our hero apprenticed 
himself to a Circus rider, attached to Seth Howe's Ooni. 
pany, and went to Pentaoola. He aoon left the pitcos) 
however, and commenced the riding of race horses, but 
this not proving sufficiently remunerative, he engsgel 
with Welsh, Uann k Belavan, to do gronnd .and loltj 
tumbUng. In conaeqaence of the sickly nature of tha 
coanty through which they travelled, Ben concluded to 
start for " Tork" again, and the sum total of hie iapllaly 
on reaching this city, was twenty-fire cents. " Thhgi' 
began to look dubious," but, fortunately, one eftemooa, 
as he was.uunteringap Broadway, be met Ur.E.P 
Christy, and made bold to uk for a cbancai l[r.''0. 
nplied that hie company was full, bnt told him to cell' 
bn'the morrow, and be would see what he ooul^ do fot 
hluL He called, and at once became a member of Mr. 
Ohriaty'B troupe, and nltlmately became o great favodtr, 
When Mr. C. left for California, Ben' tbonght thersTril 
gold enough for him In New York, and made a shoit 
engagement with a Cirons Company, after fulUiloi 
which, he returned to New Tork, and wu engaged foi 
George Christy &: Wood's Ulnstrels, at 444 Broadwaj, 
when he nmalned antll theb Hall 'waa destroyed b; 
fire. He next travelled with Christy's UInBtrelB,'(tlioagk 
Kr. 0. wae not In the company blmselO who had retamel 
fhn Otilfomla, bat finaUy the party disbanded, and Ba 
returned to New Tork, when, In connection with Ut 
£. H. Pleroe, he became proprietor of that popoiar place 
of naort, 474 Bnadwty, next door to the soene of hli 
early trlnmpha, where he will at ell time* he happy t« 
" nfreah the inner man" of those who may favor hla 
with a call 

' EiHioFUN Uqibtbeut hu been the means of Intto 
duotngto the pobllo many a bright genius, and tnooi 
the net, the snljeot ot this sketch. Our readers wU 
readily recognise, by the subjoined engraving, the ori- 
ginal and famoos "Pompy" of the "Christy lOnttrels," 
who, by his witty and humoroiia inylngs, " was wont A 
keep the bouse in a roar," and dispel the blues from tl 
who patronised "Heohanlos' Hall," Mr. Pierce, es ii 
Ethiopean Delineator, hae few, if any equals in his peca 
liar line— moreover, he le an onoommonly uaefnl^ptnli 
a company of Mlnstnls, performing, as he does, npoi 
almoet every inttrument used la a Band, and with ikUl 
As a tamborlnlat, however, he is " up head," and wu 
proficient when he first became attached to Mr. E,F 
Christy's Ulnstnls, in 1848. Ur. F, remained with thl 
opmpany until Mr. 0, retired from the business, with fli 
exoeptisn of a few months, when he was advised to " t^ 
it on bit own hook." He opened the Olympic Tkeatn 
wltha company ityled " Pierce's Minstrels," bnt, tlirong 
some unforeseen olronmstancea, the snbjeot of otu sketc 
made money "oat of pocket," and thought it bfstt 
"olose the building," which he at once did ; andont 
men linked hie fortunes with Ur. E, P. Ohrirty> tronpi 
visiting Oalifomia with the company, On jfr, p. n 
tiring, Pompy traveled with the remaining ou^baric 
the Band. After the blsbandlng of thls ooapa&y, Ur,I 
returned to New Tork, and was engaged to petfbiin w(!l 
" George Christy and Woode Minstrels," at . 44d ; Brclld 
way, wherehelsnowtobeaeen. After the pjlrfgrmi 
le ooncladed, he may be found dlepenstng" the "Water 
of the Cooling Spring," at his place, 474 Brtoadwi; 
With " Pierce and Mallory" for ieanuters, we think tb 

" Joidon will bi B luj toad to tninL" - 

A oucTLXMAs, residing In the neighborhood of Black 
heath, had a favorite dog,^ho- wai his o6|ipta^)t eonpai 
Ion. He wu an old buhNor.'tnd his slitit raided w|t 
him. Before leavlag lila dlolng-room, he wu intl 
habitoflocklng np his wine, and than thfewlthe banc 
of keys .on the floor, which was taken np ly the dog. wk 
followed his mtster, with the keys in hls month', to Joi 
his sister in tlie drawlag-room. Thie pttotlce wu fcl 
lowed.tlll the old gentleman'a death, Ue dog then a| 
peered miserable, and In order to let hlii follow his d 
custom^ the wine wu looked up u nenu, and' th* k9 
tlirown on ^e floor. Butjielther tbeii, or at any sat 
seqaeilt tlme«iiroa)dthedog be Indnoe^ to take (hem oi 
It was ImpoMlble for this poor, enlma/to show his lot 
forhls deoeued matter in a more muled tad IpifectM 


Scanned from the microfilm collection of 
Q. David Bowers 

Scanning sponsored by Q. David Bowers and 
Kathiyn Fuller-Seeley 

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